List of 300+ Free High DA PA Guest Posting Sites

When you are looking for guest posting sites, traffic generation may be your top motive to consider guest blogging. However, guest blogging provides a host of other opportunities that will benefit your online business. You can find some relevant blogs for guest posting and contact them with your idea.

In this post, we have provided a huge list of guest posting sites with their DA and PA. So you can go through all of them and check which fits your need.

List of Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Today, guest blogging has been evolving as a powerful solution to drive web traffic. While search engines like Google, Bing, etc. are being hard on unnatural ways to drive web traffic, guest blogging is what they always like because it is a natural and ethical way to drive quality web traffic.

With a big list of guest posting sites here, I am going to pen down some guest posting benefits for the blog owner and guest bloggers. I start with guest blogging benefits for guest bloggers.

Guest Blogging Benefits for Guest Bloggers

Finding a good blog (here’s a guide for how to start a blog – a step-by-step guide) for guest posting is not easy, but once you find it you will open the doors to drive web traffic to your website. Apart from web traffic, you get the following benefits that cannot be achieved using other ways in a quick manner as you do with guest posting:

1. Quick Indexing: Getting indexed in search engines is the topmost priority for every website owner. Writing an article revolving around your niche with one or two backlinks and submitting it as a guest blogger increases the chance of website indexing in search engines. The time depends on how many clicks you get on the links embedded in the guest posts.

2. Backlinks: If you need the good page rank in Google and Alexa then ensure you have many backlinks. Not only backlink but good quality backlinks. Guest blogging is a great way to receive quality backlinks to your website. There are blogs that give do follow backlinks and do follow backlinks help improving page rank.

3. Web Traffic: Guest blogging helps you drive web traffic. Just, for example, suppose that you submit a guest post to the blog that receives 2000 visits per day. And out of those 2000 visits, approximately 100 visitors read your article. Out of those 100, approximately 10 click links in the article. This means 10 visits to your website from one guest post. If you have submitted 100 guest posts to different blogs then you will be receiving approximately 1000 visits a day.

4. Engagement with blog readers: Many blog owners has a comment section at the end of every blog. If you write a nice article then readers will drop their views and comments. You can reply to those comments and keep you engaged with blog readers. Sometimes, experienced blog readers drop useful comments that may help you in regards to your niche too.

With these guest posting benefits, you can understand how it is useful to drive traffic to your website. Below is the updated list of guest posting sites in the different niche, so you can choose out of them depend upon your niche.

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1. Marketing / SEO / Blogging tips / Social Media Blogs

Blog TitleAlexa RankDAPA
Ahrefs 2,99079.5953.74
All blogging tips  92,71843.1151.18
All Tech Buzz 22,25351.92 44.67
Basic Blog Tips 269,76151.0659.21
Benchmark email 18,06180.4148.99
Blog engage 147,46049.0656.73
Blog godown 785,96938.9643.25
Blog her 71,98087.3271.30
Blog saays 428,49725.0333.44
Blog solute 419,80337.3446.79
Bloggers passion 86,08344.9553.84
Blogging tips 152,87756.2954.16
Blogging Cage 40,8534450
Business2Community  12,25981.6361.02
Coschedule 15,03078.3281.33
Daily Blog Tips 148,55974.6257.46
Dealer Marketing 627,99737.4243.33
Dragon Blogger 280,06743.1148.02
Famous Bloggers303,71749.8952.90
Freelance Folder429,99260.0366.87
Groove digital Marketing666,39538.2439.04
Hell Bound Bloggers74,62443.2549.26
Hinge Marketing183,31255.3960.92
Hosting Reviews7,343,08132.0021.00
iBlogzone 524,16043.1543.15
Income Diary48,50857.0953.55
Itinfoworld 8,453,36524.0035.00
Kikolani 269,24855.4162.97
KISSmetrics  4,91389.9384.00
Labnol 9,75777.4860.42
Leadpages 7,78974.8853.47
Life Hack 3,17180.0760.14
LinkBird 340,54744.6127.39
Making Different 120,33046.9042.07
Marketing Land 18,72786.5762.70
Marketing Profs 26,32882.5660.97
Mashable 72894.9894.70
Men with Pens 381,61055.7163.03
Millionclues 1,100,58130.3035.10
Moz  1,44493.3591.96
NorthCutt  405K4245
comptalks 2,45834.2843.31
Onlineincometeacher 134,66338.1845.39
Pole position marketing 896,82376.0642.73
ProBlogger 28,08584.2769.51
Read Write Web 34,46785.7288.45
Search Engine Journal  12,57884.9859.99
Search Engine People 111,26564.9550.11
Shout Meloud 5,36262.6355.44
Small Business Trends 17,15482.5785.80
Smart Bloggerz 864,04936.6142.64
Social Media Examiner  7,03086.6564.20
Social media today 17,03484.9481.01
Successful Blog  905,68757.8655.95
Start Blogging Online 98,37057.1864.45
Weblogbetter 857,40542.2849.74
Webalive 855,61249.4348.15
Traffic Crow503,04237.0040.00
Tweak Your Biz  121,56956.8563.66
Tech GYO  686,0954343
Tech Crates2,112,6904146
Tricks Road1,685,1673035
Mena Entrepreneur1,199,1973835

