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Summary: WP Rocket is a premium WordPress caching plugin created to optimizes your WordPress site, makes it super-fast and delivers an amazing user experience.





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If you’re looking for a plugin that helps you boost your website speed, then WP Rocket is the best caching plugin for you. It has a simple interface and a robust set of features that help you control how your website behaves and the time it takes to load.

In this detailed review of the WP Rocket plugin, we’ve covered in-depth details about WP Rocket Plugin – its features, uniqueness, pros & cons, and pricing plan, and at the end, we’ll discuss why this tool is best for your website.

Millions of websites are using WP Rocket caching Plugin to improve load time and boost their Google PageSpeed and Core Web Vitals scores. So, without wasting a second, Let’s get started!

WP Rocket Plugin Review

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WP Rocket Review (Overview)

WP Rocket is a page caching plugin that provides a number of significant benefits over the default WordPress caching and improves your core web vitals. It’s easy to use and achieves the highest performance than any paid or free options you can find on the market right now.

WP Rocket was created by a team of developers who wanted to make it easier for WordPress users to take their site speed, security, and performance to the next level. Its caching system automatically serves the files to the visitor, which significantly helps reduce your page load times.

WP Rocket plugin offers multiple features in one package. So, instead of downloading and configuring many tools, you can quickly optimize your WordPress website with just one plugin.

I was using WP Super Cache plugin on all my websites earlier. Then I decided to switch my blog to WP Rocket and I’m really impressed with the speed and performance it has provided.

Here are the before and after results of my website on Google PageSpeed Insights.


Pagespeed 1

Here’s the result after I installed WP Rocket on the blog.

Did you see that? I have got a huge performance boost of about 45% for mobile devices.

Not only that, the performance score for desktop devices has also reached 98 which is really impressive.

Huge improvement, right?

Now, let’s see my blog’s statistics on GTMetrix after installing WP Rocket.

my website gtmetrix data

Performance: 100% | Structure: 98% | LCP: 358ms | TBT: 4ms | CLS: 0.01

Huh, Just Unbelievable!

Currently being used by over 1,911,000 websites, the WP Rocket plugin offers some amazing features such as:

You will be getting these features with the WP Rocket license. Now, let’s discuss them in detail.

WP Rocket: Features and Settings

WP Rocket offers many useful features to improve your site speed and performance. Here, we’ve picked some of the key features of this plugin and explained them in detail.

Ease of Use

Using this tool is so easy; anyone can use this tool to boost up their website performance. It comes with User-friendly Interface and many options available to enable caching on your website. 

You can see a complete analysis of your website on the dashboard. You can also watch modules using this tool and learn how to use its features. 

All features are well organized in this tool, and its user-friendly interface helps you use these features in a few clicks. But if you’re facing any technical issues in your website, you have a pop-up window on your right side; you can chat with them and resolve your queries in a few minutes.

If you want to improve your website performance quickly, you need to install this tool, Activate and Optimize your whole website performance. 


When we talk about cache, there are mainly three types of cache you’ll see in this tool.

WP Rocket Cache Settings
  • Mobile Cache: This feature is mainly for mobile. As you know, there are billions of Smartphones, and most of the website traffic comes to websites via phones and keeps this box checked to enable this feature.
  • User Cache: You can check this box if you want to enable this mode. If you have many users of your website, only then tick this option.
  • Cache Lifespan: Files automatically remove after every 10hrs, and you can set time as per your requirements.

Media Optimization

If you’ve high-quality images on your website, it takes time to load, which affects your website performance. To help you out, WP Rocket comes with another best feature, i.e., Media optimization. With this feature, you can optimize all your website Images without losing their quality, and after optimization, your website takes less time to load. 

The another way to speed up your website performance, by using Imagify created by WP Rocket. Its main work is to compress website images, reduce their file size, and increase the loading time of your website. 

When you are optimizing your website, make sure you’re using this feature for better performance.

File Optimization

We’ve seen WP Rocket images Compress feature; that’s how its file optimization features works. This feature will combine all your scripts and stylesheets into one CSS and one JS file, respectively and decrease the size of JavaScript, CSS/HTML files. This will result in faster loading time of your webpages.

This features can remove unwanted and unnecessary files, comments, characters, etc., from your website and keep your website fresh and updated.

The primary purpose of reducing all unnecessary files from your website is to consume low bandwidth and reduce loading time. It helps you to optimize your website and improve performance.

Database Optimization

When you’re using your website for a long time, your website database will keep growing and affect your website loading speed. And the only way to resolve this data load issue is by optimizing your data. 

WP Rocket comes with a database Optimization feature that helps remove unwanted data, drafts, old posts, or comments and keep your website fresh and optimized.

WP Rocket Database Settings

And if you’re busy with your work, then WP Rocket comes with an automatic clean-up database feature daily, weekly or monthly basis. It’s completely up to you when you want to optimize your website for better performance.

