SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit Review – Is It Worth It?

SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit Review

Digital marketers who are serious in scaling their online business know how important content marketing is. Content is king because it doesn’t only improve your SEO through better traffic and visibility, it also helps to establish authority and trust with your audience.

If you have been creating content for so long and have not seen results, maybe you lack a good content marketing strategy.

But don’t worry, it’s never too late.

You can start having a good content marketing strategy right now. All you need is to access the right SEO tool that help you creating, optimizing, and tracking your content performance.

To fulfill all these needs there is one such tool named “Content Marketing Toolkit” from SEMrush that can save your time and extra efforts in content marketing related tasks.

In this article, I have written a detailed review of the SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit that will help you to decide on how it’s useful for you.

So without further ado, let’s gets started.

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What Exactly is the SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit?

The SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit is the set of powerful tools that are designed to help digital marketers to create high-quality content that’s loved by their audience.

This toolkit helps you perform topic research, SEO optimization, content audit, and much more.

Here’re the features Content Marketing Toolkit from SEMrush offers:

I’ll cover each of these features briefly here that help you create an effective content marketing strategy.

You can start now with SEMrush Pro 7-day free trial from here.

Topic Research - Find Awesome Ideas for Your Upcoming Blog Posts

Every content marketing strategy starts with writing about things that your audience cares about. After all, it’s your audience who’s going to take action. SEMrush Topic Research tool helps you to find the right topics related to your keyword and give you ideas to write winning content.

SEMrush will display a lot of different ideas based on the number of search queries for your topic. It will provide you a list of subtopics, including a number of most-shared headlines that are sorted by the number of backlinks they attracted.

To start finding the topics, go to the Content Marketing dashboard, and click on Topic Research.

Content Marketing dashboard

Now, enter any topic or keyword in the search bar and hit the “Get content ideas” button.

Topic Research tool will give you a lot of topic ideas based on your keyword and display the subtopics in “cards”.

Topic Research tool

SEMrush let you explore topic ideas in four different ways:

Further, you can also prioritize topics based on the following:

SEMrush Topic Research tool

When you click on the card, you can see the top headlines with relevant questions based on your topic.

Topic research card

The overview segment of this tool is somewhat similar to the Cards view and that’s what we like. By looking at the top 10 headlines, you can see what types of titles attract the audience’s attention.

Further, to expand your topic researching capabilities, go to the Explorer tab, where you’ll see a list of all related subtopics and their subsequent content ideas.

It will also display other metrics like Facebook engagements, backlinks, total shares, etc.

Topic Research explorer view

Here’s how SEMrush’s Map Mind looks like:

SEMrush Mind Map section

In the Mind Map view, you’ll see a graphic representation of all relevant keywords of your topic.

Now that you have done all of this topic research, save your topics for later to Favorites ideas. This is where you can export your ideas or start implementing them right now.

SEO Content Template – Create SEO-friendly Content

SEO Content Template is an effective tool that helps content writers to create SEO-friendly and well-structured content.

It generates a lot of recommendations based on top 10 Google ranking pages to ensure that your content is indeed SEO friendly, from semantically-related keywords to readability score and article length, and many other factors.

Here’s what “SEO Content Template” recommends:

To get started with this tool, enter your target keywords in the input box, and hit the “Create SEO Template” button.

SEO Content Template

This will provide you top-10-ranking rivals for each of your target keywords.

SEO recommendations for your content

These key recommendations are the most valuable resources to create perfect SEO-friendly content.

If you scroll down further, you’ll see how your competitors use certain keywords on their pages. From here, you can get an idea of how you could use it in your content.

Examples of keyword usage

After further scrolling, you’ll also see the basic recommendations for the meta tag texts you can use for on-page SEO.

basic recommendations for the meta tag texts

Simply export these recommendations and get in the writing mood.

SEO Writing Assistant – Create Content With Real-time SEO Recommendations

The SEMrush writing assistant tool checks how well optimized your content is. As you go on writing your content, it analyzes the text for SEO friendliness based on your target keyword and gives real-time recommendations for optimization.

SEO Writing Assistant

Apart from using this tool within SEMRush directly, you can grab their add-on for Google Docs or WordPress for free.

To use it in Google Docs, just install the add-on and sign-in to your SEMrush account.

Using SWA in Google Docs

It will analyze the text in real-time and give you SEO recommendations.

Similarly, you can use it in WordPress by installing the “SEO Writing Assistant” plugin.

SEO Writing Assistant gives you the following metrics:

With this amazing feature, you can just focus on writing and Semrush will take care of SEO-friendly content.

Brand Monitoring – Easily Track Any Brand or Mentions

Brand Monitoring tool allows you to track your mentions across the web and social media to see what people are saying about you and your company or products.

