A Complete Guide on Ecommerce Website Design in 2023

If you’ve been thinking about developing a new website or redesigning an existing one to create an e-commerce website design that leads to a better user experience (UX) and more sales. Our online store builder makes it simple to create an e-commerce website.

Ecommerce is expanding at a rapid pace. According to Statista, global annual e-commerce sales income will surpass $6.3 trillion by 2024, up from $4.2 trillion in 2020.

Furthermore, an increasing number of people are shopping online. According to data, there will be 2.14 billion online buyers worldwide by 2021, accounting for around 26.7% of the global population. This article will show you how to design your e-commerce website for success, replete with examples of the finest Orlando Web Design Company-designed e-commerce websites.

Here is the following Complete Guide on Ecommerce Website Design in 2023:

1. Get started 

To begin, add your first product. You can add more later, but first, list what you wish to sell. Enter the product’s name, price, and a brief description. This product could be:

  • A physical product is a good or item.
  • Music, art, photographs, and eBooks (or any downloadable product) are digital products.
  • Services – professional services Classes

2. A Web Hosting Company

You will need a Web Design company to host your e-commerce website on the internet so your consumers can access it. Your website’s files are stored on the web hosting provider’s servers and are accessible online.

You can purchase hosting services for your e-commerce website from web hosting companies such as HostGator, SiteGround, or Bluehost, or you can use the hosting supplied by your preferred e-commerce platform.

3. An Integrated Payment Gateway

Every e-commerce website requires a payment gateway to collect and process client payments.

When selecting a payment gateway for your e-commerce website, look for one compatible with your selected e-commerce platform, which accepts several payment methods, is PCI compliant, and does not impose exorbitant fees.

4. Choose a Theme That Reflects Your e-commerce Vision.

Your website is the most significant representation when building an e-commerce store. The “impression” you make, i.e., the design and style of your website, is the most acceptable strategy to attract many potential clients.

A proper Orlando Web Design company to design a website will increase your credibility while attracting many customers. Only if the website has an appealing style and a pleasant design will the buyer buy without hesitation; otherwise, they may assume that the things given by the website will not match their expectations.

5. A Shopping Cart App

Your e-commerce website also requires a shopping cart solution to help your clients manage the things they want to buy.

Many e-commerce platforms provide their own integrated shopping cart solutions. If you are creating your e-commerce site, you will need to integrate it with third-party shopping cart software.

6. Layout

Customers expect to read content naturally, allowing them to shift their gaze freely. Even if the page is heavy on graphics and light on text, readers prefer little pauses to allow their eyes to rest and assimilate the information.

As a result, it is critical to generate these moments of relaxation. Working on the layout becomes vital to provide their guests with a comfortable environment to absorb the information. A grid-based structure with enough white space between products and other elements allows the eyes to rest.

7. A Store Building Platform

It is possible to create a completely functional e-commerce website from scratch. However, this takes significant time and technical skill, making it an undesirable alternative for most enterprises.

A SaaS e-commerce website builder is a more straightforward approach to designing your e-commerce website. These website builders do not require coding or programming skills, but they provide you with all the options you need to construct and customize your unique store that matches your brand. When selecting Orlando Web Design Company as an e-commerce platform, carefully verify its features to ensure that they match the needs of your business and the products you intend to sell.

8. Make a Choice Regarding Filtered Navigation

Because category pages are an extension of your primary navigation, they are a crucial aspect of your overall site architecture because they can influence how a customer navigates your website. Filtered navigation is critical to how clients interact with your category pages. They allow clients to filter your products depending on their features, which means you must focus on how your products should be classified, such as size, color, and weight.

To keep your site structure SEO-friendly, you’ll also need to consider how you handle your filtered navigation in terms of any new URLs they generate.

Most filter navigation for e-commerce websites uses query URLs; however, these aren’t always SEO friendly because they generate many pages, producing duplication and index bloat.

9. Simple and Easy to Read

Because the text is the primary means of connecting with clients, you must use words that are easy to read. Because each font has a particular effect on the mood of your site, choose them carefully to deliver brand identity. Furthermore, the typeface must be legible and straightforward, thus -Use unusual fonts as little as possible.

  • Avoid employing numerous fonts in the exact location.
  • The main text is written in an easy-to-read font.
  • Your brand’s message and attitude must be reflected in the font.
  • When using text, leave enough whitespace on the page to avoid improper kerning.

10. Maintain Your Concentration on the Product

The goal of any store or manufacturer is to increase sales. When the Orlando Web Design Company designs an e-commerce website, ensure the layout promotes your products and allows customers to see them readily. Categories should be accessible via a drop-down menu, but every other page should be designed to attract visitors.

Make your website product-focused, with the product’s name, image, and pricing prominently shown above the fold, while extensive information about the product, reviews, and other details.


Including these elements in an e-commerce web design will make you believe that the ideal online store must be created to target customers. Anyone can now design a website that appears expensive and is feature-rich and agile enough to manage your e-commerce business quickly with the help of premium website builders.

You can also work with Orlando web design company, an e-commerce website design business, to ensure that the appropriate design is waiting for you. It allows you to create a memorable online buying experience that will turn your passive shoppers into committed clients.

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