Finding Your Way In The Dynamic World Of SEO Trends

It is believed that Google changes its algorithm a few hundred times a year. The same goes for other search engines. Each update changes the way sites are ranked. SEO teams need to constantly be alert because a loss of rank can hurt the business. Many larger trends too are changing the way businesses approach ‘Search Engine Optimization’. Here are some of the defining SEO trends that you cannot ignore.

Choose the Professional Route

SEO at one time used to be a DIY domain but with smarter search engines and more complex algorithms that keep getting updated, it is now a full-time requirement. Brands that are serious about being competitive and increasing traffic are turning to professional services. Submitcore is one of the top SEO firms as it offers a wide range of packages, with a comprehensive list of SEO services.

Make Your Content ‘Rich Ad’ Friendly

Have you noticed the rich ads on Google’s search results page? How do you get your website showcased in that manner? For that to happen, the search engine bot has to identify information in your content that is highlighted accordingly – this requires structured data markups. There are many resources available as each industry type has a separate template. Rich ads enjoy more clicks and are visually more noticeable. Do not ignore this opportunity to increase traffic.

The Growing Importance of Voice Search

google voice search

The sale of smart speakers is continuously increasing across the world. These devices are getting more complex and are slowly replacing regular computers for basic queries. Local businesses will soon need to focus on voice search optimization in order not to miss out on potential customers.

There are certain fundamental differences between regular text search and voice search. In the latter, queries are in a spoken, natural tone. Search engine algorithms too are more primed today to reward natural language content than in the early years of SEO. So if you want to achieve good voice search traction, improve the quality of your content. Adding more Q&A type detail (like an FAQ section) to give definite solutions and information is a good way to start.

Stay Competitive With SEO Reseller Packages

It is not just business owners who need to stay in touch, but SEO professionals too. The demands for SEO are growing and clients want comprehensive detail. If you are an SEO marketer or part of a digital marketing team dealing with multiple clients looking to expand business while keeping resources in check, then a reseller relationship might be the solution.

The reseller package by Submitcore is a perfect example of how you can outsource work while maintaining ownership as a brand. Guarantees include improved SERP rank, customized packages, and monthly white label reporting.

Final Words

There are several more trends that can be observed in the top brands’ SEO strategies. Guest posting and link building help establish a website as an industry authority. This factors when it comes to page rank. Speed and mobile compatibility are also important for good page rank. Keep your bases covered in your SEO strategy and reap the rewards when the traffic comes in.

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