6 Effective Strategies to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Effective Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic: In this world where there is competition everywhere, you have to adopt to some strategies to be successful and increase blog traffic through some proven strategies. In this article let us assume that you are living on a small remote island with no connectivity to the outside world. Traffic are the bridges that connect to your website for the world outside to communicate with you. This communication is necessary for you to survive and you will want to make sure that traffic is coming from different ways as if one way is closed or blocked you will not want to be cut out from outside communications.

Traffic cannot come if you have made a website and you are doing nothing but praying for search engines to come to your site unless you take some action and build a way for people to reach you or find your website as they do not know that you exist. You are at a remote island remember without any routes to reach you.

Before we go into the core strategies and ways which can build routes to your website you have to promise me one thing and that is you are going to come out of your skeptical moods and take some serious actions to increase blog traffic by following these simple rules.

1. Work Smarter and Harder: How many times have you heard the phrase which has just been changed by me “Work Smarter not Harder”. I am going to tell you to work smarter and harder because the goal here is despite the shouting of the SEO Gurus that you can earn money while you sleep. Yes, you can do that but only when you have to build your bridges and it will take serious effort to build traffic. Money can come only when there is traffic on your website. So sleep later as now is the time to work hard and also find smarter ways of doing a thing as you go along.

2. You cannot get any returns without investments: There is not a bank in the world which is going to give you interest without depositing any money in it. To get blog traffic you need to invest something either it is your money or time.

3. Two kinds of Plan: when you want to go somewhere say a foreign country you will always look for a map. Talk with travel agents, plan your visits etc. You will need a map of some sort. In order to make your website popular, you will need to have two types of maps. The first map or plan which will be the longer plan of where you want to say in a year’s time. The second will be the shorter plan say what you would be doing each day to reach the destination.

4. Consistency is everything on the internet: I know many of you guys and girls try and work very hard for a few days but when you see that in a few days you are not getting any real results. You give up. Here everything depends upon being constant in your efforts without caring about the results.

6 Effective Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic

1. Blog Daily

If you or either of you who have fallen from your chair. Sorry, but I had to do it. As this is the most important thing to increase blog traffic. I know you are shaking your head you are saying it must be crazy to blog daily and you cannot blog daily. Some of you might not have a blog at all. And somebody will say what is the advantage of blogging on Sunday. Who will read your blogs?

You know Google love content. It has finally discovered a year before that it is just a search engine and its main job is to provide information. The more information and original information you are adding to your website and the best way to do it through a blog the more google’s crawler will visit your website and you can see it visiting your website if you are using love Zilla or have installed visitors tracking.

2. Make Videos

It is a well know fact that video brings traffic. So you have to commit yourself to make and post a video every 3 days. It is pretty easy to make a video and the only thing you need is a headphone with mike and your imagination. You have to make a schedule of committing yourself to make videos every three days or daily whatever you prefer but you have to be constant to increase website traffic. The best place to make a video and submit it is youtube.

3. Submitting to documents sites

It is very simple just convert your blog or article to pdf and to power point. And start submitting to document websites. The document sites is a great way to attract visitors to your website and if you have written an interesting blog or article you can attract many visitors to visit your website and increase blog traffic.

6 Effective Strategies to Increase Your Blog Traffic

You need to make a profile on these sites and start submitting documents to them. You can submit one document daily to these sites. But be careful about using unethical ways. What happens is that some people get a clever idea that they can create multiple users and submit the same article by different pen names or create multiple accounts. Such type of practices should be avoided. Be honest, be slow and let the traffic come to your website naturally. Search engines will mark you as a good site and your reputation will start growing.

4. Optimizing your website through SEO

6 Effective Strategies to Increase Your Blog Traffic

If you have finished your website. Try to optimize your blog. There are a lot of plug-ins for SEO optimization for WordPress so search for a plugin which is good. I will advise you to install HTML plug-in also as it will let you view your blog in HTML so that you can make the necessary changes in the HTML itself. Verify that the authorship is there and verified by Google. You can also test your page in the google webmasters tools by going to other resources and clicking on the first option. See that in each blog you have got a link back to your main website page.

5. Link with Social Media

6 Effective Strategies to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Social media is one of the most important factors to increase blog traffic and the good thing about it is that it does not matter how social you are in life but if you have a good social presence online that is enough for bringing traffic to your website. In my blog, I had already mentioned some of the top social sites. So read and register to each of these sites. You might have been registered already to some of these sites.

6. Submit your blog to Bookmarking websites

Bookmarking websites are actually sites that save your link to allow you to easily access your favorite website. There is a positive effect when you bookmark a website. It not only gives you backlink but enhances your social presence. If you have put a link on these sites it means that you think that it means you think and find a content interesting.

You might be using many of these sites unknowingly already as some of the most famous sites are bookmarking sites like google plus, twitter, Pinterest, Technorati etc.

6 Effective Strategies to Increase Your Blog Traffic

I know submitting your website to other sites is a time consuming and tiring process but it is essential to increase your site rank in search engines. But sometimes you will find that submitting regularly or following a strategy repeatedly can also bring down your rank in Google. So there are some strategies of submission which you have to follow since now you have learned how to submit to different sites.

1. Write a blog daily but do not take one keyword and write only about it. But mix your content with different keywords and topic about the same subject.

2. Sometimes you will find that your position in Google is not changing despite following the submission procedure properly. It is time to stop for a few days and give your attention to some other sites or focusing on other aspects of site design or SEO.

3. Never give search engines a pattern: Always keep changing your plans for example if you are submitting your site to article directories for the past 3 days now change your focus on blog submissions. Keep mixing the submission process so it seems natural to search engines. Always keep in mind that they are crawlers and can detect the same pattern.

4. Submit to do follow sites: Always look for do follow websites. no-follow websites do not increase your rank in Google. Submitting to no follow websites also do not improve your trust ratings. But it can make a difference in Alexa backlinks.

5. Do not submit to too many sites at once: I have found people buying auto submission software and posting to hundreds of sites this can lower your site position instead of improving it. Do not submit to more than 10 sites (maximum) per day.

6. Build your reputation slowly: People want faster results without giving much time and making fewer efforts so they try to do many things too fast and they fall into the trap of search engines. While building reputation slowly builds trust in the eyes of the search engines.

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  1. Effective way to increase site traffic is always producing quality contents and solve the problems of site traffic. These points are really good and would be worth trying for any blogger.

    • Thanks Ron, much appreciated!

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