7 Easy Ways to Earn Money On Instagram

Many of us are using Instagram but have you ever think that you can make money from Instagram?

Through the years, Instagram has evolved from a mobile photo-sharing application to a leading social networking platform that even serves as a marketing tool for many businesses, celebrities, and politicians.

The success of this global photo-sharing phenomenon can be attributed to how modern society prefers visual media over traditional ones– that, and the fact that Mark Zuckerberg has decided to acquire it.

earn money on instagram

With more than 100 million unique users acquired each month, and 300 million users actively posting photos and short videos each day, Instagram has rightfully taken the 7th spot on the list of 15 most popular social networking platforms.

Instagram has soared to much greater heights as new features have been developed. With the emergence of targeted advertisements, you can now monetize your account and boost your online presence. Instagram models and influencers are now some of the highest paid careers in this generation.

You can also tap this social networking platform to launch that dream business you’ve been wanting to pursue. Here are seven ways to quickly turn your Instagram photos and videos into cold hard cash. You can try them and earn a legitimate amount of money on Instagram.

How-To: Easy ways to earn money on Instagram

1. Build a Solid Following

Part of being a successful marketer on social media is having a large audience who can see whatever social media activity you put out there.

It’s not just about the size of your audience. More importantly, it’s about how loyal they are to your brand. Loyalty increases the chance of engagement and ultimately customer conversion.

Whether you want to pursue Instagram marketing as a business owner or an influencer, a nice solid following is a key to achieving success. The more people who know that you exist, the more there is growth and stability in terms of your online presence.

You want to create leads that will turn into sales, partnerships, or career opportunities. You can do this by socializing, throwing contests, liking photos in your niche, taking advantage of #hashtags, and subtly asking people to follow you.

ways to make money on instagram

2. Include your Email Address or Website link on your Bio

If you want to pursue a serious career on Instagram, whether as a business owner or influencer, you’re going to need to include your email address or link to your website on your bio and regularly promote in your feed.

You’ll want every potential customer or business partner to quickly shoot you an email if they’re interested in working with you. You also want to redirect them to your website, also known as your online portfolio or online shop.

3. Organize Your Feed

how to make money on instagram

If you want to gain a solid following, at least know how to properly curate your feed. You don’t want to let a visitor into a messy home, do you? It’s basically the same as having an Instagram account.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram organizes your photos chronologically into neat square grids, and if you don’t have that visual impact that most Instagram users look for in an Instagram account, how do you expect them to tap on the ‘Follow’ button? There are several third-party apps that you can use to give your feed a better look, so you may want to consider these options.

4. Collaborate

One way to gain followers and earn money on Instagram while you’re at it is to do collaborations with successful Instagram influencers or do partnerships with those who share the same interests and goals as you.

Once you already have a large enough following, you’ll start receiving paid sponsorship opportunities that will kick-start your career as an Instagram influencer. You’ll obtain the followers of that particular brand or personality and make money from promoting the products and/or services that they offer.

5. Engage with your Following

Now that you have a stable following, you have to try your hardest to keep them around. One way to do this is by interacting with them through comments, private messages, and maybe toss in a few contests here and there to give back the support you have been receiving.

This is also a great way for you to expand your reach and further solidify your online presence. As you engage with your audience, you can create more opportunities to earn money on Instagram and gain connections that will help you in your career.

6. Post Regularly.

If you’re making a career out of Instagram, you must be regularly active. It’s important to keep your followers updated on your life or your business operations. In this case, absence does not make the heart grow fonder. It makes people forget you.

If you don’t want to weaken your online presence and influence on the platform, keep posting. This is also beneficial if you’re already receiving sponsorship opportunities. Every product placement or brand recognition is paid, may it be in cold, hard cash or through x-deal. This would be the best way to increase your influence on Instagram. You can also use Instagram automation service to schedule posting to make posts at the right time.

7. Sell Products or Services Yourself.

In a visual platform like Instagram, your main investment would be resources for a good photo. As your follower list grows, so does your influence. Use that Instagram influencer network to sell your own products and services. If Kylie and Kim K can do it, so can you!


So now you have found these 7 easy ways to earn money on Instagram means you’re all set to build your brand. Whatever career you want to pursue with the help of the 7th most popular social networking website in the world, you can’t achieve success overnight. Isn’t it amazing how technology and its influence can shape business for modern society? Share with us your insights!

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