10 Convincing Reasons Why you Should Start a Blog in College

A blogger is a person who maintains an online diary, a “blog,” and regularly publishes new entries in it. Anyone can start a blog on the Internet and write on any topic. There are already 2 billion bloggers in the world. Any blog will exist as long as it is interesting to people. The main criterion for the success of the blog is the number of subscribers, that is, people who regularly read or watch it. 

A specialist with a blog is by default cooler than a specialist without a blog, ceteris paribus. If you take two cool programmers, but one of them has a blog on professional and semi-working topics, and the other does not, then the first is in a winning position. It is better to start your own blog earlier. There are at least ten reasons that the best time for blogging is when you are in college. Let’s investigate why.

Your Blog Is a Personal Project

Blogging trains self-discipline and the skill of managing long projects. It will be extremely useful in your future work. You structure thoughts, learn to communicate with readers, and deal with criticism.

It Shows Competency

You have to keep the reader’s attention all the time and fill your blog with new facts, ideas, information. It is not as easy as it seems. Blogging boosts your understanding of things. You will try to get deeper into the topic in order to explain it to others and make it amazing and fascinating.

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It Helps to Gain Authority

If the level of your blog is very high, the materials are useful, and you have a certain number of subscribers, people will trust you more. Inside the college, this happens very quickly, changing attitudes and atmosphere.

It Broadens Horizons

Seeking information for your own blog, you will have to investigate related areas of knowledge. It will be important, and you will get an additional bonus to your professionalism. When you share your experience on a blog, you grow as a professional. To write regularly, you will have to keep your nose in the wind: look for new topics, ideas, read books, media, follow trends.

A Blog Helps to Find Work

A professional blog is cooler than any CV. From the book “Rework”: “Hire great writers. When choosing between several applicants for the same position, give preference to someone who is better at writing.” It does not matter if this person is a marketer, seller, designer, programmer or anyone else, his writing skills will pay off.

It Unites Like-Minded People

Every blog attracts new like-minded people, friends, partners. Different people will come to visit it, but only those who are really interested in your topic will stay with you. It is most pleasant to communicate and work with such an audience. You will receive your own audience and maybe new friends, and it is great for your self-confidence.

Provides Additional Income

When a blog is created to make money, you actually start a business on the Internet. Think over a plan, invest in a platform, create and promote content.

You can earn money on a blog in different ways: place ads, write paid reviews, earn money on affiliate programs. No doubt, to have additional income is very pleasant when you are a college student and don’t have a permanent paid job.

Creates Your Personal Brand

A blog helps to become famous for a wide circle of people. By publishing expert articles, reviews, and toolkits, a specialist shows his knowledge and skills. In the future, the blog will become a public resume for employers or a portfolio for customers. And after graduating from college, you will be in a better position than the standard graduate

Blog Is a Great Hobby

Someone is developing a blog for work, but for someone, on the contrary, it is an opportunity to switch over from work to hobby. You can write about needlework, travel, books, gym activities. It is also very useful as it shows you as a keen and broad-minded person. A blog is your personal platform for testing ideas.

Studying in college is the best time to try something new in a new field. This will serve as proof that you are ready for real tasks.

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