7 Tips to Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet and Multiply Your Subscribers

Turning visitors to your website into clients is not a quick process, much less simple.

96% of the visits that arrive at your page for the first time are not ready to buy (Source: HubSpot) and if you fail to capture their mail before they leave, chances are you will never see them again.

Therefore, capturing emails should be one of the main objectives of your page.

Now … we have to give a good reason to that person so he wants to leave us his data, right?

Just say “subscribe to my newsletter to receive news” no longer a reason enough.

It’s like going down the street and out of nowhere someone asks you for your email … would you give it to them? Surely not, right?

Now … if it’s a person you’ve been talking to for 15 minutes because it’s the ticket seller for a show that you’ve been wanting to go for a long time and explained that if you leave your email, it will send you a 50% discount … Surely you will!

Your business is the same! Someone enters your page and ask for the email, well because yes, it probably will not work. But if you offer him something he really wants and it’s almost irresistible, then the odds start to be higher.

That is the ROL of your LEAD MAGNET. A valuable and free content that you offer in exchange for the email of your visitors to the web.

The issue then is how to make it irresistible.

1 – Talk only to your ideal target

To create an irresistible Lead Magnet you have to generate that same feeling as when you read the horoscope, it looks like it’s just talking to you.

You should not try to talk to everyone, only to your target. But you’ll end up collecting emails from irrelevant people who probably never become customers.

Here’s is an example of ahrefs offers a Free link building copy:

How to create lead magnets

2 – Focus on the final result

In order for your Lead Magnet to be irresistible, you must solve a question or problem of your potential client. It should generate that reaction of “WOW, this is exactly what I was looking for”

Your Lead Magnet is not meant to show how much you know about a topic. It is about helping the other.

So for your Lead Magnet to be irresistible you must be free of all kinds of ego. And for that, the first indispensable step is that you know well who your ideal client is and what you need: What are you looking for? What problem do you want to solve? What do you need? And how can you help?

This way it will be very difficult to say no because you are offering exactly what your potential client is looking for.

smart blogger is a solid example of this type of lead magnet:

Examples of effective Lead Magnets

3 – Make a concrete and specific promise

Your LEAD MAGNET has to offer a concrete and specific solution to that problem that your potential client has.

It is not the same to offer “Tips to increase your list of emails” than “10 proven techniques to duplicate your list of emails in 30 days”

The more specific the promise the more curiosity you are going to generate, because it shows you know exactly what you are talking about (10 tested techniques) and you are offering a concrete result (duplicate your mailing list) and measurable (in 30 days).

You can see the example of Optimonster pop-up, what it is offering in exchange for your email.

Lead Magnet Ideas

4 – Generate immediate gratification

It is important that your Lead Magnet generates some kind of quick result. Be immediate access to a resource, course or invitation to take action at that time. This way you do not lose the emotion that the person has at the time of registration.

If you spend too much time from the moment you decide to leave your email until you can see a result, you lose interest and are less likely to make progress.

Many times we make the mistake of thinking that for our Lead Magnet to be perceived as quality it has to be long. And that is not necessarily so. People have less and less time and are overwhelmed with the amount of information and encouragement they receive every day, so if you can help them reach the same result in less time, you’re probably much more grateful.

That is why it is important that you look for the balance between offering a high value and helping to get the result as fast as possible like Neil Patel’s strategy:

Lead magnet checklist

5 – Have a high perceived value

That it is free does not mean that it does not have to be perceived as of great value. An irresistible lead magnet should generate that feeling of “I can not believe they’re giving this to me for free”

The value has to be perceived as so high that you find it irresistible not to accept that proposal you are making.

Effective Lead Magnet Ideas

In this example, http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/ offers a report with a study done with more than 5,000 marketers to discover the trends for the following year.

It is automatically perceived as a high value because it allows me to access information that I could not access in any other way (it is difficult for me to go out and interview 5,000 marketers on my own) and it saves me time. They did the hard work of interviewing all those people and now give giving access to important conclusions.

6- To relate directly to what you sell

Your Lead Magnet aims to help your audience but it is also your opportunity to showcase the quality of your work.

If what you offer for free is really good it will automatically make me think that what you offer payment has to be even better.

It helps you increase your credibility and generate confidence, two key elements to make any future sale.

That is why it is fundamental that your Lead Magnet is related to the product or service you want to sell.

It should work as your “free sample”.

Your Lead Magnet helps solve a problem but also shows your audience what other things you need to do to achieve that result you are looking for and your product or service should be part of that response.

Great Lead Magnet Examples

7 – Generate a change from consuming it

One of the most important characteristics that your Lead Magnet should have is that the person wearing it no longer feels the same as before.

Whether you learned something new or helped solve a problem, you created a change in your current situation and you came close to your ideal situation.

Now you know or have something you did not have before.

Here’s a great example of magnet4blogging.net lead magnet:

Examples of Lead Magnets

Wrapping it up!

Following these tips, your Lead Magnet can become a fundamental marketing tool for your business. The tool with which you make your visits become potential customers.

But for this to work you should focus on GIVING before receiving. Create something that offers real value, which helps your potential client to get closer to the final solution they are looking for.

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