Top 10 Best Free Shutterstock Alternatives For High-Quality Images

Shutterstock is one of the best and popular stock photo websites available in the market to purchase the photos. Some factors like history, reputation, quality of service, and reasonable price make it popular and favorite for people all over the world. However, everyone will like to find some alternative even if the thing is the best. In such a way, people also started looking for the best alternatives for Shutterstock.

However, it is not so easy to find the right alternative to such a popular and favorite website. Working on different factors like price, a number of images, usage rights, quality of service, image resolution, and several others, some websites are considered to be the alternative for the Shutterstock, and here is the list of such best alternatives!

1. Adobe stock

Adobe stock

Adobe Stock is one of the best Shutterstock alternatives to stock photo service property from Adobe and it is built on the base of the Fotolia stock photo agency library. Some of the noteworthy features of it like fully integrating with Adobe creative cloud platform, test audit, enabling the access, surf, and license image from its collection directly within certain favorite image editing websites make the website to the top in the list of alternatives to Shutterstock. It also offers several subscription plans when you use it for access to the huge collection of 60 million royalty-free photos and vectors illustrations. This also comes with some video clips, 3D models, graphics templates, and several others.

Understanding the benefits and features of the website, there is more than 10 to 750 download per month. Some people subscribe to it monthly and some annually. When looking for the pricing of the website, it ranges from $2999 to $24999. It will be the best alternative to Shutterstock when you are working with the cloud tool in designing. You can also have enough photos to choose but significantly adds the value with complete integration with some creative cloud with some simplified design process.

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2. Photocase


If you are looking for the best Shutterstock alternative that would be great artistic stock photos, it will be the best option. It is the Berlin-based stock photo agency that offers artistic stock photography at the most reasonable cost. The highly curated library occupies lots of the premium stock images with great artistic value and the authentic, modern aesthetic, which are now leading the market today. With years of service in the market, it is a more reliable and professional service to find the necessary photos.

The price of the image will be based on the size from 5 to 15 credits and the final cost will be based on the credit pack you choose to buy. The credit pack also starts from $55 from 25 credits the cost would be $1,520 to 1000 credits. The images files will be royalty-free photographs and all small, medium, and large prices accordingly. Further, it is also the unique stock photo that forms the best in the alternatives in the Shutterstock alternative.

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3. Unsplash


Incorporated with 200,000 stock photos, the collection on Unsplash might be only a fraction of what is offered in Shutterstock, but these images on the website are really the best. With high resolution and beautiful images, the website takes top position in the list of best free Shutterstock alternatives. All the photos have some as these are taken from the professional photographers. The quality of the image will be great to offer a great website for the matter. The community of the website consists of over 41000 members who form the team to upload hundreds of new photos every day.

It is also good as it offers a quick loading time. Further, the photos are also arranged in the right order that will help you to find the relevant image you are looking for. When you are using the top search option, it will be easier to find the images that are available with royalty-free license and commercial purposes. The tool offers professional photos that are high in quality. All together, Unsplash is undeniably the best alternative for Shutterstock.

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4. iStock


iStock, which was formerly known as iStockPhoto occupies in the front row among the best alternative to Shutterstock because it has a great reputation for a long time. It has a curated library that carries supreme quality images and they are separated into two categories namely essentials and signature. There are also millions of images in the libraries that will be helpful for different needs. When you get into the essential category, you can find several low-cost images and it will be non-exclusive.

When you are moving into the signature category, you can find the most expensive and exclusive images. Both categories offer some vector graphics and photos with high resolution. However, you can download only 750 images per month, it also offers more options to offer the best pricing and categories. These are the best with the cost and offer great value for your money as well.

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5. Deposit Photos

Deposit PhotosIf you are looking for the tool to give you an option to choose between 100 million royalty photos and the best alternative to Shutterstock, deposit photos could be the undeniable option. It is a well-established stock photo website that is great with the deals and offers. Most importantly, it offers an easy service and more responsive to users. There are also several different categories available on it to make it a perfect option. You can enjoy the best stock selection available with the short among the 5 million available images. The monthly download limit will be up to 750 images and you can choose between the monthly and yearly subscription.

