How to engage more customers in the no discount time period?

These days discounts are everywhere and there seems to be no time of the year when any given store is not having a sale. Off season sales, end of the year sales, black Friday shopping frenzies, cyber Mondays, Independence Day sales, anniversary discounts, holiday discounts and weekday discounts are something to engaging your customers have become very accustomed to.

It would seem like in such a culture and environment there would be no purchases possible without a sale. Then it is important to learn about how to engage your customers in that time.

Yet, retailers have to make sure that their merchandise keeps selling throughout the year for them to allow their businesses to thrive by raking in sales day in and day out. And they must know other strategies that make it possible because giving a discount is just something that cannot be always done and as much as it’s important to get new customers

It’s also important to retain and re engage customers who are already existing and who isn’t going to hunt your merchandise if they know you are always giving discounts.

Thankfully, the progress in technology has made it much easier for companies to make use of these effective techniques and strategies by bringing the customer and the business closer than ever. By employing these methods, more customers can be engaged anywhere and anytime.

Strategies to Engage Customers in Zero Discount Time Period

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1. Encourage customer Accounts:

For first time customers, customer accounts can be a bit annoying so it’s always important to have them as an option instead of a necessary feature because many times filling in a form of personal data and making an account can deter new customers from completing their purchases. There should always be an option to complete the transaction as a guest.

However, it’s a great tool for old customers as customers’ accounts allow them to view their purchasing history, save & view their wish list items and other account details.

They can quickly make their purchases, keep up with their buying history, save time on filling shipping details and have an easy eye on their spending. And to encourage those customers who didn’t make their accounts, you can send them a direct invitation through email to do the deed and get on your list.

2. Have a loyalty program:

Customers love loyalty programs because they feel like they too get something in return from the companies they give their money too. Loyalty reward programs develop further loyalty in customers and they are sure fire way to increase customers.

Loyalty programs can be initiated by simply rewarding your customers after a certain amount of purchasing or on their second purchase. Online businesses can easily implement them by checking who the top customers of the month are and then email them to avail their rewards.

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This can be automated as well for companies who have a large clientele through platforms like Klaviyo on Shopify which can automatically email your customers when they make a number of repeat purchases from your store. With that there are also full feature apps like LoyaltyLion that can reward your customers for many different actions like referring a friend, getting repeat purchases or making an account.

3. Have a regular newsletter:

Your email lists are important tools that can help you build and maintain relationships with existing customers. Email is one of the best e-marketing channels and has held the reputation for turning over ROI and converting higher engagement.

4. Surprise and Delight:

This tactic addresses the customer’s emotional psyche and nailing this will help you gain much higher loyalty levels than you could have done otherwise.

In accordance to your niche and product margins, it’s a good practice to send your customers a small token of appreciation in the form of a gift to make them rethink of you and remind them to shop with you again.

Receiving the gift will add an element of surprise and delight and they will remember that when they shop in your niche again. This practice will raise you up in the customer’s eyes and is likely to trigger the law of reciprocity implies that a positive action will be responded with another positive action.

Using this law to your advantage, you can send your best customers small, but pleasant surprises. You can also give them gifts of digital nature like free buying points or you can make it a little more personal by sending a hand-written card like this one here on Reddit which was received by a delighted customer who shared it on the internet resulting in lots of free publicity and referrals to the business.

5. Try a crediting system instead of a discounting one:

A crediting system is awesome because it lets your customer have the pleasure of availing something for cheaper but still benefits you because it’s like a rebate. So instead of giving a 10% discount on their current purchase, you would give your customers a $10 credit. This will be free money that your customers will not want to waste.

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The credit makes your offering feel tangible and encourages the customers to spend it. This is better than always giving discounts because your customers may begin to expect it and for many businesses the margins are tight and it isn’t always possible to do that.

6. Have right place, right time messages:

If you have products that are perishable or consumable you need to know them and their lifespan well. Then you need to send well-timed emails with offers or reminders which can be the perfect way to pique the interest of dormant customers.

This idea is highly effective because you are delivering the right message, at the right time to the right people. This strategy can maximize the benefits and minimize the costs for everyone involved.

For example, if you sell beauty products like real hair eye lashes that expire after a year you could send emails to your customers telling them the benefits of a fresh new pair and reminding them to refresh their product to achieve maximum benefits from it.

While industries that deal in low-cost products like beauty, clothing, and gadgets have fully taken advantage of these ideas and engaged their customers without always giving discounts, it’s the higher end luxurious industries like luxury car makers Alfa Romeo whose website  continue to increase their sales and revenue through well planned implementation of the tactics above.

Some businesses can use some of these techniques while other may be able to deploy them all, however, regardless of your market, these are promising strategies to engage your customers which many small and high-end companies have tried, tested & finally perfected to gain benefit for years to come.

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  1. Interesting take on the topic, especially since this not only helps engage customers but gives them a reason to go back to you. Customer retention plus engagement is something businesses may struggle with. Thanks for the share!


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