Top 10 Web Design Usability Statistics You Must Know – Infographic

Top 10 Web Design Usability Statistics: Over the past few years, the web development has modified as the websites have totally evolved from the traditional plain text-centric layout to a speedy and highly responsive online platform. Staying up to date with latest technological and user behavioral preferences may not always help achieve the expected rankings because the usability and utility determine the success and failure of a website.

Let’s look at web design usability in 2016…

Several factors responsible for website’s shortcoming include the absence of proper visual elements, loading speed, the length of content and mobile-friendly design. These factors determine the ideal user experience and help to boost traffic and thus improve ranking.

Trends in web designing are similar to as of fashion; they change with time, however, the standard that complies the usability and utility have always been the same. Usability is never easy and can never be achieved overnight. It’s a process of research and an iterative approach to constant testing and refining.

web design usability

Google is all about getting best of the best for great user experience. The criterion for ranking is entirely based on usability and utility. This infographic is compiled and designed by GO-Gulf which clearly highlights the statistics and trends in the web design industry.

  • 47% of the users want a website to load in 2 seconds
  • 48% of the users want mobile website to be as responsive as the desktop website
  • 39%of the visitors will stop engaging with the website If images take too long to load
  • 44% of the visitors will leave if no number or contact information is provided
  • Website with 50+ pages generate more traffic
  • 38% will stop engaging with a website if layout is unattractive
  • Two third of the people are more susceptible to consume a content that is beautifully designed than something plain

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  1. Web design is an important aspect for any website. It’s the first line of impression and if the users didn’t like the website, there aren’t any high number of chances that they will come back.

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