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How many of you would like to make money as an affiliate? And how many of you would like to make more money as a super affiliate so that you can fill your bank account every month?

Well, there are many affiliate marketers in this online marketing world. Some of them are very successful and making a healthy living from their online business while some of them just earn enough to pay their bills every month.

For example, super-affiliates like Charles Ngo and Ewen Chia are one of the leading experts in internet marketing making millions of dollars each and every day.

Have you ever think about what they do that normal affiliate marketer don’t do?

It might seem a little bit scary as a newbie affiliate marketer, but it is not as difficult as you might think. If you want to make more money as they did, you’ll have to follow their strategies and also have to think like them.

In this article, we are going to cover everything that you need to know to become one of those super affiliate marketers everyone is jealous of!

What is a Super Affiliate

Before learning how to become a super affiliate it’s important to know what a super affiliate is.

Super affiliate is that person who makes a good amount of profit from the sales of product and services he promotes. He remains far ahead of other affiliates by making a high profit from his affiliate marketing campaigns.

He uses his own innovative ideas and turns them into a great profit for themselves as well as for affiliate companies. In fact, he has the power to demand a high commission from affiliate programs and companies because they know the value of his success.

He knows that if affiliate programs are not giving him enough profit then he can easily move to another merchant who will be happy to work with him.

A super affiliate lives his dream life by making a significant amount of profit from his online affiliate business alone.

Benefits of Being a Super Affiliate

There is no doubt that super affiliates have many advantages. A few of them are:

The most significant benefit of being a super affiliate is income. Most of the successful affiliate marketers make six to seven figures annually by promoting different affiliate products and services. So, if they can do, then you can do it too.

Apart from that, if you are one of the main contributors to a company’s affiliate program, they are going to pay more attention to you. Being one of their top contributors, you may receive a higher percentage commission and even some special marketing materials and support.

CPA Affiliate Marketing

CPA affiliate marketing is widely used by most of the super-affiliates to gain their legendary status.

CPA (Cost per Action or  Cost per acquisition) works slightly different than general affiliate marketing. In this, an affiliate gets paid when someone takes the desired action by using your affiliate link.

In other words, the CPA is all about actions that you want someone to carry out. It can be joining a mailing list, filling up a form or by clicking the affiliate link, you’ll get a commission of for every successful action.

CPA is a great source of earning online that super affiliates use seamlessly on their sites and social networks.

How to Become a Super Affiliate Marketer?

1. Be Creative

Creativity is the key to become a successful affiliate marketer. Every super affiliate uses their own level of creativity to promote products and services that keep them ahead of the competition. To become like them, you also have to be creative in a way that makes you different from the rest of the marketers.

Most of the affiliate marketers fail in the beginning because they simply copying other’s strategies. This may let you make some money but you can never become a highly paid super affiliate.

2. Stand Out

Stand out is another important key to dominate affiliate sales in the super affiliate world. Note that there are thousands of people promoting the same product as you, so you need to do something to stand out from the crowd. There are a lot of ways to attract your customers and convince them to buy your product.

Standout in competition

It can be a discount or bonus offer you can give to your customers who buy your product. Not only that it will also help you to build an email list of buyers that you can use for retargeting them.

3. Choose Your Niche

It is by far one of the important steps to become a successful affiliate marketer. A super affiliate marketer focuses on one or two niches rather than spreading himself over five markets. You should understand what your interest in or choose the topic that you enjoy talking about.

Also, make sure that your niche should have good earning potential and less competition. But you can use your creative skills to stand out in a competitive niche with great earning potential.

4. Build a Buyers List

A buyer list is the best way to retarget your existing customers. Most of the money made in every business comes from an existing customer and email list is a great way to connect with people who are interested in your website. So, if you have a great website with a good number of potential customers, don’t forget to capture their information before you send them off to sales page.

Also, keep them connected by offering exciting offers, sales, promotions, and new product launch information.

5. Keep Tracking Everything

In order to know your progress rate, you’ll have to track and test the key metrics of every campaign you run. Super affiliates track every metrics including click-through rate, opt-in rates, number of impressions, number of signups, ROI and more to increase their profit.

6. Stay Consistent

There is no doubt to say, consistency is the key to success. You even lose some money on campaigns but that doesn’t mean you have to stop making efforts. So, keep Launching new campaigns and track & test their progress regularly. If you feel that it’s time to quit, stop working on that bad campaign and move on to the next.

You can take some breaks or have some free time because it will help you to work without getting demotivated.

Final Words

There is no short way to become a super affiliate. It takes time and a lot of efforts to get there but if you work with the right mindset and techniques then no one can stop you from becoming a super affiliate.

Luckily, there are online courses like the super affiliate system to help you out. It can give you convenient tips and tricks as well as major know-hows on how you can successfully build influence online and how you can get companies to notice you.

So keep trying, keep working and learn from your mistakes.

If you like this article or if you have any suggestions about this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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