DomainRacer Review 2021: India’s Fastest Web Hosting

Summary: DomainRacer is one of the cheapest web hosting services for bloggers and small businesses. Their pricing plans start at just ₹ 59/mo and offer a bunch of features like free website transfer, free SSL, free SSD, and so on.





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Is DomainRacer Perfect Choice for You?

After researching a bunch of hosting providers, found DomainRacer is on top of the list. It is a top choice and most preferred cheap web hosting plan in India because of some most important highlighted points.

To take a more satisfied and wise decision; note some important points you are looking for in your hosting provider. Read these complete reviews of the hosting provider to understand the need and check whether it is the best fit for you or not.

Since you have an overall thought of what hosting is for your business, continue pursuing to become familiar with how DomainRacer can set aside your cash and time when building your web-based business website. The objective is to create a quick, safe, and trustworthy online store, and DomainRacer has plans for the entirety of the above-mentioned parameters.

We have tested and done hosting plan comparison the DomainRacer on many points to come up with the best information to offer for the readers who are in search of the best DomainRacer web services.

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Quick Overview of DomainRacer

DomainRacer is known for the best affordable hosting packages in the industry. They have a proven record for offering the best quality of services to the customer with great performance at best deals.

There are many Web hosting organizations out there we did a hosting comparison and every one has its upsides and downsides. I generally manage web hosting for WordPress, and with regards to shared hosting, there are numerous organizations that offer first-rate hosting a WordPress blog. DomainRacer is one such web hosting organization.

One reason for DomainRacer’s prominence is that they offer a wide scope of hosting types, including shared, WordPress, VPS, dedicated server, reseller hosting, and then some. They are additionally noted for being quick, reasonable, and easy to understand, particularly for beginners.

What makes DomainRacer Exceptional Hosting?

Confused? Is it a good choice? Read this complete hosting review and cheapest .xyz domain price article.

Here are some features offered by DomainRacer exceptionally great.

This will help you to choose and understand whether it just fulfill your hosting criteria.

  • Free SSD storage
  • Free website migration
  • 21x faster LiteSpeed Cache platform
  • 99.99% uptime
  • 24/7 support
  • Auto backup
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • 1000+ free template

DomainRacer Speed and Performance

The most essential factors for performance that you should consider are the hosting speed and performance. It has an impact not only on user experience on your site, but it also disturbs your SEO rankings.

Any drop in your speed can lead to a decrease in conversion rate as users don’t likely to hold on for long if your sites take a long time to load. Delay can cost you the loss of 50% traffic so you cannot afford such a loss that’s why speed is very much important to look for.

Let’s see how much speed your website will get on DomainRacer.

DomainRacer Speed Test Result:

As a site owner, I don’t need to reveal to you how significant speed is for giving the best user interaction on the web and improving your SEO rankings.

domainracer hosting speed test

To get a faster loading website, it is necessary to choose the fastest web hosting provider. For this purpose, we made a test to understand how fast DomainRacer truly is.

It is quite clear from the test result shown above that DomainRacer offers an incredible speed of 1.8s to customers. No doubt DomainRacer is the best choice to go for considering the great performance and fastest speed.

Are they offering free SSL Certificate?

First, the important thing is to understand why an SSL certificate is important?

SSL certificate is a crucial part as it protects your website. It is helpful for safe interaction and transactions on the web. It builds trust in the customer’s mind if our website is secure with SSL Certificate.

All of their hosting plans even shared hosting plans come up with the free SSL Certificate added within it. It is one of the ranking factors as Google is serious for security so you can’t take the risk for your website ranking in Google.

What I truly like about them is; a user doesn’t need to be specialized to utilize the SSL or HTTPS version of the site. Everything is direct and makes it simpler for them to offer a safe version of the site. It’s unquestionably beginner-friendly.

Do they offer an Excellent Uptime Guarantee?

Downtime can be truly absolutely awful for your site. Not exclusively would it be able to baffle its guests and hurt its conversion rate, however it can likewise negatively affect the performance of your site on search engines like Google?

Anybody can affiliate hosting review a site, even on an individual PC; the test is to keep it online consistently. Regardless, the main thing isn’t what is guaranteed however what is conveyed.