2. Travel Blogs

Blog TitleAlexa RankDAPA
TrekWorld 3,778,88226.8832.25
Travel blog 4,87479.5665.32
Ytravelblog 101,28560.8561.34
TravMonkey 1,943,16344.0845.51
Elite travel blog 3,320,29725.2435.29
TravelBlat 1,731,21630.1036.82
Planet D 91,22062.0768.54
Travel 55 3,571,47529.4534.38
WorldHum 936,71556.6452.44
Guidetrip 1,018,10530.4236.90
HeatherOnHerTravels 707,35046.1851.70
Edreams Travel Blog 12,45858.3452.91
2BackPackers 836,06543.9952.83
Indie travel 1,819,47630.0241.66
FoXnoMad 271,25455.0360.94
We are holidays 214,54634.6336.88
LostGirlsWorld 1,216,81239.9846.32
Diwyy 1,879,16033.1042.65
BritainOutdoors 2,768,26424.9132.63
GlobalGrasshopper 198,56948.4050.34

3. Health Blogs

Blog TitleAlexa RankDAPA
Lift for Life 1,8862,99837.8630.05
Healthy Wealthy nWise 3,033,37536.3445.10
Healthresource4u 426,71532.7335.13
Coachcalorie 345,73837.4643.12
YegFitness 1,939,62028.6336.10
Weight loss triumph 1,779,52838.8439.52 614,46128.2732.00
Revitalise Your Health 1,734,22333.2444.13
HealthResource4U 426,71532.7335.13
TheChangeBlog 5,510,90049.0649.92 40,17977.0960.14
Greatist 6,71580.0783.18

4. Beauty Blogs

Blog TitleAlexa RankDAPA
she has a purpose 4,279,91712.2624.85
Look Fantastic 21,21866.6556.44
Julep 117,20162.5856.04
beauty and the blog 624,96122.4232.47
Sweet Style 2,877,19931.1240.69
Lypsso 2,753,87429.881.00
Tips for natural beauty 706,60832.0434.22
Make-up and Beauty Blog 164,92450.3451.76
Make-up by Kim Porter 7,765,64536.4939.74
She Knows 5,22785.7675.02
Mom Fuse 981,39942.6849.39
Beauty and Fashion Tech 1,153,53144.9853.48

