7 Tips For Making an About Us Page That Works For Your Brand

So you have finally created an awesome website to market your brand. We know how much goes into creating a good website.

From getting a unique catchy domain name which stands out yet reflects what your brands is, to finding that perfect web layout that speaks about your brand the way you want it to. All of this takes a lot of time and creativity. But the end result is worth it. And, it is only but natural that we invest a little time and buck to making a proper website.

After all, in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, when every body’s tech-savvy, your website makes for the first impression of your brand.

This is only the beginning. The next important thing to do to market your brand proper is to create a brilliant About Us page.

But, what is an About Us page?

This is where visitors to your site really get to know what you are selling, what it is that you do, and what your brand aspires to be.

What makes this part of your website so important is this is where your clients will stick or leave you. So, it is imperative that you create a captivating About Us page. You only have to mention what your brand stands for.

Sounds easy, right? We wish it were.

The reality is when you start with the About Us page, and you sit down to write, you will probably be sitting there with a blank, or you will probably type, type and type but produce a pile of crap at the end. So, how do you get out of this fix?

Don’t worry!  We have the seven best tips to make your ‘About Us’ page so awesome that your clients will stick with you forever:

1. Tell a Story

Yellow Leaf Hammock About us page

Image Source

Try to tell a story about your brand. How it came into being? What is its history? How did the idea of this brand come to you? What inspired you?

Every brand has a story and you should share it with your customers.

Why is that necessary?

It humanizes your website. This way visitors to your website would feel like they are speaking to a human, rather than being fed with information by a machine. And, when you touch people’s hearts, having them for the rest of your journey is a given.

But, what if you think your story is not compelling enough to touch people’s hearts?

Well, worry not. Speak about the aspirations of your brand. What you intend to do with it? How do you think your brand can help people? Weave all of this in a story and this will give you the desired results.

See Yellow Leaf Hammock, for instance. There is a very interactive “About Us” which tells a story about their aspiration as a brand.

Keep in mind that you do not have to be extremely good with language to do this. The most important thing that is required for you to do is to keep it conversational.

Although this stands for any kind of an About Us page, what we mean is that you should simply imagine yourself as speaking about your journey as you would to a friend. This is how people will relate to you. And when you do speak about all the hurdles you faced before your success, people will relate to you all the more. And when they do, you can be sure that you have someone for the rest of your company’s journey.

The next step is for you to keep them interested. There is a lot more to this aspect, so we can save this for another post.

2. Talk About Your Audience

Nike’s About page

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The importance of speaking about your company cannot be avoided in your “About Us” page. What’s also significant is to let it speak from the mouth of a customer.

Start off by speaking about the problems of the customer which you, as a company, are trying to solve. Speaking about your customer also forms a part of speaking about your company.

It’s almost the same. How?

Well, it is their problems which you are trying to solve, which in turn, is the objective of your company. Isn’t it? It is all related.

Make it stand out by adding some facts to back your services. This way visitors can be guaranteed better services from your company. After all, nobody can question concrete facts.

Nike’s About page, for instance, is a great example of this type. It speaks immensely about their audience, which is “athletes”. Also, the fact that, every person has an athlete within them makes for a larger audience. The more people relate themselves as an audience, the more likely are they drawn to your company.

3. Let Your Customers Do the Talking

Add customer feedback to your website

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You must have seen instances of this kind of websites all around you. It has a reason to be so. This is because adding customer feedback to your website adds credibility to your website and the kind of services you provide.

All the better if you can back up your clients’ feedback with their full name and their designation. This adds tonnes of credibility to their feedback.

Nobody would want to listen to an anonymous person. It stands no credibility. And in today’s date, when a lot of quality things are easily available, why would anybody go for anonymous feedbacks?

Better yet, add a picture of your customer(s). This makes it more interactive and relatable to your visitors.

Besides, you can also include customer-focused awards and accreditations. Maybe you were awarded your locality’s favorite provider of security services?

Display that proudly on your website. These are simply the most important things in your website which add to the credibility of your company. This makes sure that people are drawn to your site—not only that, they actually stay after visiting.

4. Add Different Types of Media

About page of Moz

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When you want visitors in your website to stay longer, it makes all the more sense to make it as attractive as you can. This calls for the usage of different types of media on your About us web page. While you are doing so, you can add visual images, videos, texts, infographics, graphs—whatever adds to the beauty of your website. Infographic outreach is a great way to add a little spark to your website.