DomainRacer delivers the best in the market 99.9% server uptime guarantee. There are very few hosts in the industry that offers an uptime guarantee of up to 99.9%.

Is cPanel Is User Friendly?

DomainRacer utilizes the “cPanel” Control Panel, which is a famous site management framework. The organization likewise offers free backups so you don’t lose any key site documents.

DomainRacer utilizes cPanel, which is so far one of the most effortless hosting panels that I have gone over. Only for data, the greater part of the shared hosting organizations utilizes the standard cPanel, and you won’t think that it’s difficult to utilize.

Based on cPanel, DomainRacer has a custom interface that incorporates extra apparatuses to rearrange site and server management. Handle general organization, oversee domains, set up email records, and access documents from one easy to-utilize dashboard.

DomainRacer Hosting Plans and Price

DomainRacer offers an assortment of hosting plans fit in all budgets of plans and sizes. This incorporates shared hosting, VPS hosting review, dedicated server, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, Reseller hosting and that’s just the beginning.

We should see in detail review of DomainRacer hosting plans and features:

Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is the ideal method to begin any site with low traffic volume. In a shared hosting condition, your site imparts server resources to different sites.

WordPress Hosting: A hosting bundle planned explicitly for WordPress driven sites. It is streamlined to run WordPress and can even ensure your WordPress site against normal dangers.

VPS Hosting: An upgrade to shared WordPress hosting, VPS hosting permits you to virtual dedicated resources in a shared domain.

Dedicated Server Hosting: A dedicated server for your site implies you will have all the resources of the server to yourself.

Reseller Hosting: It is a great option for those who want to start their own hosting company or want to host multiple domains. They can purchase a suitable hosting package and then again resell it to their own clients under their own brand name. Learn the details from the DomainRacer reseller hosting reviews.

Look at this bundle of affordable shared hosting packages and prices. This will help you to choose the best one suitable according to as per business economy hosting review and size.

Check what’s included in this package of Shared hosting. It is classified as below:

domainracer web hosting plans

Is DomainRacer customer support is good?

domainracer customer support

We as whole need assistance sometimes. It is truly significant that you pick a web email hosting review that offers assistance and backup when you need it.

DomainRacer keeps up a tremendous library of articles, detail guides, and video tutorials as a major aspect of their broad information base. This is a great assistance for those who just starting out and most normal issues can be immediately settled by a basic search.

With regards to web hosting, the best kind of support is one that is accessible 24/7 via live chat, tickets, phone, email, and WhatsApp chat.

Where Are DomainRacer’s Data Centres Located?

Datacenter location has an essential part in the general website execution. In any case, numerous organizations disregard or don’t give a lot of significance to the data center location.

DomainRacer offers the best web hosting solution all around the globe with the different DomainRacer data center area best practices.

All our great data center locations are available in different countries like France, Canada, USA, India, UK, Indonesia, and Germany with an extensive and solid network.

DomainRacer gives a guarantee of the high level of data security and safety with the application of high-quality security tools and the latest technology.

Best Hosting Solution for Small Business: - DomainRacer

Digital marketing companies can cost five figures for each undertaking. There’s a lot of bogus and out-dated data on the web about promoting strategies you should utilize. Add to the blend the various sales that entrepreneurs get and the outcome can be frustration and absence of progress. DomainRacer revels of superb uptime, easy to use control panel that permits you to make appealing pages design at the cheapest cost for your small business. In this way, in the event that you have a business website, or need one, DomainRacer is a solid web host that merits looking at. Discover what’s in store from this web hosting supplier by perusing the associated domain DomainRacer Linux hosting review.

Is DomainRacer The Best Choice For You?

Yes, Absolutely.

DomainRacer is frequently positioned the #1 hosting organization by numerous websites. They offer a wide scope of hosting plans with huge amounts of features that help you effectively develop your website.

All their hosting plans include 24/7 client care from skillful customer support staff. Above all, they offer the cheapest starter plans that fit any budget prerequisite.

There are a lot of energizing features and additional items included at each value point, and the assorted variety of plans gives a ton of adaptability to each budget.

At long last, in case you’re simply beginning with DomainRacer web hosting review a single website or need to host an enormous number of websites,  then DomainRacer’s free SSL hosting review features offers a great incentive for the worth performance and features.

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