Why It Is Better To Traveling Alone Than Dating Someone

Traveling Alone Than Dating Someone: No doubt, dating someone is a great experience and teaches very important lessons which help you to mature, Dating can be hard sometimes. It is full of challenges, compromises, and sacrifices. It needs the courage to give your all to your special someone because you are letting him/her influence your choices.

If you are single and still in the dating game, you will understand the pain that comes with the daily pressure to meet that special someone. While dating is fun and exciting, it may not always be the best option for you as a single person. There are other ways to gain unique experiences, grow and get to know yourself in ways you can’t when dating or in a relationship. Traveling is one of the ways as it has many advantages compared to getting involved with the dating scene. While traveling, you can find some unique and beautiful experiences to go with. You allow yourself to explore and know yourself better which is not so possible when you’re dating.

Here are 10 reasons why traveling alone is better than dating:

1. Travelling allows you to create your own identity

The usual when you are in a relationship is that you sync your life to flow with that of your boyfriend or girlfriend. You start to identify yourself as “we” rather than “I” and as such, you can no longer take certain decisions alone or go some places alone….it starts to feel like you are losing your identity. It can be wonderful to fall in love and see life through someone else’s eyes, but it can also stunt your own growth. Travelling allows you to create yourself and your own person with interests you find along the way and develop opinions.

2. You are free to try new things

When traveling alone, you find that you are free to try a lot of things you probably would have thought twice about before doing or even turn down because you are in a relationship.Whether it be letting yourself be twirled to some foreign music by a stranger or jumping off a cliff, you have no one giving you a reason to take a pause. Basically, you have the courage to do new things you would not have ever considered were you dating.

3. Live in the moment with no pressure

One of the benefits of traveling is that you live in the moment and breathe it in, without a care in the world. Free from an array of distractions and pressures of your everyday life, you can just enjoy the moment and completely forget about the past or future.

When you are in a relationship, you will get caught up in a parade of daily worries about finances and plans that tend to magnify with someone in the mix. Traveling and dwelling in the wondrous experiences that each moment gives you, is much more easily absorbed and appreciated, when you’re alone.

4. You will have all the space you need

Being in a relationship can be restricting. When dating, you find you have to share a lot of things with your partner and you can easily be subject to the influence of the other person. When you’re traveling, you have all the space that you need. You can choose whatever kind of hotels you want or decide on what you want to spend your money on, etc.

5. Traveling Improves Your Mental Health

By Traveling alone makes you more open-minded, and helps to foster positive experiences that will increase your level of happiness. Traveling enriches you and adds unique perspectives and strengthens a positive mindset that will transcend for a lifetime. Relationships can be hard work and while there are also positive benefits to a good relationship, dating someone who you’re not truly a match with can bring mental exhaustion and a feeling of unhappiness.

6. Meet new friends

Being in a serious relationship may often mean you won’t be meeting a lot of new friends. In fact, most of the time, you’re just going to hang out with your old buddies or your partner’s friends. Unless your partner is an intrepid and free-spirited traveler, you may be trapped in a not-so exciting realm made up of the malls, clubs and restaurants that you usually go to and not be able to explore further as your heart desires.

Though it is not applicable to everybody, dating could restrict you from meeting new and interesting people who might add new opinions and insights that will spice up your life. And, don’t get us wrong – there’s nothing wrong with having a small close circle of friends, but there is a big and beautiful world out there that’s begging to be explored.

7. You’ll understand yourself more fully

Dating can, quite frankly, take away your sense of self, especially during the earlier stages of your relationship. Let’s face it, you are going to be influenced easily by your partner, which will make you unconsciously lose yourself in the process.

As you travel solo, however, you are going to have an ample amount of time to fully know yourself in ways that being closely tied with a partner can’t. With no one around to sway your opinions and thoughts, solo travels lets you think deep, and discover who you truly are.

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8. You Learn Being Alone Doesn’t Mean Being Lonely

benefits of Traveling Alone

Relationships and dating can mean we’re very reliant on the other person being around. When they’re not, it can induce feelings of loneliness such is our adaptation to someone outside of ourselves. You also hear how people in bad relationships can feel lonely despite being in the same room as their significant other. With traveling alone you truly learn how to be alone and you realize it doesn’t mean you are lonely. Traveling can restore your faith in humanity when you realise just how many wonderful people you are surrounded by and are eager and willing to help you and establish friendships. Sometimes relationships can keep you in a bubble that stops you from really experiencing the positives of being alone and the freedom of knowing it doesn’t mean you’re lonely.

9. You Learn Life Is Full Of Possibilities

Traveling alone exposes you to all sorts of surprises and possibilities – it really is an exciting and eye-opening experience so why choose this over being restricted by one person? Relationships can be good but they can inadvertently stop you from gaining all these amazing opportunities that you wouldn’t even be aware of if you didn’t pursue traveling. Going off and exploring the world teaches you many more things than staying at home and living your life with someone especially when you’re young.

10. You builds up your social life

Most relationships can be restricting; you barely have the time to mingle with others as you schedule your time so that you can spend it with your partner. When you are travelling, whether you are an introvert or just shy, you are forced to come out of your shell and mingle with others, socialize. It is inevitable as chances are you will ask for directions or stay in a budget hotel/hostel where you just have to talk to someone and go on excursions.

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