What to Expect from an SEO Reseller Company

Are you an SEO or marketing agency? If so, you already know that SEO services are in demand with most companies as they seek to increase their organic search. If SEO is not one of your core competencies, you may have to hire an expert SEO Reseller.

SEO reselling is a big business, which means you have the hard task of choosing a company that can meet and maybe even exceeds your expectations. What should you look for when hunting for a quality white label SEO company? Below are some pointers to help you out.

1. Their strategy

 A good SEO reseller company will provide customized solutions for every business. They will perform adequate consultation to learn about a client’s needs, goals, and expectations and formulate a powerful plan for their business. Check out past work and reviews to ensure that they have a streak of happy clients.

2. The techniques they employ

SEO is changing faster than many can put up with, but an expert SEO reseller company should be able to do just that. Amateur SEO resellers will rely on simple and outdated tools that fail to deliver the required results.

A good SEO company also values its staff and offers regular training. There will also be a variety of expertise on board, ranging from content writers to copywriters, link builders, web designers, and more. The company should also be investing in the latest tools to ensure effectiveness.

3. The turnaround time

The time that a reseller takes to deliver an SEO job also matters. A turn-around time of about two weeks is just about right. SEO is a long and complex process but experts should be able to crack it within the shortest time possible so that you can make more money as a business. Quality of work should, of course, be paramount when you are considering the delivery time.

4. Their communication

It generally helps if the SEO reseller maintains regular communication throughout the work period to inform you of the progress made. You should also ask for a white label SEO report. A white label report is the documentation of the procedure followed by the reseller, but without a logo. You can then add your logo and present the information to your clients as your own.

You should also consider the quality of the support service that they offer.  For example, if you need to do some follow-up, you need a company that will answer your request in an hour or less. The company’s response affects the kind of reviews that your business will get from your clients.

5. The results they deliver

Ultimately, an SEO reseller should deliver the results expected. That could be anything, increased visibility, brand awareness, sales, or return on investment to mention a few.

SEO reselling is a must-do for many agencies who want to scale and build their brand name at the same time. Choosing the right SEO reseller can help you grow while keeping your clients happy.

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