Five Beautiful Reasons We Can’t Help But Fall In Love With Technology

We could find ourselves in a room full of people and still be sure that almost all of them are carrying a smartphone. Technology is simply one of the man’s greatest contributions to society, and up until now, it still lives up to its status by continuing to evolve into a much more complex yet fascinating piece of modern development. Here, we have listed five reasons why people can’t seem to get enough of it:

1. Technology, specifically the internet, has the ability to reach almost anyone, anywhere.

Businessmen saw this as an opportunity; thus, online marketing was born. Now that they can reach a larger demographic, they are now able to advertise or make their company’s name known throughout the corners of the globe. This might be the fastest way to reach out to an audience without spending a dime on printing posters and organizing social events. Normal people can also benefit from this. With technology, we are able to talk to relatives and friends abroad via skype or even send important emails through google mail.

2. Technology keeps evolving. It always comes up with something new and better.

Almost each year, we get brand new models of phones, new applications, upgraded devices, new discoveries in robotics, and the list goes on. We live in a world that’s slowly being dominated by technology. However, the abundance of technology in society weakens people’s need of having new ones. Different designers, developers, and creators become more innovative and creative in order for the crowd to want more. They may come up with enhanced versions of a device or changing the way a product is designed to make it more marketable.

In one of former RISD President John Maeda’s speech at 99u, an organization that pushes people to be creative and productive, he talked about how a great design can be the future of economic growth. Design can play a huge role when introducing a product or a company. With great design, online marketing becomes more successful. Technology has truly been helpful in an economic perspective.

3. Technology has made our lives more comfortable.

Fall In Love With Technology

There’s no doubt that with the existence of technology, everyday tasks are becoming easier.  Chores are easier to do, communication becomes quicker, and shopping becomes more convenient. A more strategic and effective way of online marketing, producers have come up with electric businesses. Sites such as Nordstrom or eBay allow you to shop inside the comforts of your own house and have it delivered to your doorstep. It’s easier and more convenient for shoppers and sellers.

4. Technology has the chance of becoming more than just a source of information.

If you’ve seen the movie “Her” by Spike Jonze, then you would have an idea where this is going. Technology has evolved at great heights, which it can track our vital signs and learn to communicate through an advanced algorithm such as Cleverbot. Thus, a computer becoming a companion in the near future isn’t far from impossible.

Nowadays, people are getting more engrossed with gadgets, and some even spend more time with them instead of real people. One day, we’ll have a new wave of computers that can be able to detect human emotion, deploy humor, or simply become more interactive without possessing any of the complex or neurotic behavior that is found in humans. It’s fascinating to think that maybe, computers can become better companions than the people around us.

5. Technology also caters to the older generations.

Technology also caters to the older generations.

Old working generations can still be part of this advanced platform. We see our parents and grandparents use technology as much as we do. As advanced as it is becoming, the way it’s used doesn’t really require anyone to be a rocket scientist. It’s simple, and for all the senior professionals out there, you’ve had success with technology, so there’s no reason for you to exclude yourself from society’s advancements.

Keeping up with modern times allows you to become even more successful with your business. It’s possible through online marketing, wherein crowdsourcing is easier and would require less of your efforts. Allow yourself to immerse in technology, and build your business around it. Before you know it, you’re on your way to success.

To wrap things up, technology continues to amaze us year after year, as it brings something new to the table. It has changed society on a large scale and has influenced our lives drastically. It has easily become part of our lifestyle, and to live without it is almost unbearable.  It’s still evolving, growing into something better than the last, and the only thing we could do is look forward to what it’s going to do next.

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