The plans will be more flexible and you can have it over $9.99 per month. The price of the image will be low as per the annual plans and you can have a large collection of royal-free vectors and images. There will not be any prize charged when you need to download the image with some high resolution. Overall, it will be a good alternative to have the best quality image at a considerably low cost. All these together make it to be the perfect alternative for the Shutterstock.

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6. Stock Photo Secrets

Stock Photo Secrets

If you are involved in some small, medium business that will not require more images to be downloaded every month, the stock photo secret will be the best choice. It offers a low volume plan and you can download around 600 images among the 5 million images just with a subscription of $199 per year. This also implies that you are not paying for more than 33 cents for every image you are downloading. Further, the cost of the image will differ one from the other.

Some highest resolution images can also be purchased by paying the low cost. All these make Stock photo secret and the ultimate one in the list of alternatives for Shutterstock. Just know more about it, try it for the best results.

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7. Pexels


Over 30,000 stock images in the list, Pexels is now serving as one of the best alternatives for Shutterstock. All the photos are captured by the professional and it is also handled in the most professional manner. So, the result has turned out to be supreme quality images without any downside. When you get into Pexels, you can find lots of the outdoor images that are taken in a different landscape, beaches, crowded places, buildings, and several others. Thus, it incorporates several people-centric photos that will be useful for different needs. As the photos are shit in several lighting conditions and intensities, the photos might show off an excellent “bokesh” effects for your purposes.

Further, it also comes with some Creative Commons Zero (CCO) licensing and commercial purposes. You can make use of these images without asking for any special permission r settings a separate link in the sources. So, the cost you need to spend additionally can be cut off. With all such great features, Pexels takes the most important position in the market as the alternative to Shutter today. Unless you try it out, you cannot understand the complete benefits of it. So, have a try and understand more about the best alternative.

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8. SplitShire


SplitShire is another great free-stock photo website that will help you to have the best quality images for your needs. One crazy thing about SplitShire is that the images are clicked and shared on the site by the owners of the site. So, this will never compromise with the quality and other technical features. This is one of the important reasons for the tool to hold the top position in the list of the best alternative to Shutterstock.

When you look at the images, it will tell you years of hard work of the owners or the photographers in this area. All the pictures are really unique and you may not find them on any other websites. The photographs cover different categories like technology, nature, weddings, landscapes, nature, things, abstract, and several others. There are both free and premium versions and you can make use of the right one based on your needs over the images. However, the site guarantees the best image without any compromises.

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9. Foter


One of the best free Shutterstock alternatives available in the market today is Foter and it is the first service to strike the minds of several people when they think of such photo hosting websites. The website consists of more than 335 million free stock photos and 220 million of the photos are available for commercial purposes. Further, the website is also the foter’s repository almost double in size when compared to Shutterstock. However, the quality of the images available on the site will be the best as per your needs.

When you look into the site to have the images, you will think of the credits that the photographers might get out of the premium quality images. When you are using the photos in the right places, you can find that the images will be great to offer the best feel of the place and fulfill your needs over the images. Still, it is the largest repository of the royalty-free stock photos. So, try out the website and you will also feel the beauty of the website like the other experts.

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10. Life of Pix

Life of Pix

Life of Pix is one of the leading websites in the list of alternatives for ShutterStock, which carries different photographs from different photographers. Any passionate and enthusiastic photographers can share their photos on the site without paying any cost. Apart from offering quality photos, the site is also the best host. It also has dedicated pages for photographers that will allow them to search for some pictures taken by their favorite photographers.

When it comes to Life of Pix, the photo selection will be limited, but it will allow you to have some high-quality images. Most people feel that their favorite collections would be from nature, animals, and cities when Life of Pix is considered. Besides, it is also easy to operate and work with the aspects of the website as it guarantees ease of working. All these together make the site to be the best alternative for ShutterStock and more people are now looking for the opportunity to make use of such a platform for their business needs.

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Choose the right alternate now! 

Now, you might have had a look at the Shutterstock alternatives that are leading in the market now. Some of them are leading because of the quality they offer. Based on the factor that you are looking for in the image, you need to choose the website. However, making the research on the right website will be one best part, but the fruitful results can be obtained only when you are practically experiencing the website by downloading the images. So, choose the right alternative based on the criteria for your needs and try to work with it.

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