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Introduction to this blog

TheLifeTech is an internet marketing blog that mainly focuses on Blogging and SEO tips for newbie bloggers. The other topics on this blog include WordPress, Social Media, Marketing guides, and some technical tips.

We are powered by hundreds of posts contributed by eminent bloggers and techies from all over the world.

My Introduction

My name is Kanti Kashyap. I’m the Owner/Founder/Editor of thelifetech.com. I belong to India. I’m an engineer by education and a blogger by passion. I love to write articles on various topics like SEO, blogging, making money, technology, and other related stuff.

I do blogging since I didn’t know anything related to blogging. I started this blog as a hobby in September 2016. I was inspired by many bloggers and was willing to start my own blog.

After that I decided to keep a brand name for my blog, I didn’t really have any knowledge about picking a domain name, because see, those days I had no idea about keywords and stuff, I just picked what I loved, so ‘TheLifeTech’ looked like a cool domain for my blog.

In the beginning, I used to write blog posts without thinking of any keywords or SEO stuff. I was a multi-niche blogger who used to blog about blogging health in a single blog, hoping to turn my blog to a single-authored Wikipedia!

I had no idea what blogging was, I just simply published and promoted the posts without having any intention. Most importantly, I didn’t know that I can make money out of my blog, which is basically the key to our success.

Later, when I came across SEO, I realized that for a single-authored blog, a single niche is highly effective. So, I deleted all poor-quality stuff from my blog and focused only on SEO and blogging which is my favorite niche to write about.

I understood Blogging is just more than writing something and publishing, it’s a medium to share quality information, I realized people from all over the world read my blog posts and I should take it seriously. Because a single mistake on my side may practically mess up someone’s knowledge.

Yes, I can blog 14-15 hours a day on blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO, Social media, Internet marketing, etc., and still feel relaxed at the end of the day. This niche motivated me from the inside it has been over 7 years and I never felt demoralized.

Even when I started this blog, I was not earning but still, I managed to work on it and pay the hosting fees from my pocket money. It was hard, but soon I realized that I have to chase my passion, not money!

I love to share my knowledge with others through blogging. I always love to get socialize with people who love to care and live life in their own way.

How Can I Help You?

In case, you have any queries related to blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, social media, email marketing, etc., just Contact me through this form. You can also ping me on my Facebook page and Twitter profile. I’ll try my best to reply asap, and if I’m not replying back, kindly ping me back.

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