This tool help t0 manage your brand reputation online and explore a new opportunity to grow brand in the market, find ideas of getting backlinks, and compare your results with your competitors.

The Brand Monitoring tool is easy to use. Just enter your brand name, select the country, and start tracking.

Brand Monitoring tool

As soon as you click the “Start Tracking” button, within a few seconds, it reports all your web mentions along with the domain that is mentioning your brand or website.

Content Audit – Improve Your Existing Content

The Content Audit tool helps you analyze all of your existing content based on the most important metrics and tells you the current status of your SEO. Based on that, you get the idea of what’s good, bad, and needs to be fixed in your existing article to improve its performance.

To use this tool, enter your domain name in the content audit tool and click on the “Start Audit” button. then SEMrush will build a domain structure based on your sitemap.

Here’s how it looks:

SEMrush Content Audit Tool

This tool also lets you also sort by shares, content update, status code, title, meta description, backlinks, search queries, and H1 tag.

Pro tip: Connect your Google Analytics and Google Search Console account to SEMrush right from the start. This will provide you a lot of information about your pages including bounce rate, average pageviews, etc.

Post Tracking Tool

Post Tracking is a sub-module of SEMrush’s Content Analyzer that allows you to measure the performance of your blog post by tracking its keyword rankings, backlinks, and social shares.

To use this tool, all you need is to enter the URL of the article you want to track and click on the “Start Tracking” button.

Here’s how it looks like;

SEMrush Post Tracking

You can see more information about social shares by clicking on the column. This information will let you see exactly who is sharing your article so you can reach out to those influencers for further opportunities such as guest posts.

Pro Tip: The free plan of SEMrush lets you track only up to 5 URLs. So, we recommend you upgrade to SEMRush Guru Plan, which allows you to track the performance of up to 50 URLs, including yours and your competitors’.

Marketing Calendar – Set Up Your Editorial Plan

Consistency is one of the success mantras for any blog or website. The quality of content is just about as important as how often you update your post or update your existing articles. It boosts your visibility in SERPs as well across social media. For this, you need to create a schedule in creating regular content and time to promote it.

Here’s where SEMrushs’ “Marketing Calendar” works for you, which can help you keep track of all your content activities in one place.

Marketing Calendar allows you to do the following things:

  • Plan and manage your content-related activities in one place
  • Track your campaign and project progress
  • Share your marketing calendar to your colleagues
  • Assign tasks to your team members and track their progress
  • Export all your activities to PDF for quick reporting

Here’s how Marketing Calendar looks like:

Marketing Calendar

By using this tool, you can easily create and manage your editorial plan to maintain better consistency in blogging.

Note: You can’t use Marketing Calendar with your free plan. To get access, you’ll need to buy the SEMrush Guru Plan.


You must be thinking that every feature of the Content Marketing Toolkit is good but how much does SEMrush cost? Though SEMrush is not a cheap tool at its pricing starts from $99.95 per month, its features should undoubtedly justify the cost.

Currently, SEMrush has three major plans:

If you agreed to pay annually rather than monthly, you can expect 16% additional savings. Here are their annually billed plans:

There will be an Enterprise plan that can be customized as per the marketing needs of your business.

Note: You can get full access to “Content Marketing Toolkit” features only in their Guru and Business plan. With Free and Pro plans, you’ll end up with very limited access.

A free trial is also available — that you can access for 7-day here for a limited time.

Here’s a comparison table to understand the difference among all the Semrush pricing plans.

Content Marketing Platform Limits

If you would like to give this tool a little demonstration to check if it is really good for your work, then we have special 7-days trial for SEMrush so you can check all of its features yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use SEMrush for Free?

Yes, SEMrush has a limited free plan, you can make use of it. However, if you want to get full access to their features and tools, you can grab their 7-days free trial from here.

2. What are some of the SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit alternatives?

The closest competitors to the SEMrush content marketing toolkit are BuzzSumo,, and content explorer from Ahrefs.

3. Is Content Marketing Toolkit is good for beginners?

Yes, the SEMrush content marketing platform is good for beginners as well as professionals.

4. Is there any course or tutorial to learn about how to use this toolkit?

Yes, SEMrush provides 100% free and exclusive video tutorials for digital marketers to guide you about its usage and features to maximize your content marketing efforts.

Final Words

Overall, the SEMrush Content Marketing Platform comes with all the essential features for your content marketing needs from doing topic research to optimizing your blog posts, tracking your campaign progress, and so on.

I hope this Content Marketing Toolkit review has answered your questions. Remember, if you’re still in doubt, go on and get your 7-day free trial before subscribing.

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