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The internet has proven to be one of the most useful tools that humans have created in the course of our existence. We have developed many ways to store information from oral traditions, writing on walls and the invention of paper and ink.

Trying to preserve them proved to be a challenge, as these tangible records can be destroyed or damaged. Once the internet was created though, people started to store information into servers and devices. These, in turn, created a vast network of information which can be accessed by people across the globe. It was once only for the use of government, but now everyone has access even inside their own pockets.

Communication also improved because of the internet. Gone were the days of pigeons (which can be intercepted and made into lunch) and handwritten letters. These are still used up to this day surprisingly, but almost everyone is relying on the internet for information.

Emails first became a thing for business for ease of access to information. Once this went out to the public, it became the way for formal conversation for businesses and individuals.

Instant messaging also became a thing, and it brought with it emoticons and shorthand language. We are living in a world of instant these days, and snail mails cannot compare to their speed.  Learn more about snail mail by clicking here.

With this power, businesses also started to take advantage of these technologies for ease of operations. It is not just on the internal processes, but on the external ones as well. Marketing, for example, benefited the most on the advent of the internet. Marketing was used to be done on the streets and on national TV, with ads and posters everywhere.

Now, many companies have transitioned in using the internet for their marketing needs. The TV ads and even radio broadcasts are still there especially if you are targeting local audience. However, if you are targeting the global market then you may want to try out using the internet.

There are many ways you can use the internet for your marketing strategies. You may also want to incorporate your previous strategies as they can still work on the World Wide Web. You can even do both traditional and modern marketing together as we are still on the cusp of changes.

On the other hand, if you are interested in using the internet for your marketing needs, search engine marketing might be for you.

Search engine marketing is basically taking advantage of search engines for your marketing needs. According to, Google is receiving 40,000 searches per second from all around the world. That’s almost 3 billion clicks per day! Imagine if even a fraction of that visits our website or sees your ads, that’s a possible revenue right there. There are two major ways you can take advantage of these clicks:

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization SEO

This technique was developed due to the public moving from the televisions to the internet for information. This is the creation of reliable data which can link back to your content. Once any search engine determines that your content or website is reliable, then it puts your website right at the top of search results.

This sounds easy but there is one thing you need to know: certain rules and classifications are followed to make this happen. These rules change every year, so you need to watch out as your strategy for this year may not work next year.

Companies like can help you in your search engine optimization needs. You can also study it on your own. However, we recommend this if you are already experienced with SEO. One wrong move on the net, and it might be difficult to remove it.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing SMM

Another technique that many companies use is social media marketing, as many people are also using social media sites for communication. You can create pages on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to promote your services and products.

In YouTube, for example, you can also put your ads on videos. Social media stars can also be utilized as they can promote your product with a “persona” touch to it.

This can put you closer to your target market provided that you know who this personality is and what he or she stands for.

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