Is Google Workspace Worth It?

People use Google for many different reasons. If you own a business, chances are that your employees already take advantage of Google whether through Gmail to send emails and speak to loved ones or Google Drive to share documents with each other. In short, where would we be without it?

Since a lot of users find these apps practical and free, they don’t need additional apps to run an effective business. But, have you thought about upgrading your business to Google Workspace?

Many people choose this option for various reasons we’ll explain below. Before you move on to the next thing on your search engine, take the time to understand what Google Workspace does and how it can benefit your business further. Check out this link

The more you understand, the faster you’ll be able to make a decision. You owe it to yourself and your employees to improve the ways your business runs and operates, by adapting to new and technologically-advanced changes.

Here are some of the benefits you need to focus on when it comes to Google Workspace:

Using branded emails

Many different practical features of Gmail are available in Google Workspace, but the service is customized to your company’s name and domain. Employees will recognize the interface immediately as being identical to that of their personal Gmail accounts, making it much simpler for them to transition between the two as necessary.

This amazing option provides companies with control and security over employee communication without the headache of managing an in-house email server, and it allows for simple scalability in terms of adding and removing users as the business grows. You can learn more on this page.

Storing and sharing files

Every single one of your employees probably has a Drive account where they store all kinds of drafts and files related to their work. This doesn’t mean they can access their drives with each other.

Additionally, there’s an option for every team to have its very own Team Drive where they can share documents with each other in other to help grow, learn, and fix whatever mistakes they make.

Naturally, they may also use the consumer version of Drive to share files and folders with each other, but they will need to individually allow access as well as assign permissions for each user. This not only adds extra time to the process but also creates additional waiting time in the event that the document’s owner forgets to include a person who needs access.

Furthermore, by using Team Drive, everybody already has the access they need and whenever a person leaves the company, the manager has the option of removing them from the drive to prevent access to company data. It’s also good to know that with Team Drive you have unlimited cloud storage you can use. A person can never have too much storage!


Do you know how challenging it can be to enable collaboration with people who work remotely or sit in different offices in the building? Ever since Covid, a lot of people encounter this issue with their business.

Don’t worry because Google Workspace has a range of convenient and practical apps that can eliminate the issue for good.

Since you can edit things in Google Workspace, your employees have the option of editing the same slide or document to save a lot of time on their hands.

Since a lot of changes can happen within a day, it’s good to know that an individual employee can easily access a particular document that has been modified by a previous employee. They will go over the changes quickly and stay up to date with the process. Checking out a Google Workspace guide can help you discover more relevant information on the subject.

Admin console management

We all know how important it is to manage a business. It requires a lot of time and effort. We have good news for you because you can manage your Google Workspace’s data, users, and apps all from one central location with the help of the Google Workspace Admin Console.

The dashboards are user-friendly, allowing you to add and remove users and groups, personalize the user experience, create roles, manage devices, allow permissions, and adjust security settings.

You can easily block apps you find to be suspicious, or demand two-factor authentication, for example. How will this work, though? To make sure only employees have access to data related to your business, Google will issue a verification code via text message to users who access Google Workspace or associated apps from a device other than their usual one.

In addition to the standard anti-virus and spam protections, Google Workspace also includes security analytics and best-practice advice for protecting your company against email-borne risks.

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