5. Fashion Blogs

Blog TitleAlexa RankDAPA
JustJared 4,58375.0563.20
The Fashion Supernova 2,418,60723.6231.76
Off Beat Bride 64,60564.0954.37
Eco Salon 217,55557.8564.65
Let’s Talk Sugar 238,78925.7232.78
Modest Fashion Network 5,070,34425.9337.92
Creative Fashion Glee 1,945,59329.9340.66
Film Jackets 224,08935.2844.02
Pink Mitten 4,115,77827.5939.10
Beauty And Grooming Tips 1,009,00633.7632.41
Inside Out Style 253,44942.5847.92
Offbeat wedding themes 64,60564.0970.29
Lost At EMinor 65,71064.0551.05
Wise She 137,78638.9748.79
All Women Stalk 1,919,29912.5222.81
Jolly Slice 1.66M1511

6. Business Blogs

Blog TitleAlexa RankDAPA
Forbes 26996.2984.20
Fast Company 3,47892.0571.14
Small Businesses do it Better 1,511,99829.4039.18
UpAndRunningBPlans 13,19372.4456.82
Venture Beat 4,64390.2592.11
Small Business Trends 17,15482.5785.80
Women on Business 605,01750.3352.35
Business Gross 1,655,91725.9633.15
Mirasee 130,29953.3861.21
Shopify 35,34955.8143.77
Business 2 Community 12,25981.6361.02
AllBusiness 41,37780.1458.10
MyCorporation 215,46463.7950.98
Small Business Uprinting 79,00664.4045.83

7. Web Design Blogs

Blog TitleAlexa RankDAPA
Skyje 729,21942.7352.12
Smashing Magazine 5,60490.8680.38
The Design Range 942,25825.2532.78
Cats Who Code 182,54157.3351.08
Web And Designers 445,83438.9044.97
Web Design Relief 171,61347.6955.37
Vandelay Design 37,04963.8365.43
Web Designer Depot 12,70880.3557.90
Design Your Own Blog 418,87140.1846.78
UXPin 18,29066.2865.42
InDesignSecrets 35,79758.7865.71
Onextrapixel 57,00664.6466.02
Quertime 131,18230.8338.98

8. Technology Blogs

Blog TitleAlexa RankDAPA
Digital Inspiration 9,93577.4860.42
Calling All Geeks 448,92734.8844.36
Tech Patio 339,33139.5543.23
PragProg 66,62982.1844.68
TechBii 350,16428.9140.72
Xtendedview 731,50230.2239.62
SitePoint 1,58987.2367.90
Creately 11,77758.8865.92
TechWalls 91,77339.5947.95
 iTechCode 466,18037.6240.17
TechBlazes 3,020,29224.8336.36
TechAtLast 768,72939.8243.98
Technically Easy 755,43144.0953.02
Techie Buzz 240,56360.6067.27
Harshit Singhal5,873,9523543

9. Self-Development Blogs

Blog TitleAlexa RankDAPA
Lifehack 3,23580.0760.14 524,57625.0333.86
Dumb Little Man 102,58863.5353.75
The Change Blog 2,884,67649.0649.92
MindBodyGreen 8,71378.8761.09
SelfGrowth 40,61477.0960.14
Pick The Brain 75,43465.2052.90
Psychology Today 1,98691.3768.93
Aha! Now 264,54445.1452.36
Musings on the Mundane 9,941,40818.2431.15 97,9595350
Skip Prichard 144,59653.7747.76
48 Days 384,23255.3453.41

10. Food Blogs

Blog TitleAlexa RankDAPA
Menuism 64,08850.9148.35
The Disney Food Blog 100,32854.3352.40
Food Sense 837,96449.2857.85
Eat Drink Better 434,78856.0363.54
Scottish Mum 864,20735.5044.87
Elephant Journal 18,46269.2956.72
VoiceBoks 1,190,86548.2953.56
Upload Recipes14,185,3192626

11. Sport Blogs

Blog TitleAlexa RankDAPA
Work in Sports 112,27853.9148.12
Off The Post 366,93049.1146.98
Sports Haze 5,371,80729.9539.76
Sport Witness 4,257,62887.8246.25
Sports Pundit 1,379,34731.8130.74
Football Talk 290,11342.3852.01
ProjectsWole 1,005,20636.9933.79

