Top 7 Best Online Programs to Make Logos For Your Business

Making logos has never been so easy with these best free online logo maker programs that we present below. In each of them, you will find the necessary options to give the style and quality you want. Join us to discover them!

Previously, there were only some specialized programs to create logos with professional quality, so it was difficult and expensive to make one. But, nowadays, there are many pages as well as some android apps for designers are available online like Logo Creator app that offers this service. However, their prices vary a lot but they are still cheaper than previous logo maker programs.

Besides, all these programs, have thousands of elements to create the logo you had always wanted, allowing people to design it without hiring someone else and your project can be customized as much as you want. Besides, these online logo maker programs have been developed to create awesome logos, for which, you will no longer need to download anything to your computer, and everything will be done through the Internet.

Best Free Online Logo Makers to Generate Awesome Logos

1. DesignEvo

If you want to make logos for free, this is a great tool, since it has one of the best interfaces on the market, in which you will find everything you need to customize every aspect of your project fully.

Using this tool does not have any cost. However, It is advisable to purchase a paid membership, if you are looking for a high resolution or you want vector files (PDF, SVG).

This logo creation program also has a well-defined segmentation of all the elements it offers, which gives the user more direct access to the material they will need for their project.

It is not only a straightforward tool but also has a vast gallery of images and elements that you can incorporate into your project. You just need to select them and drag them to your project. It’s easy to create the logo of your dreams!

You can be sure that you will find everything you need to make logos with incredible results.

2. GraphicSprings

GraphicSprings Logo Maker

The tool allows you to create the logo of your dreams in 3 simple steps:

  • Choose the template that you like the most.
  • Customize in terms of style (color, sizes, etc.) and text what you want.
  • Save and download your logo files.

It’s that easy to create a logo with this tool, in less than a minute it allows you to give life to your company’s image and you can have it, to transmit to your clients the perfect message.

Regarding price, the tool allows you to create the logos you want completely free. You can use the elements and tools until you find what you’ve been looking for. You only pay when you download the logo, that is when you have found the best one. The price of each download is around 20 dollars. Obviously, the download is in high resolution, with a unique quality.

And if creativity fails you, do not worry! One of the aspects that differentiate this company from others is that it allows you to hire designers directly on the website, to give shape to your project. Making the final result completely professional and personalized.

Its level of customization and the templates it has, make GraphicSprings one of the best sites to create logos.

3. Canva


A great option for people who want to make logos for free. Canva is a page where you will find thousands of options and elements that you want to customize. It also allows you to create designs for all kinds of occasions (cards, invitations, posters, etc.).

Canva offers a lot of tools, templates, and elements to create everything you want. It also has templates and payment elements, in the interface you can find out if they are free or the price that each one has. In general, with the free elements, you can obtain excellent results.

In addition to this, the interface stands out for being highly interactive, which makes it easier for the user to design their logos. It allows you to change size, text, or add images in a single click.

Canva also allows you to download all the material you design on your computer, at no cost. Although it offers a paid membership, this only serves to have access to a greater number of payment items, but not all (there are some that you must pay separately).

If you are looking for a simpler and less expensive option than the rest, Canva can be the perfect tool for you. It offers you the best options and elements to achieve something that’s very beautiful. Try it now!

4. DesingMantic


It is a program to make quite attractive logos for designers who are looking to create logos using professional and advanced tools. If you want a high-quality result, this program may be perfect for you.

By using this program, all the designs you make are free, the only thing you pay for is the finished logo, which will help you save a lot of money. Besides, it has thousands of image elements and fonts so that you can find the best design for your logo. Try each of your personalization options until you find the best, all are free to use as you wish.

To use the tool, you should only identify your industry, that is, in which sector your brand is located. Subsequently, create or choose one of the pre-designed templates. And finally, customize all the elements so that they convey the message you want to give your customers.

Combine until you find the perfect style for you. When you have chosen the best design, just click on download and pay. That is easy! You will get the best logo at an incredible price

5. Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design

Do you want to create your logo quickly? This program will teach you how to make logos in simple steps and a matter of minutes, due to the interactive and simple interface that it has. If you are looking for quality and speed, this is the program you should use.To use this program you will only need to follow 4 simple steps:

  • Enter your company name and select the category of your business.
  • Choose among the templates with which the tool counts.
  • Customize, change everything you want according to your company and your customers.
  • Download your file to your computer.

This program allows you to make logos for free, but with a low-quality resolution. If you are looking for something more professional with a high resolution, you must buy your design.

6. Logaster


Your logo design is a few clicks away. With this program, it was never so easy to find the best design for your company. But that’s not all; it also offers a preview of your logo and how it will stay in the company’s products, business card, letter, and much more. It is an exciting option, if you are not a designer and you are looking for a logo at a low price but with high quality.

The tool is very simple to use. You only need to enter the name of your company or business and choose the category in which it belongs. Automatically the program will generate dozens of logos, and you choose the one that best suits your market.

For free, the logo you download will be of low resolution. If you want to have a high-resolution design, Logaster charges $9.99 per design, a very low price compared to other companies.

7. Logo Garden

Logo Garden

Making logos has never been so easy and fun. This program provides you with the necessary tools and elements to make your designs look incredible. Now you will be able to create everything you have imagined.

Speaking of the interface and the operation of the tool, everything is effortless to use. You can have a perfect logo in a few clicks and best of all, at a very low price, sometimes you can get it totally free.

You only need to select the category of your company, and later you must customize all the elements that you want of your logo and to finalize, download it. In this last point, it should be noted that the program allows you to save your project so that you can edit it again, in case you have not been convinced.

The novelty of this program with respect to others in the market is that it has such an interactive system that gives you ideas while you design your logo to make the result even more incredible. This option will allow you to give the personalized touch to your logo, without losing the quality of your design.

Undoubtedly, Logo Garden focuses on all types of users from the most experienced, to those just beginning in the world of design. It is the perfect program to make incredible logos in less than 5 minutes.

Final Words

What do you think of these programs to make logos? All are very easy to use and offer hundreds of tools, templates, and elements to add. By using each of these best free online logo makers, you will have what it takes to make your designs look amazing. Try them and tell us about your experience in the comment!

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