WordPress vs. Wix – Which is Better For Your Website?

WordPress  vs Wix is not an easy decision, especially if you are starting off with building websites. WordPress and Wix are two website builders. Website builders are tools that allow the construction of websites without manual code editing.

Choosing what website builder to use when building your own website can be very difficult when there are tons of options available on the market.

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WordPress vs Wix: Which is better for building Your Website?

1. Pricing


Wix is built on a freemium business model, earning its revenues through premium upgrades.. However there are two major downsides to it. First, it adds Wix branded advertisements on top and bottom of your website. Second, you cannot use a custom domain for your site, so your site address will be: username.wix.com/sitename.

WordPress vs. Wix – Which is Better For Your Website

Apart from that the basic plan does not offer necessary addons such as Google Analytics, Favicons, eCommerce, etc. To remove ads and get additional features, you will have to upgrade to one of the premium plans they offer.

Each Wix premium plan has different storage and bandwidth limitations. You can pay monthly or choose a yearly plan.


The WordPress software is available for free for anyone to use. We often get asked about why is WordPress and what’s the catch?

Well, the biggest catch is that you need your own domain and hosting to install it. There are several WordPress hosting providers that you can choose from. See our guide on how to choose the best WordPress hosting.

Depending on your budget, you can start with a basic plan with a WordPress hosting provider like Siteground that will cost you $3.95 per month. If your budget permits, then you can use a managed WordPress hosting provider like WPEngine which costs $29 per month.

The cost of a WordPress site will increase if you decide to use premium WordPress themes or plugins. However, there are thousands of free WordPress themes and plugins available that you can use to reduce costs. You can add any feature to your WordPress site using a plugin without upgrading your hosting plan.

2. Ease of use


The standard configuration contains the basics, but you also can extend WordPress with a lot of interesting and powerful plugins. Because WordPress is a flexible platform, it’s easy to suit your needs.

To use WordPress to its full extent and make use of all of its features, you have to familiarize yourself with different sections like menus, visual post editor, CSS, etc. This means that WordPress requires a learning curve for beginners.

But there are plenty of themes and plugins to help.

WordPress vs Wix – Which is Better For Your Website


Wix comes with very powerful and easy to use tools to build your own website. It offers a simple drag and drop interface where you can select any element on your site and start editing it in a WYSIWYG interface.

WordPress vs Wix – Which is Better For Your Website

You can drag and drop items anywhere on your site, rearrange things on your pages, write content, and add media in a user friendly environment. Many beginners would find this feature a blessing as it saves them from dealing with code.

3. Deisgn and Layout


WordPress is a powerful website software framework that can help you power a simple blog and can be customized to power much more complex websites.

WordPress vs Wix – Which is Better For Your Website

WordPress’s design, for the most part, is based on what WordPress theme you are using; different plugins also contribute to the design of the website. So using a great WordPress theme and great plugins are really important in the final product of a website.

WordPress has a large community of developers, so there’s always new themes and plugins making it easy for everyone to build great websites.


Wix’s website building platform comes with great HTML5 capabilities, 500+ designer made templates, hosting, innovative apps, and tons of free features.

WordPress vs Wix – Which is Better For Your Website

All Wix designs are very responsive and written in HTML5. Using the built-in tools, you can easily customize your website design, change the layout, and rearrange items as you see fit.

One of the main drawbacks of Wix is that once you have selected the template, you cannot change it. You can customize and modify it, but you cannot change or switch to a different template.

4. Community Support


The WordPress Codex is one of the largest and best resources available for WordPress. It is essentially an online manual for WordPress users.

The WordPress Support Forum is another great resource. This support forum is powered by bbPress.

You can visit the support forum here at the official URL:

WordPress has an active chat room on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) & Slack. To join the chat room, you will need to install an IRC client on your computer.


Wix has an awesome support center with a 24/7 support system.

The official support URL for Wix is:

This is a great place to get all of your queries answered and resolved.

Wix also has a chat system for real-time help.

You can also contact the Wix support team by phone for your higher level queries.

WordPress vs Wix- Which one to use?

If you are a non-technical person and you want to build your website quickly, then you can start with Wix.

But if you are ready to spend some time learning the basic WordPress features and you want more control over your website along with the availability to add a lot of features, then WordPress is the right choice for you. For launching a blog, WordPress is indeed the best option.

If you do spend some time learning WordPress, you will bear a much better fruit in the long run.  I like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.

What are your opinions on WordPress vs Wix? Which one do you use and why? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. WordPress is much better for SEO it seems to me. I know companies in The Bahamas prefer to use wix when it comes to Web Design because of it’s simplicity but later choose wordpress because of the flexibility.


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