6 Amazing Ways to Increase Brand Exposure on Social Media

The primary goal of your business in social media is to increase your brand’s exposure. This will make as many people as possible to aware of your products and brand.

A lot of potential clients are perpetually crisscrossing the internet searching for what you have on your website. Help them find you. Make your brand unique from colors to content and design.

It should be captivating enough to linger in their mind long before they leave your site.  Search for fans on social media, entice and implore them, and they will come in droves.

Social media is such a powerful marketing tool because the people you invite will also invite others. In other words, your business marketing will be in an auto mode. This will result in the exponential growth of social media shares.

No matter which social media network you use, these six simple tips will help you increase your brand exposure fast and hopefully increase sales.

1. Use your fans to improve social shares

Social media fans can be more loyal than contractual employees. Get as many fans as you can. They are precious assets especially when you want to expose your brand. Encourage them to share your brand with their friends and acquaintances. They will be more than willing to do that if you address them personally. Remember they see as an icon.

Use your position well. Their social shares will increase your brand exposure because the new followers will also get others. For example, TikTok is a great platform to promote your brand and more than 10 million audiences are using it every day. You can buy TikTok likes to double the traffic for your TikTok business website.

2. Create contests

People are wired to love the competition and to win. Give them a chance to win something while giving nothing. Contests in social media are a direct way to get people interested in your website. Prepare well. Know what excites a majority of your followers.

Make sure that the reward is enticing enough so that you can get as many contesters as possible. Also, make your website resourceful and neat so that the contesters will find a reason to come again after the contest.

facebook contest example

3. Always be a step ahead of your competitors

Be the first one to post fresh quality content on all social media. Let your competitors source their information from you. This is more effective if your social media network is Twitter.

When your followers know that they can always count on you for the best and fresh content, they will be more loyal.

You can integrate your website with a famous news magazine so that clients who pop in you to check on your products can have a glimpse of what is trending.

4. Be social and approachable

The tenet of social media is to be social. People find their way to social media because they are bored by the formal methods of doing business. Try these methods to engage your social media followers.

  • Engage with them as if you have been friends for decades.
  • Discuss the current news, crack jokes… just be informal.
  • Listen to their boring stories, comment on every post they make, and write on their Facebook walls.
  • Follow them on every social media network they subscribe to.

5. Invite famous people to display your products

People like to be associated with influential people. Get one or two famous people and let them show your products on social media.

Let them name their products on their posts, and like you on your Facebook Page. Although this may seem expensive, the rewards are worth it because famous people have thousands of fans. You only need a little fraction to boost your sales.

Ensure the guy you bring on board is somehow related to your business otherwise you can do considerable damage to your reputation.

6. Start podcasts

start podcast for social media

Another way to increase your brand awareness in social media is to start podcasts. You can start by interviewing an expert in the area of your specialty. This will not only develop a good relationship with experts but also make your brand shine in social media.

Do not rely solely on written words to convey your messages. Videos are more appealing to clients than plain words.

Final Words

Brand awareness is an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Many people trust the brand name more than the product itself. With ever-increasing social media subscriptions, making your brand shine is a sure way of increasing sales.

There are no restrictions on social media marketing. You can always do what you think will increase your exposure but it is prudent to plan well and see what works from your competitors’ websites.

You can also consider if it is time you hired a full-time social media expert to learn your campaigns since when you increase your brand exposure, you expect more and more clients to start engaging you via social media.

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