The Blogger’s Guide to Selecting the Right Niche

Anyone who has an internet access is able to become a blogger these days. You don’t even have to invest money to become one – sure, Things like paid hostings and plugins do make the whole blogging process easier but you can work just as effectively with the free ones (at least, at first, when your audience is not big enough).

However, if it actually is as easy as it seems, why so many people fail to become successful bloggers?

There are plenty of reasons for that: they can give up quickly, they struggle with blogging consistently, they don’t know how to promote, and so on. However, one of the most common reasons for that is choosing the wrong niche.

Why you do you need a blog niche in the first place?

blog niche ideas

There are so many blogs online and it’s impossible for people to read all of them. Moreover, they don’t want to read all of them – instead, they want to fulfill a certain need. These needs are different: some are willing to learn more about a certain subject, some want to know how to succeed in the certain field, some are looking for tips, lifehacks, and tutorials, and some just want to entertain themselves.

Whatever this need is, your blog has to satisfy it if you want these readers to stay with you and become your loyal followers with time. And that’s why so many blogs without a niche fail to become popular.

When the visitors come and see you writing on so many different topics, they most likely wouldn’t want to stay. After all, even if these topics seem interesting to you, there’s a big chance that they won’t look as interesting to the readers.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to stick to only one niche if you don’t want to do so. Some people choose multiple niches and their blogs still become successful. The key here is to choose niches that look alike and (or) will be appealing to your target audience. For example, fashion and makeup can work along just fine, while makeup and business probably wouldn’t be as effective.

How to choose a blog niche right?

How to choose a profitable niche

There are so many tips on choosing the right niche that can be found online. However, in this article, I’m going to stick to the basics.

Your perfect niche has to be:

1)    The one that you are passionate about;

2)    The one that you are experienced in;

3)    The one that is profitable.

Let me explain all these parts to you further.

1. Passion matters

Choosing a niche you’re passionate about is the most typical advice you can get – however, it is definitely an advice you should listen to.

When you are passionate about something, you’ll enjoy the whole process, from writing a blog post to researching the latest trends. You won’t get tired of blogging about this niche and your posts will look amazing.

While the audience might not know if you are passionate about a certain niche or not, it could definitely feel it in your writing. This might seem like an abstract thing to many but it actually works.

When you write about something because it’s your job and not because you like it so much, your posts lack energy and passion (even if they are still good in general). You’ll always perform better while writing about things you find interesting.

Don’t know what your true passion is? Think about your hobbies and the things you like to do. Ask yourself one simple question: would I be able to read 500 books about a certain subject and still like it? If the answer is “Yes”, this is most likely your passion.

You have to not only like it but know it too

While being passionate about something is great, it’s still not enough when it comes to blogging. You cannot get far on plain enthusiasm only: you have to be able to offer something valuable to the readers. And it can be hard or even impossible when all you know about the blog niche are basic things.

On the other hand, you don’t need to be a real expert to start. If you are ready to learn and are able to dedicate a lot of time to that, you can quickly become more experienced in the field. So either choose a niche that is already very familiar to you or choose the one that you’re able to develop in quickly.

If you think that you belong to the second type, there’s a good way to check it. Try to write down 10 possible topics for your future blog related to a certain niche. If you are able to do it quickly, then you most likely won’t have any problems with that in the future. However, if you struggle with it, then maybe it’s not the niche you have to focus on.

You have to be able to make money on it.

Of course, this isn’t always the case. There are people who view blogging as a hobby and don’t intend to make money with the help of it. However, if your goal is to monetize your blog in the future, you should keep this in mind while choosing a niche.

There are niches that might seem interesting to you but will be hard to monetize. Some are too narrow and in some, the competition is too high. You have to do a bit of research on that before you make a final choice.

Look how people writing in certain niches monetize them and think whether you be able to do the same or not. Think of products and goods you’ll be able to sell and promote and think of your own professional goals. For example, some bloggers might want to promote their own courses with the help of their blogs, while some might want to sell something. It works differently with different niches, so keep this in mind.

Wrapping this up

Choosing the right niche is crucial if you want to succeed as a blogger. While a blog niche does narrow down the number of visitors checking out your blog, it also makes it easier for them to stay. It helps to form a certain target audience and in some way defines the income you might get from your blog.

When choosing a niche, remember that it has to be something you know and like and it has to be something you can monetize as well (if this is your target goal). I hope these tips will help you choose the niche right and I wish you good luck with that!

If you want me to add or suggest something about choosing the right blog niche, please use the comment box below.!!

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