Learning More About What Is Field Marketing

If only it were as simple and joyous as sitting in a field surrounded by wildflowers, soaking up the sunshine, and enjoying the fresh, crisp breeze and business and sales could take care of themselves, alas we are not at that level yet and so work and effort are required.

So what are we taking a look at you ask, the creative and innovative world of marketing – field marketing to be more specific. An extension of the advertising industry and a cousin of the marketing world, being out in the ‘corporate’ field takes a bit more savvy and confidence.

Understanding field marketing

The main objective for most entrepreneurs and companies is to generate awareness and exposure of their brand and product, this then ideally turns into interest, and thus the end goal of sales generated is achieved.

Firms use field marketing to reach specific age demographics or tailored clientele which otherwise may not be well-versed in the products, but would benefit from using them. You may see stalls and stands at shopping malls, convention centers, or corporate expos with well-groomed staff manning the station ready and willing to share their knowledge.

For some people like myself, I could not stand all day and ‘advertise’ a product to walkers-by, I envy those who have the confidence and ability to pull it off and who have the expert skills to execute the sales. Hats off to them I always say.

Getting started

For the most part, we understand that social media platforms are the way forward of the future, endorse this with a well-known face and you are good to go.

Spreading news and excitement about a new item or product is easily done through social accounts and images, the real question is if what you see on the image matches the real thing, and this is where the ‘field’ side of the conversation comes into play.

Getting your foot in the door is vital and it is worth the investment, you know how the old saying goes, ‘you have to spend money to make money,’ right? Read an interesting article on the subject here https://blog.wiser.com/what-is-field-marketing-and-how-can-you-get-started/ and with these points in mind, you can head off in the right direction.

The physical aspect of a new product is often what seals the deal for first-time buyers, you will know this if you have ever browsed clothing or say a new phone online but weren’t convinced. Then heading to the shops and seeing it in person it became clear that you needed it in your life, and paired with the fact that the person advertising the product was happy to answer all and any questions or queries you had.

Understand field marketing

Field marketing versus traditional marketing

As a previous business owner of 2 companies in the hospitality industry, I am a big fan of the field marketing concept, essentially because the idea, execution, and problem-solving are done that much quicker.

You have an idea, you put a plan in place with what you believe to be the best person fit for the job, and you go ‘to town.’ The firm puts the prototype out there for people to see, comment on, and this way you collect valuable data on how to make the product even better than it already is.

Samples are created and produced for customers to trial, various branding designs are tested, (see some great ideas in this link on how others went about the task to design a brand logo) and once the launch period is complete you take the data back to the drawing board and sieve through all notes and test results tweaking them as you go.

When it comes to the generic, traditional marketing strategies they often happen only a few times a year, they take months of planning and hundreds of man-hours, and there is no guarantee that it will end up a successful one. It could mean a financial loss as you re-evaluate and begin to re-strategize improvements and unfortunately, a lot of time will have gone into the setup and which has now been lost.

Do what works for you

Only you as the owner and creator will know which strategy is a better fit and thus your research is key. We know the concept of traditional marketing, but to learn more about modern approaches and what is field marketing, the time to do your homework on the topic could be the difference between success or a financial setback.

Going with your gut has served many a successful businessman well, but that doesn’t mean to say you need to jump in both feet first without the proper backup.

Field marketing has pros and cons like with anything, so using your given skills to make it work for you will be the greatest joy you get out at the end, your hard work will have paid off.

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