12. Celebrity Blogs

Blog TitleAlexa RankDAPA
Ghana Celebrities 52,93942.5348.93
Contact Music 65,11571.8656.36
Hello Giggles 6,97573.7578.43
Fashionising 372,81355.7154.33
Medic Tips 684,93118.4630.95
Celebrity Dirt 769,46621.5934.49
Huffington Post 21498.1956.78 126,39856.7864.16
SouthDreamz 49,89939.9347.51
Your Tango 12,02371.9559.93

13. Pet Blogs

Blog TitleAlexa RankDAPA
DogTipper 690,94752.3452.20
Go Pet Friendly 391,20454.3951.80
Dogs Naturally Magazine 69,90954.1944.99
Preloved 17,56053.2848.94
3 Boys And A Dog 379,30348.4356.60
Untrained Housewife 870,34644.5653.71
One Green Planet 14,95368.3554.30

14. Women Blogs

Blog TitleAlexa RankDAPA
Women On Business 601,21250.3352.35
The Sits Girls 131,13269.3065.63
Blog Her 73,26787.3271.30
The Good Hearted Woman 1,348,73433.5644.63
NU Women 11,10286.7940.42
Indiewire 5,19086.7074.52
Girlfriendology 934,31451.1558.01
SheBudgets 92,57238.1446.92

15. Political Blogs

Blog TitleAlexa RankDAPA
WomenOnBusiness 601,21250.3352.35
AHA Today 121,69176.0070.77
8 Asians 352,37949.4452.19 1,56784.1265.20
Kevin MD 46,76373.6859.90
Activist Post 44,93667.2362.41
RelevantMagazine 36,76670.5874.28
The Diplomat 20,19979.2582.83
Open Democracy 53,26082.8671.23
ActivistPost 44,93667.2362.41

16. Finance Blogs

Blog TitleAlexa RankDAPA
OneCentAtATime 491,60242.9452.47
Modest Money 224,01655.3656.41 1,59681.6258.29
I Will Teach You To Be Reach 32,17070.9562.85
Investment Yogi 443,31330.9840.03
Investopedia 61889.9865.36 59,33664.6146.83
Best Finance Network 3,656,13727.7238.44 66,31072.4077.28 26,92169.5857.82
ComFree Blog 66,55649.0050.26 700,09650.0858.35

17. Photography Blogs

Blog TitleAlexa RankDAPA
 Digital Photography School 10,32677.7681.32
 Steve’s Digicams 77,66567.7657.05
 iHeartFaces 282,72658.1959.95
 InstantShift 67,59763.0552.98
 Top Design Magazine 144,73748.2346.43
 Photography Life 23,86857.6064.65
 Web Granth 243,60033.1542.06
 Colossal 14,11276.2563.15
SLR Lounge 23,24963.9652.92

18. Entrepreneurship Blogs

Blog TitleAlexa RankDAPA
Frugal Entrepreneur 735,01434.6544.91
Entrepreneurship Secret 388,44639.5340.84
KillerStartups 176,00866.1059.08
YoungEntrepreneur 1,46292.6072.04
Startoholics 4,606,12526.8833.34
StartupBros 80,84246.7252.60
Creately 11,79358.8865.92 27,31181.9256.89

19. Computer Blogs

Blog TitleAlexa RankDAPA
 iLoveFreeSoftware 46,72451.6144.95
 DotNetCurry 44,20747.6738.94
 SoftwareTestingHelp 26,03743.1446.40 9,97477.4860.42
CompTalks 2,41034.2843.31
Blog.Makezine 11,69488.8781.53
TechLila 160,40042.5643.42


With this special post, I have created the list of 300+ guest posting sites to write guest posts. Do you know any popular blog in any niche which accept guest posts, please let me know in the comments section.

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