E-commerce Friendly

Suppose you’re running an eCommerce store on WordPress. In that case, using WP Rocket Plugin can help you grow your business more effectively by keeping your website working smoothly and improving your customers’ experience on your website. We highly suggest you use this plugin if you’re running an e-commerce store on WordPress.

WP Rocket is fully compatible with the eCommerce plugins like Woocommerce, iThemes Exchange, Easy Digital Download, WP-Shop, and more.

Preload Cache

You can instantly increase your website performance by preloading the cache feature.

WP Rocket Preload Cache

In preload feature, you’ll get four options:

  • Preload cache: If you enable this feature, it’ll detect your website sitemap. You have the option to preload cache manually or automatically.
  • Preload links: This feature helps to improve your website Performance and load faster.
  • Prefetch DNS Request: If you’re integrating so many tools/resources in your website like Google fonts, videos from YouTube. You can add their original Domain to prefetch DNS requests so that it will boost your loading time.
  • Preload Fonts: Add the URL of your fonts file in this section for faster speed.

Web Hosting Compatibility

WP Rocket’s functionality may vary depending on which web host you are using. If you are on a hosting service that has its own caching system, some features of WP Rocket may be disabled to ensure compatibility with how your host caches your website.

The Plugin should work seamlessly on most web hosting platforms as long as the hosts support PHP version 5.6 or higher, MySQL version 5 or higher, and Apache or Nginx as their server environment.

If your hosting service use their own caching system, there could be still some benefits you can get with WP Rocket like lazy loading, Database Optimization, Minification, and many more that help you improve your website performance immediately.

WP Rocket Pricing

WP Rocket comes with three pricing plans:

WP Rocket Pricing Plans
  • First, it’s a single plan that cost $59 with one year of support for one Website
  • Second, it’s a Plus plan that costs $119/year with support and updates on three websites.
  • Third, an unlimited plan costs $299/year with support and updates on unlimited websites.

Quick Note: This tool comes with the default renew option after 30 days, but you can disable it manually. They also offer 14 days 100% money-back guarantee. This means if you’re unsatisfied with their service, they will gladly provide you a refund within 14-days of purchase.

WP Rocket: Pros & Cons

This detailed review can’t be complete if we don’t cover the pros and cons of WP Rocket.

Pros of WP Rocket

Cons of WP Rocket

Alternatives to WP Rocket Plugin

Many alternatives are available for WP Rocket Plugin like:

  • W3 Total Cache (free)
  • WP Super Cache (free)
  • WP Fastest cache (free + premium version is also available)
  • Auto optimize (free)
  • Hyper Cache (free)
  • Comet Cache (free + premium version is also available)

These tools are used by millions of people because most of them are free to use and boost your website performance.

But compared to WP Rocket, these Plugins come with fewer features. Here’s the screenshot of comparison with some of the best alternatives to WP Rocket.

wp rocket alternatives

You can see from the comparison above that WP Rocket offers a lot more features. While the other caching plugins have limited options.

If you’re using free caching plugins then you might have to install extra plugins to get benefits of features like Lazyload images, Google fonts optimization, database optimization, etc whereas WP Rocket offers all these features in one place.

Now, it’s worth saying that WP Rocket is a great plugin, and it’s also my favorite caching plugin that I recommend to you. However, if you’re on a budget, a free alternative like the WP Super Cache plugin is a decent choice.

So what are you still waiting for, grab the WP Rocket plugin now and boost your website speed now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Cache Plugin for WordPress?

If we talk about powerful features, then WP Rocket is the best cache plugin.

Is WP Rocket Good?

Undoubtedly, it is the best cache plugin for your website to boost your website performance.

What does WP Rocket Plugin Do?

It’s a Caching Plugin that helps you optimize your website performance by removing unwanted and unnecessary data from your website. And using this tool is so easy; just install and activate it. You’ll see an immediate boost in your website.

Do I need any technical knowledge to use WP Rocket?

No, you don’t need any technical knowledge to use this tool. Because it’s a user-friendly tool, and anyone can use this tool for optimization. With a few clicks, you can easily use this tool for your website.

Is WP Rocket Free?

No, it comes with three plans, and you can choose as per your requirements.

Does WP Rocket come with a free trial?

No, it doesn’t come with any free trial, but you can take advantage of a 14-day money-back guarantee.

What are some best alternatives to WP Rocket?

W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache are the best alternatives. And both are entirely free to use.

Final Verdict on WP Rocket Review

WP Rocket is an easy-to-use tool and comes with powerful features that help you boost your website performance immediately. There are many Caching Plugins available, and most of them are free and come with Fewer features. But if you’re looking for a premium tool that helps you boost your website performance, then WP Rocket is the best tool for your website.

After reading this article, we hope you can decide whether to use this tool for optimization or not as we’ve covered every aspect related to the WP Rocket plugin. Now it’s your turn to make decisions.

If you have any questions about this detailed WP Rocket review of 2023, feel free to ask in the comment section below. I’ll be happy to assist you further.

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