Instagram or Facebook: What Kind of Advertising Platform Should I Choose for My Audience?

Three years ago, people were looking at how social media platforms can be integrated with various marketing strategies to effectively influence the opinion of the market with trends and posts. Well today, we are right at the heart of that vision. Although not all platforms are created equal, each has its best and unique quality, just as each has its own setback and downturns. Facebook and Instagram are few of the social media advertising platforms that serve most of the today’s marketing needs of entrepreneurs, worldwide.

Undoubtedly, marketing via social media platform is the “current big thing” but some analysts say that this is just a fad, some kind of a hype, a very powerful one yet too temporary.

If you are an entrepreneur and you resist the strong flow of social media marketing, social strategists would call you ineffective and somewhat archaeologic.

Here’s what the statistics say about current trends in social media marketing:

  • 97% of the world’s marketing strategists are on social media
  • 92% of these marketers strongly agree on the positive impact of social media
  • 80% claimed that their website traffic earned massive and tremendous increment.

However, the sad truth is that 85% of the current social media marketers are unable to determine exactly what social media platform can provide best results.

If you are an entrepreneur, your best measure of an effective social media marketing would be your sales. Did it happen to you once where you wondered why your competitor is preferred over your brand or product?

Perhaps you are very eager at that point to know the underlying reasons why your competitor leads the track.

Look for the “social proof”.

With social media’s volatile platform, learn the art of building trust with your clients and learn the craft on how to project that trustworthy image-far more important than any marketing strategy. Take time to validate a few things – what is the tipping point of a sure buyer? With social media’s reputation of being too intricately detailed, get out of your way and simplify the procedures. You’ll surely stand out.

Facebook vs. Instagram: Which one has the best audience?

In today’s virtual marketing realm, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM are two of the leading social media platforms claimed by active marketers to have a wider customer-based avenue.

The 2017 statistical report showed that out of the estimated 1.2 billion active users of Facebook daily, 24% are women within the age range 18 to 32 years old. On the other hand, 35% of active daily Facebook Users are men within 18 to 34 years old.

In a similar social media demographics, results showed that 59% of men and women using Instagram are within the age range of 18 to 29 years old while 33% of Instagram users are within the age range of 30 t0 49 years old. The remaining 26% are within the age range of 50 years old and above. Gender-wise, 26% of all Instagram users are men while 38% are women.

Let’s understand the individual uniqueness of these two platforms here:


Active Users

facebook demographic report 2017Statistics show that each month, there are active 2 billion Facebook users and about 1.2 billion average daily users. No entrepreneur would not want to have that huge instant audience, right? No wonder why social media experts tag Facebook as the greatest and widest platform to invest on product awareness and a place where one can market the uniqueness of his brand or product.

Prospect for Product Visibility

With a huge number of subscribers, it is very much easier to increase product visibility. Being visible is very important because your product becomes an option for new customers to see and for older clients to remain loyal. A study conducted by Texas University showed that companies and brands who engage in social media marketing enjoy a higher rate of loyalty from their existing customers, particularly with Facebook.

Facebook’s Conversion

Social media strategists are recommending that entrepreneurs should use available Facebook tools to reach and connect with new customers and maintain warm ties with existing clients. One study also revealed that from among the social media advertising platforms, Facebook continues to give a higher percentage to customer-conversion ratio with images, shared videos and even blogs. It has been noted that for every “Like” reaction, a site visit is produced.

Facebook also provides the easiest and the simplest way for old and new customers to interact through comments. From among the Social media platforms, if we look at the number of opportunities for entrepreneurs to strategically put their product forward, Facebook appears to have a greater advantage over the others.

If you seriously think about moving to Facebook, then you can find out more about the promotion of online courses in our blog.


Active Users

Instagram Demographics report

On the average, there are about 600 million Instagram users. The daily average of users is at 400 million, not really a bad number to raise awareness of your product or launch a brand. They say that everybody’s on Facebook and while Instagram usage is still young, greater opportunities await critical thinkers to strategize with its less congested platform. Statistically, if Instagram is catching with Facebook at a much higher rate, the promise of a better conversion seems realistic here.

Undoubtedly, Instagram has reached the mainstream of social media preference and with the introduction of user-friendly apps, this platform is a “must watch” driving platforms for marketing budgets to be re-aligned within 2017 and 2018.

Prospect for Product Visibility

Facebook, being too “overused” and too familiar with everyone, and with billions of users, it is said to have some difficulties identifying its own strength and weaknesses. Whereas, Instagram’s own strength is yet to be discovered. Through a short period of time, Instagram’s subscription has more than tripled, an indicator that it is fast catching up in terms of market and customer reach. Mark Zuckerberg for his part encouraged subscribers to utilize and explore the best features of Instagram rather than rely 100% on Facebook because the former has its own strength and the latter has its own weaknesses.

Instagram’s Conversion

Instagram was purchased by Facebook for $1B sometime in 2012. With that purchase, Instagram users are able to create an ad via Facebook. While it is true that 300 million is a huge number, it is way too low compared to Facebook’s average users. But that is not a negative indicator at all. The good side of the relatively lower figure is that not too many of your competitors are on Instagram. This your chance to convert that low usage into a great opportunity to put your brand and product forward across its 300 million users.

Which one is the ONE?

The answer is – BOTH! Mark Zuckerberg, who created Facebook and purchased Instagram for $1B, recommended taking advantage of both social media advertising platforms. Each has its own strength and weaknesses and it would really be rhetorical to measure each worth when both are pleasant platforms to use.

You can create your marketing materials via Facebook Ad Editor and send the message to millions of users across the globe in an instant. In one app, you can do your ad or have them edited at one time without changing apps. Cool!

In a recent Facebook statistic released, website visits, conversions, video and image views are at its BEST when launched on BOTH platforms compared to those who choose to just have one.

Here are some big companies across the world who opted to launch their marketing ads on both platforms and are greatly impressed with the results:

  1. MVMT Watches’ Marketing Chief Steven Dinelli said that by employing both platforms they were able to scale up campaigns in a very remarkable amount of time on their target market. No Pains!
  2. Kanui’s Chief Product Performance Analyst claimed that they’ve got more than just their desired results when they used both platforms instead of just one. This Brazilian company promised to use both platforms from here on out.
  3. Katharine Ashworth of UGO Mobile Solutions claimed that the company’s per install cost got better by 45% when Facebook and Instagram were used for their campaigns rather than when they were on Facebook alone.
  4. Coca-Cola enjoys their nearly 100 Million followers both on Facebook and Instagram. And the number of company’s engagement is high when both platforms are used compared to that of a single platform before.
  5. Questnutrition’s President Tom Bilyeau is fascinated with the company’s engagement using both Facebook and Instagram platforms because a wider market launch can be done easily and quickly when both are used compared to just one platform.

Facebook and Instagram’s are best lead-finders when combined!

Social media advertising platforms particularly Facebook and Instagram are easy lead-finders, experts say, and what good about these two is its combined manageability. People would always post the things they like or use the most, other people easily and openly interact with a post and it becomes easier for brands and businesses to tailor their product specifications and even with their servicing efforts quickly.

With open interactions on social media, businesses have the opportunity to act faster – either to offer your brand or rectify whatever fault some people say about your product. Real-time! Real Cool!

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