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Summary: Constant Contact is an excellent email marketing tool that offers many advanced features to create a successful email campaign.





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Email marketing is the most successful way to grow any business. Many tools are available in the market for email marketing, but the constant contact tool holds the place for a long time.

Constant Contact tool has been in the Market since 1995, and many businesses are still using this email marketing tool to grow their businesses rapidly.

Because of its amazing features and constant updates, this tool is still a choice for many businesses. In this Constant Contact review, we’ve covered in-depth details about this tool, its features, benefits, pros & cons, pricing plans, and in the end, you’ll understand, is it worth it to use this tool in 2022 for email marketing?

Without wasting a second, Let’s get started!

Constant Contact Review

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Constant Contact Review (Overview)

Constant Contact is an email marketing tool used by 650,000+ businesses. By using this tool, businesses fulfill their basic email marketing needs. It allows you to import customers’ data from Spreadsheet. You can also create signup forms to collect quality leads from web pages and Facebook to build email lists.

In this tool, you’ll get many email templates with a drag and drop feature so that you can customize your template and use real-time Reports to analyze clicks, shares, open rates, etc.

It’s an email marketing tool and is only built for those who want a basic but effective email marketing tool.

How Does It Work?

To get started with the Constant Contact email marketing tool, you need to follow a step-by-step process to use this constant contact tool for email marketing. Using this tool is so easy, and anyone can use this tool for email marketing campaigns. Let’s see step by step process:

Step #1 Create your Email List

The first thing you need to do for email marketing is, create your email list and add in this tool.

For this, go to the Home page of this tool and sign up to create your account. Once your account is created successfully, go to the dashboard and click on the “Create List” button to create a list and give a name to it.

You can name the list based on a purpose like for freelancers, business owners, etc. so that you can also target them in the future.

Name Your list

Once the list is successfully created, you’ll need to proceed further to add contacts to your list.

Step #2 Add Contact to your list

Once the list is created, it’s time to add contacts to it.

To create contacts, click on the “Add contacts” button on the right-hand side.

When you click on “Add contacts”, you’ll get so many options to upload database in this tool:

  • Manually enter contact one by one
  • Manually enter a list of contacts (You can paste bulk contacts in one click)
  • If you already have a list, then add a new contact.
  • You can also upload bulk contact from a spreadsheet.
  • You can import contacts from Gmail or Outlook.
  • Import from your CRM
  • You can create a form link with this tool to save new contacts automatically.

There are many options available to upload contact information in this tool, but using a spreadsheet is the most reliable, easy, and effective way. You can upload a spreadsheet in the format of.XLS, .XLSZ, .CSV or .TXT formats.

Ready your spreadsheet file with a well-structured format like First name, Last name, Email, Number, etc., in the column. When your contact spreadsheet is ready, go to the contact section and click on “Upload from file” that’s it! Your file is successfully uploaded.

Step #3 Sending an Email

When you’ve successfully uploaded an email list in this tool, then it’s time to create a message and start sending emails. This tool is really useful in email marketing because of its advanced features like birthday coupons, auto-messages, etc.

Now you’re ready to create your first email campaign, click on the orange button “Create” to the upper right corner under the Campaigns tab.

Create a Campaign

Next, select the “Email” option in the popup to create emails.

Choose a campaign

You’ll see so many email templates, and you need to select anyone as per your requirements.

Select email template

Select the template you needed to edit. Next, you’ll have to edit the template.

Here you can use their easy-to-use drag and drop feature to customize your whole template as per your style.

Email Builder

Once you finished customizing your email, click on the “Continue” button on the top right corner.

You can also preview it and send yourself a test version of the email from the Check & Preview dropdown menu at the top of your screen.

On the next page, you’ll need to set the details of your campaign before sending it. For this, select the recipient list where you want to send mail. 

Select recipients list

After scrolling below, enter your campaign info such as email subject, sender name, sender email address, and reply-to address, etc.

You can also do A/B testing of your campaign to check which version of your email gets the best result.

enter your campaign info

After further scrolling, you’ll have to include a physical address in your email campaigns that will appear in the footer of your email.

Add physical address

Next, Schedule or immediately send it. 

Congratulations, your email has been successfully created and sent to your contacts. It’s a simple three-step process to use the Constant Contact tool for email marketing. 

Constant Contact: Features

As we’ve discussed, the constant contact tool only focuses on email marketing. But this tool has all the necessary features you need to build a successful email marketing campaign.

Here are some amazing features of the constant contact tool:

1. Email Builder

Constant Contact comes with hundreds of pre-built templates that are easily customizable. They have an AI where you can scan your website to generate the template color and image for your site! This is a really useful feature and saves time too.

