Genesis Framework Review 2020: Why It Is Best For WordPress?

Choosing a good WordPress theme for your blog is not an easy task if you need some exceptional features in your blog’s theme like speed, security, In-built SEO, and reliability etc. So how do you choose the best theme for your blog that includes such type of features?

Well, In this article I am going to share the review of one of the most popular WordPress frameworks i.e., Genesis Framework. Apart from beautiful designs, Genesis Framework makes your website speed faster that directly boost your SEO score as well as blog’s traffic. It this best framework for those bloggers who want to take their blog to next level.

With my Genesis Framework Review, you’ll completely understand why Genesis is called best framework for WordPress sites.

So, without further ado here we go…

What is Genesis framework?

Genesis Framework is premium quality WordPress framework that acts as the base to the child themes. It acts like a frame and body of your site, upon which you can build your child themes and customize its features.

Genesis was created by StudioPress and it has the ability to easily customize and change its look completely. You can think it as a picture frame that holds all pieces in one place and provides a back support to your website.

Genesis Framework Review 2017

When you install it on your WordPress blog you will realize why people are crazy about this theme. Well, this theme is different from the other WordPress themes where Genesis framework acts like a parent theme and to change your site’s appearance, you can install Genesis child themes according to your preference and fluid designs.

Genesis framework makes your site lightweight, more flexible, fast loading and more SEO friendly.

Why do people use WordPress theme frameworks?

Most of the bloggers choose WordPress theme frameworks to make their site’s load speed faster. Theme frameworks built with a great deal of functionality and customization options, so that user doesn’t need to face heavy coding. These frameworks include a wide range of inbuilt features such as SEO friendly widgets, drag and drop builder and much more. After installing the framework on your site, you can install a child theme to make the changes to your specific theme.

Do I need a child theme with the Genesis parent theme?

This is a generally asked question by many newbies bloggers who look for buying genesis theme framework. Why do we need two themes?

Well, Genesis parent theme is actually just like a normal theme, where you can install it and use it as WordPress theme for your blog but the style of Genesis frameset is very simple and generic.

Review of Genesis Framework

The parent theme alone include the following customizing features:

  • Theme options
  • Theme Customizer
  • Customizable header
  • Custom page templates
  • featured content widgets
  • Multiple layout options
  • Custom menu
  • Mobile responsive design

To make your website a unique appearance and different feel, you can install a child theme.

A child theme gives your website a visual appearance. You can even customize your site according to your need or requirements with a unique brand identity.

There are over 40 professionally designed child themes available to choose from StudioPress. You can select any of them according to your requirements.

Genesis Framework and its child themes

To use the theme, you need to download it from your client’s website such as StudioPress and follow the steps mentioned below:

Installation of Genesis Framework and its child themes

The installing process of Genesis Framework and Genesis child themes is similar to a regular premium theme. You just need to upload it’s .zip file to your WordPress site from theme upload section or from your web server (in wp-content folder) and then activate it on WordPress.

Although you can upload both at the same time i.e. the parent theme (Genesis Framework) and the child theme in no particular order. After uploading both themes make sure to activate the parent theme first and then activate the child theme. Otherwise, you might face some warnings if you try to activate the child theme before activating the parent theme.

After completing the whole process, you can then see it live on your WordPress websites.

Benefits of Having Genesis Framework on Your WordPress Site

Using Genesis on your website have its own major benefits. This is widely used by most of the bloggers and online marketers. This is easy to use and rich SEO features to make your business to the next level.

Here are the major benefits of Genesis Framework:

1. Inbuilt SEO

Most of the newbie bloggers who have little knowledge of SEO get confused about choosing SEO plugins for their website. They generally get puzzled between Yoast or All in one SEO. But, you’ll be happy to know that Genesis comes up with the inbuilt SEO features that include schema markup, the setting of home description and title and change robots meta tags.

But I would still recommend you to use Yoast or All in one SEO plugin with the Genesis framework.

2. Light Weight and Fast Loading

You’ve probably heard that website loading speed is one of the major factors Google consider to rank a website. Genesis has all the features that make your website loading fast without the need of external plugins. Faster your website load, more traffic will come to your website and more money you can make with your blog. So it’s important to have a theme that reduces your blog load time would be helpful.

3. Reliable Designing and Coding

Genesis framework and its child themes are easy to code. Even for those website owners who have little knowledge of HTML and CSS can design awesome looking theme for their blogs.

The Genesis child themes also come in the variety of customization features homepage layout, widget sidebar, color options etc. No matter what type of your website is whether food blog, e-commerce website, food blog or tech blog, you can customize your website easily according to your requirements.

4. Secure

When it comes to the security of your website, you can’t compromise with cheap. It is important to protect your website from hackers and other malicious groups from getting hacked or lose your content.

Although there are plenty of plugins (paid or free) available that does a really great job of securing your website, but Genesis Framework is one step ahead in terms of security. The security of Genesis is analyzed by senior WordPress developer Mark Jaquith, a security expert. He works to made security a priority with Genesis Framework.

5. Customer Support

Another great thing about Genesis is their good customer support service for the lifetime for all the themes you buy. The professional staff of Studiopress is always ready to help their customers in the official Support Forums. And even outside of StudioPress, you will find lots of supports via social media, from Twitter to Facebook Groups. The users who have purchased the license from Studiopress can also access to a thriving community forum where you can discuss your queries with experts.

6. Lifetime updates

Once you purchased the Studiopress themes license you will get lifetime updates on all your purchased themes with the latest WordPress recommendations and standards. All you need to do is just click on the update button for Genesis Themes and all will be done.

Over to you!

I hope that this Genesis Framework Review helps you understand about the Genesis Theme Framework. With the unlimited use and unlimited support, this is something you will never regret after buying. But, I’ll leave you to decide for yourself now.

If you still have any queries about this framework, you can ask in the comment section below!

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  1. Hi Kanti

    I might need to change my WordPress theme sometime soon. I have heard a lot got about the Genesis theme? How is it in when it comes to being mobile friendly? Google are not to happy with my current theme when it comes to being mobile friendly.

    • Hi Thomas,

      Genesis themes are 100% responsive and mobile-friendly. They are worth buying.


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