Just be careful that you are not making it look cluttered. Maybe stick to two to three different types of media at the maximum. Not more than that. And, make sure to be subtle about it.

One great example is the About page of Moz which has brilliantly made use of multiple types of media.

Additionally, you can also include headshots of the company’s employees. This makes it look more human and interactive. Besides, if adding videos becomes too time-consuming for you, you can try incorporating vine videos into your About page. This gives the same result as any regular video would.

This is a great way to speak more about you in less time. This would make for a brilliant way to keep people with limited attention span interested in your About page.

5. Include Your Address and Contact Details

Include Your Address and Contact Details

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However trivial this might sound, it is imperative that you provide your contact details to your customer.

How else would they contact you?

Yes, your business e-mail address is out there but a better, swifter way to ensure a response is if you part with some of your personal details. You do not have to reveal your residential address. But you can at least write the name of your locality.

This is one way to make people feel like they are closer to you. Besides, if you are not ready to even part with your basic details how do you expect visitors to trust you? This places great importance on your About page.

What does it cost you to provide such basic details?

Nothing could possibly go wrong with this, right? (Unless you are on a Wanted List by your local police).

Moreover, an absent phone contact details might cost you a customer and you simply cannot afford to do that in your business.

An out-of-date number is not a good sign for a company. This is most likely to repel customers and remove credibility from your website. A brand which does not care to update their phone number cannot be expected by customers to trust their services.

Each and every customer is worth of gold for you. So treat every one of them with the kind of special importance they deserve.

6. Make Sure It Reflects Your Company

Refinery29’s About page

Image Source

While we were looking at some of the most creative and fun About pages, we did come across some really brilliant, diverse and interesting ones.

What did all of them have in common?

They were relevant to their content. Meaning, if your content does not reflect your company, your industry, or your website, it is of no use.

All of your hard work will be put to trash if none of the information and flashy attractions you put in your website speaks about everything else but your company.

So, it is not only about quantity but quality as well. It is actually more about the quality most of the time. There is no dearth of flashy attractions on the internet but seldom do they make any sense.

All of this would take you a lot of time and maybe some cash (for the videos and/or soundtrack), but at the end of the day, it is all but worth it.

Your About page is the heart and soul of your website. So, you cannot afford to take it lightly or make any mistakes with it.

Take Refinery29’s About page, for instance. It is short, simple and relevant. It cuts out the slack and makes the relevant information stick out. This one is again, one of those About pages which are fun for the people with limited attention span. Or simply, for people with really less time in hand.

For such people, you should be thankful that they are taking out time to visit your page. This is why it becomes all the more important that you do not do anything which would end up in wasting their time.

Although it might not be your intention, there might be certain things which you can easily avoid in your website to give out the kind of vibe which makes your visitors feel like they are doing nothing but wasting their time in your website. So, making it relevant is the key.

7. Cut Out the Jargon


Image Source

Using acronyms and super complicated terms in your About page might make you feel like it is a good idea.

Talk about sounding smart. But trust us, that is the last thing you would want in your About page. Why? you ask, well, because visitors do not want unsolicited information about your company or your area of business.

As a business, it is your duty that you make your services available and accessible to more and more people. If you are narrowing down your audience base then you are doing it wrong.

Be simple and easy for people to understand you. After all, if they do not understand what it is that you are serving them, how are they supposed to know that they need your products and/or services?

There is no best way to write an About page. It is dependent on your style. This is what makes it a unique way of doing business. But there are certain guidelines that every About page needs to follow in order to reap the best benefits out of it.

You should make it as conversational as you can and easy to comprehend, and only then will your website draw people.

Better yet, keep them interested. And in a generation where there is a lot of information overload, but too little time, you would not want to add to the agony of people.

So making people’s lives easier should be the primary goal of a business. How are you trying to do that? That is what is unique to you.

Apptopia is a great example of an About page which is simple and understandable by even a ten-year-old. And this is the standard of language we are speaking about when we are writing our About page.

Final Words

So, these simple yet important guidelines will take you a long way in writing an awesome About page. There aren’t many complications to get into when you are looking for the perfect About page.

Since it is the heart and soul of your website, you should make sure that you are giving ample time to it to be the best version of your company.

Be creative and use multiple media but make sure you are not cluttering your website.

You want to keep visitors interested in you and not bounce them off. So, be precise, simple, and relevant to your information about you and your company. A large part of your business, or maybe all of it will take place through your website in one way or the other, so keeping it updated with your contact details is equally important.

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