Constant Contact Email Builder

You can easily customize these templates using their drag-and-drop editor. Furthermore, if you’re looking to add a completely unique and different template to your site, you can use a custom code template.

2. Statistical Reporting

By using this tool, you’ll get a complete report as a number of clicks, unsubscribe, forward, open, spam report, not delivered and many more Insights you’ll get by this feature.

3. Integrations

Constant contact comes with 4000+ integration options with different plugins and tools like Shopify, Zapier, eBay, Google Analytics, WooCommercee, Salesforce, and so on.

4. Contact Management System

This feature is amazing because the contact management system helps you manage your email list by Adding contacts, importing or exporting contacts from file to this tool. You can integrate with different popular applications for better productivity.

CMS is not only for managing your list, but it helps you to grow your email list. It comes with so many Automations, campaigns, eye-catching templates that help you to build better emails. This tool itself comes with so many ways to build an email list of your targeted audience.

Some of the actions you can take:

  • You can build a sign-up page for your website and collect email addresses
  • You can add an option for Visitors to send a text message to join the email list (Newsletter)
  • You can add some social media platforms like Facebook for more contacts

And if you have an email list, you can easily create a spreadsheet and upload it to this tool. You can also remove duplicate contact with one click.

5. Sign-up forms

If you want to grow your business, then you need a beautiful and eye-catching sign-up form. Constant contact comes with full customization so that you can make it as per your vision.4. 

You’ll see different types of forms like pop-ups, embedded forms that let you create custom landing pages as per your requirements.

6. Segmentation

This is another great feature in this email marketing tool that helps in your email marketing campaigns to make them successful.

Segmentation means you can create an entirely separate list of those people who don’t open the email, open the email but don’t purchase, and recently purchased. You have so many options to create criteria and build a different list and then create a campaign for that list.

You can also connect segmentation with Spotify so that you can identify if any user purchases something from your store.

7. A/B Testing

A/B Testing

Constant Contact uses A/B testing to build a successful marketing campaign that helps to generate more sales and revenue. By using A/B testing, you can create an email with two different subject lines and send each to a test portion of your contact list to find out which one performs better.

8. Social Media Marketing

Constant Contact Social Media Marketing

Constant Contact also allows you to post your product, newsletter, or anything related to your business on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc. Here, you can schedule and post social media content directly on the platform.

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Constant Contact: Pricing Plans

Constant Contact is free to use service for the first 30 days after you give your credit card information, and you get unlimited emails.

This tool comes with two basic plans:

  • First, an Email plan that costs $20/month with 500 contacts.
  • Second, the Email Plus plan costs $45/month and comes with multiple users, A/B testing, surveys & Polls, event marketing, coupons with 500 contacts.
Constant Contact Pricing

The price for each package goes up as the number of your subscriber’s increases. The pricing is tiered based on the number of contacts.

Contacts Email
0 – 500 $20/month
501 – 2,500 $45/month
2,501 – 5,000 $65/month
5,001 – 10,000 $95/month

And it also has a website builder plan that costs $10/month. And if you want this email marketing tool for e-commerce, it has a separate plan that costs $195/month with 2500 contacts.

Quick Note: This tool comes with the default renew option. So if you want to cancel the subscription, you have to contact their sales representative.

Constant Contact: Pros & Cons



Alternative to Constant Contact

Constant contact tool comes with email marketing and automation features, but there are many other email marketing tools available in the market as alternatives to this tool. Some of the most popular alternatives of constant contact are:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • Convertkit
  • Getresponse
  • Aweber
  • MailChimp
  • Moosend
  • Sendinblue
  • SendPulse

And many other alternatives available in the market, you can review and compare as per your requirements.


Can I get a discount on a constant contact paid plan?

Yes, they offer nonprofits a 20% 6-month prepay discount and 30% for a 12-month prepay.

Can I integrate a CRM with this tool?

Yes, you can integrate CRM with this tool via the constant contact app’s Market.

What are the benefits of constant contact?

It’s easy to use and comes with so many features for email marketing campaigns. You can easily create and schedule your campaign.

Is Constant Contact Right for you?

Finally, we’ve discussed everything about the Constant Contact tool, and it’s a very useful tool for email marketing needs. So if you want to grow your conversions as well as sales, you can try this tool for your business. Constant Contact comes with a free trial and money-back guarantee so you can try it and see if you’re getting results before switching to its paid plan.

If you have any questions about this detailed Constant Contact review of 2022, feel free to ask in the comment section below. I’ll be happy to assist you further.

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