5 Steps in Choosing Marketing Chatbots That Are Smart

These days people want things instantly and there’s a rise of AI and bots that actually make those things happen, which is very amusing. The idea of robots and stuff sometimes freak us out but the truth is, they aren’t here to take over the world. They’re here to make our life easier.

The booming of business made people more creative and resourceful. The use of chatbots for business became more popular than ever. Because they are more advanced and are great providers than ever. But the best one, are the ones that deliver bottom-line business success.

What Is A Chatbot?

A Chatbot is a program that can be used to serve as a communication tool between people and businesses (check this). In general, business owners cannot attend to every question customers have which is why these programs were developed to help them out in that department. While it is programmed to respond to certain keywords or terms the same way, there are types that have machine learning – wherein they learn to correlate certain questions to the best answers over time.

They can be classified into their use, categories such as conversational commerce (e-commerce via chat), developer tools, education, entertainment, finance, food, games, health, and many others.

How Can It Help Your Business?

According to Facebook host data, proving the value of this program for business:

  • Up to 2,000,000 messages are exchanged by customers and businesses every 30 days
  • More than half of the time, people would message rather than call customer service
  • A good 53% of customers would buy from businesses that have communication lines

Shows how much people are willing to advance their step to easy shop. It’s clear that businesses need to step up their game and use new communication channels if they want to keep their customers. Connecting people in a more intimate and personalized way can guarantee great business. But using human employees in this kind of strategy is quite challenging. For this reason, these programs are highly effective for a business that wants to scale their marketing and customer services. Learn more about humans and programs here.

5 Steps in Choosing Smart Marketing Chatbots

Step 1: Determine the Best Builder Available

Having the best qualities for your assistant chat program makes it more interesting and reliable. It is ideal that the builder has plenty of features for business but also, not too complicated to learn. There should be a low financial barrier yet offer a great account. And also, it always makes a decision based on the help you can get if you’re stuck.

Step 2: Consider the Type of Chatbot

There are two main types basically:

First is the Simple (Scripted) or the simplest type. It can only take place in pre-defined ways and directions. Their sole purpose is automation, like booking a flight or making a purchase.

The other one is the Intelligent or the one that is using AI (artificial intelligence) allows the program to provide more flexible responses to the user’s questions. Differentiating which one would fit your business and purpose is more efficient and accessible.

Step 3: Use Facebook Messenger as the Chatbot Platform

It’s no secret; the world loves Facebook and all its features. Utilizing the messenger app for your businesses will definitely help you out. There are many people that frequently use this app so you will be more assured that there will be interactions and possible customers every day.

Step 4: Decide What Kind of Business You Can Offer

But then always keep in mind, that it should be aligned with your chosen business. It should be still in the scope of Marketing Chatbots because what you aim is business and there are only limited features for it. It takes the place of many conventional marketing tasks and handles routine customer interactions that will deliver the highest level of power and results.

Step 5: Use Them to Help You Organize and Deal With Business Transactions For Easier Access To Marketing And Customer Service

Chatbots are really capable to do anything and functions the way it is programmed. They are useful when it comes to responding immediately and persuading the possible customers. There is a win-win situation if you invest in a program that will surely give you a good income and not lose your possible customers. You can check out https://smartbotmarketers.com for more information about them.

Examples of Chatbots for Business

Check out these chatbots to gain an experiential understanding of how they work:

Lead Generation – discover how it can drive leads for a business, it includes collecting information like phone number and an email address. Blue World Tech is an example of it.

Personal Coach – this particularly helps coaches and trainers get more clients and better clients. Reminding you for your well-being and fitness is another level of interaction. Personal Trainer is considered as one of the most famous kinds of this.

Survey bot – This shows you the power of a survey sent via Messenger (way better than email). It is a more interactive kind of survey that is engaging for the user.

Newsbot – An example of this, is the Wall Street Journal that keeps you connected and updated to the news headlines, market conditions, and company news.

Beauty bot – Sephora is one of the well-known beauty bots and keeps the users even more connected. They can try new beauty looks, book an appointment with a specialist, or chat online.

Restaurant bot – One of the most interactive kinds of it that will surely make you feel good and if you’re hungry after reading this article, go ahead and order what you like which is made possible by this computer program designed to order for you.

With the advancements of society, we can’t deny that these bots made our life easier. The digital transformation and the wide purpose of these channels opened new opportunities for everyone. However, they are created equal. They serve a specific attribute and functionality that result in the broadest impact with both your business costs and customer experience.

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