7 Tips and Techniques to Help You Save Money with Technology

If you have started a small business then you might be aware of the fact that how technology is important for your business. Technology is becoming an important factor in every startup business as it made easy to processing daily business activities and routine tasks.

But, to use the technology, you have to spend a large part of your budget in terms of getting profit. However, this’s not such a bad thing if you’re taking benefit from technology. Because you’ll always get something positive when you spend on technology. By investing your money in technology, you’ll be more productive by selling more, can serve your customers faster and you can even keep a record of your management activities.

But the question is, can we get these advantages without spending more money on technology? My answer is yes! it is possible to save money on technology. In this article, I’m going to share some tips that will tell you how to spend as little as possible on that all-important technology for your small business.

7 Best Tips and Hacks to Save Money With Technology

# 1. Use Evernote to compile lists of discount and special offers

There are a lot of places online including shopping websites which offer many discounts and special offers on various products. You can’t keep remembering every deal and offers running on these websites.

Taking benefit from these discounts can obviously save your money. You can subscribe to their newsletters to get updates directly to your inbox but it’s still hard to keep the record of every offer.

To get this work done there’s is one of the most well-known online note-taking app i.e. Evernote that can help you keep track of discounts or special offers as you come across them online. You can also use other applications such as OneNote, Simplenote, or Google Keep to keep records. In this way, you can simplify your life and can also save some money.

# 2. Keep updated with new generation technology

This would be an important step to your save money with technology. For a business success, its necessary to stay current on technology. Try out new computers, tablets, and smartphones even when you don’t have them. You can save a lot by simply stretching the useful life of your technology a bit longer.

# 3. Set up alerts for price drops

Buying products on special deals and discounts save a lot of money in your pocket. But, it can be difficult to keep tracking the prices until they fall into an acceptable range. There are some third-party tools available online such as “That Is Worth” and “CamelCamelCamel” to set up a price drop alert.

With these tools, you can set a price for any products. When the price falls to your acceptable range, you’ll receive a notification.

# 4. Use a free analytics tool to make your online marketing more effective

Keeping a record of your website visitors can help you generate more leads and sales. If you’re not monitoring your traffic then you’re putting all your business efforts in vain.

It’s not a good idea to let your visitors leave your website without capturing them. To run a successful business, it is necessary to know who your audience is, from where they’re coming and what their behavior is.

There is a powerful and free tool i.e. Google Analytics to monitor your website traffic. You can track the specific activity of the visitors rendering on your site. It shows the insights of the audience based on their locations, age, bounce rate and time on a page etc. You can also find the reasons that prevent leads and traffic from getting away without taking an action.

Google Analytics for business

# 5. Subscribe to get daily or weekly tech deals

There are many online shopping websites that regularly offers big money saving deals on tech products like electronic gadgets, software, and computers etc. These deals might be either on weekly basis or special events.

You should keep updating with these kinds of deals and discounts on your favorite tech products. You can sign up for their newsletters or subscribe their channels to get latest updates. If you’re subscribed, you’ll receive notifications of their deals, discounts, updates and about new products.

Large online shopping stores like Amazon and eBay offers many deals and discounts in terms of “deal or the day” or “Festival Sale & Offers”. So, it would be a better opportunity to find some great tech deals by signing up for their deal notifications.

The other big websites like Staples, DealNews, and AppSumo are the great place to find some deals and discounts on tech products.

# 6. Check partner sections of your vendors’ websites

There are some vendors who keep partnerships with other companies where they can offer a discount. For example, if you’re using a Product A, you might get some discount for Product B because Product B has been in a partnership with Product A.

# 7. Hold meetings online; it saves on travel

This is another great way of saving money on technology. While doing a business, you might need to travel a lot to deal with clients and customers. It takes too much time and money as well to get things done.

Thanks to some great technological inventions such as video conferencing that can save your thousands and thousands of dollars a year on travel cost. Whenever it is possible, you can be held your meetings online instead of visiting the clients or customers.

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