10 Digital Marketing Tips from Australia to Maximize Your Agency Profit

Digital marketing is an essential component of any business effort nowadays, but many people still are not quite clear on how to go about this integral task – especially if they are relatively new in the whole story.

So, to make the journey a little bit easier, we had a chat with some digital marketing experts and asked them to give us advice on what to pay attention to when starting your own digital marketing adventure.

Get a stable method of leads generating

Imagine that you are working on a big, important project and a call comes in offering an equally big, equally important project. You are unable to cover them simultaneously, you have to opt-out of one, and the opportunity never comes around again. Horrible scenario, right?

You need to develop a method by which you can scrounge up new job opportunities while working without disruption on whatever it is that you have right in front of you. This will prevent the feast-or-famine fluctuations that affected so many businesses over the past two decades.

Check out this page if you would like to get a better idea of how lead generation has developed over time. Meanwhile, here are five awesome ways to generate your own leads in our modern-day.

1. Use alert services

These are some of the most useful tools out there. For example, you can set up a custom alert to flare up for you whenever somebody purchases a domain that fits certain criteria.

If you can figure out what domain names your potential clients care about, you can keep an eye on their activity in that field and get in direct touch with them.

2. Get selective with your affiliate marketing

Having a lot of collaborators pushing links to your pages and products can sometimes be a bad thing on the larger scale. Namely, not all websites are good affiliates in the long run.

You have to be very careful when choosing sites with which to cooperate. Tailor your partners to enable you to reach your ideal client base. Get informed about how affiliate programs work at this link: https://money.howstuffworks.com/affiliate-program1.htm

3. Make your website a jewel

That should be a no-brainer, but constructing a dazzling web presence is easier said than done. Because it is one of your most important business weapons, maybe even the most important, your website needs to constantly measure up to the job.

Although it needs to be unique to just the right level, and you should feel free to tailor it to your character, there are some universal components that it absolutely has to have. These include your logo and slogan, a call to action, an effective display of what you do, some (true!) testimonials from previous clients, and maybe some statistics to boast about how effective you are.

4. Keep eye on your targets

By this, we mean the specific client profile that you want to pull in. If you want to get the best leads, you have to understand the individuals or companies that actually stand behind them. Are you reaching out to major conglomerates or independent local business owners?

The friendly strategists at ADV Digital Marketing recommend you start by imagining your ideal client and then strive towards that. What niche would they operate in? What would be the income bracket they fall into? Is there a specific way of reaching them that they might prefer?

Once you have an accurate picture of your perfect clients, you can go hunting for real people that are close to it.

5. Delegate your cold calls

The time-tested method of cold calling is definitely a good way to get more leads for your business. It takes a pretty long time overall, and you may get rejected a lot more than you expect, but you will still be making steady progress towards new customers.

That said, cold calling can be outright scary. Not to mention, due to the time-consuming nature of this task, you as the leader of your prospective enterprise need to get it off of your own table as soon as you possibly can.

Cold Calling

Outsourcing is your essential ally in this situation. If you can afford to leave it in somebody else’s lap, at least for a period of time, do. There are companies that have made cold calling their particular specialty, so you also have no need to worry about some random rank amateur mucking it all up for you.

Boost your team with freelance elbow grease

Once your agency has grown some solid roots, but while you are still in your development stage, bringing in a few freelancers to help your in-house teams can be a huge benefit.

You get to, basically, hire more workers at a lower price than that of (regularly) hiring new workers. It affords you an effective addition to your workforce while keeping your expenses in the safe margin.

Moreover, it can be a great way to manage any extra workload or bouts of overtime without necessarily becoming a slave-driver: different time zones can do wonders for time-sensitive projects if you play your cards right. Click here to learn more about the specificities of the freelance economy.

Another notable perk is that freelance workers can greatly expand the style and range of your offer. There is less risk of losing a client because nobody in-house can do the thing they want.

Finding the freelancers that are right for your business

Your biggest threat will be scammers (or just posers). To avoid the donkeys who pretend to be better than they are, use two tricks:

Ask them to explain their working process to you. Go through their portfolio, pick one project at random, and request a walkthrough of all the steps that led to its realization. Best to do this face-to-face, or at least on the phone, so they will not have time to fake anything. Then give out test tasks and see how well you “click”.

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