10 Things Should Not To Wear at The Gym

We all like to look good and feel good about ourselves, but, for many of us this means having to venture to the gym every now and then to top up our peak physical appearance. There are certain things should not to wear at the gym. When it comes to working out, motivation plays a big part in your success. But what to wear to the gym also matters. Baggy sweats and cotton T-shirts may be comfy, but they can also wreak havoc on your body.

The right workout clothes, on the other hand, wick away sweat, display movements clearly, and protect sensitive skin. Many of you will already know, that many men like to take what they wear to the gym a little bit too far. Whether that’s wearing denim or going completely shirtless, there are some sights to behold when going to the gym. So before you lace up your favorite sneakers, learn what to wear to the gym and what you should NEVER wear to the gym.

Things Should Not To Wear at The Gym and What to wear to the gym

Cotton Clothing

Stay away from workout clothes that are 100% cotton fabric. This type of fabric may seem cool and comfortable, but cotton absorbs moisture and is slow to dry, sweat will stick with you. Damp cotton clothes can cause chills and skin irritation or body breakouts, and increase friction in chafe-prone areas.

what should not to wear at gym

Old Footwear

Sometimes we grow attach to our Shoes. Keep them until the soles are coming unglue, or there are holes in the toe. Deteriorated soles and arch supports will prevent establishing a solid footing when standing on a slick gym floor and possibly damage joints. Shoes are designed to keep your feet warm and dry across particularly difficult terrain, not the treadmill. Much like the individually toed shoes, boots just shouldn’t be worn as they’ll make your feet sweat more than they need to. Once you’ve finished at the gym you’ll have the smelliest feet going. So rather than the smell of your feet being hot in everyone’s nostrils opt for a pair of specially design gym shoes instead.

What to wear to the gym

Work Clothes

Not only does wearing your work clothes to the gym look stupid, it can be unsafe. Dress pants and work shirts can be restrictive and cause you injury. Even if your work clothes are gym ready, you’re making extra laundry for yourself. Because you were too lazy or forgetful to throw gym shorts in your trunk. There are a lot of efficient things you can do to save time. But adding an extra aura of stank to your T-Mobil polo shouldn’t be one of them. Bring a change of clothes or stop at home before you take business casual to unnecessary new level.

What things should not to wear at gym

Short Shorts

You’ve never skipped leg day, not even once, and I get it, you want to show off your muscular pins. But sometimes the shorts that some blokes wear can be a little bit too short, verging into hot-pants territory.

Short shorts aren’t a good look, no matter what occasion you’re wearing them too, and many don’t offer you the support or modesty in certain areas where they really should. Instead of these uncontrollable shorts opt for a pair that hit you just above the knee to ensure that they don’t ride up too much leaving little to the imagination.

The Same Clothes Every day

Before going to gym we should know that What to wear to the gym. Even in the sweaty dungeon of cheap urban gyms, you should still pay some attention to your hygiene. Don’t go overboard. You shouldn’t slather yourself in AXE before you hit the gym. There is no need to invest in designer mesh-wear for your workout. But, the basic rules of fashion decency still apply. Switch up those gym shorts so they don’t get too gamey. If I can see through your white t-shirt to your armpits, that’s a problem. No one is asking you to be laundry fresh when you arrive at the gym. But please switch up your garments before your stench begins to impact the well-being of your fellow gym members.


Even though it may seem like shapeless, baggy clothes is the ultimate coverage. It really is not, if worn in yoga sessions. Baggy clothes during yoga activities can actually be revealing, in certain poses. Work out clothing that hugs the thighs and cove is much better for stretching and moving with freedom. If loose gym shorts is a must, then wearing a pair of compression shorts underneath will ward off any unwanted exposures.

What to wear to the gym

Wearable Hardware

Jewelry that hangs, swings, or sticks out has no place in the gym. “Anything that’s going to get in the way or make you think about anything besides your workout should be left at home,” says Paris. Matthews says rings even wedding rings can be uncomfortable or get damage when lifting and can easily get caught on yoga and Pilates mats.

What to wear to the gym

Don’t overdo it with make-up

Most people follow this anyway, but some women do still pile on the makeup before a trip to the gym. If you work out with a full face of makeup, you will only be worrying about how it looks all the time and it will make you sweat more and clog your pores.

Heavy Perfumes and Lotions

No one wants to smell at the gym, but draw the line at deodorant and skip additional scents. The aroma of strong perfumes or colognes is intensified when your body heats up and starts to sweat. Which can lead to a workout-busting headache for you or someone working out near you.

things to avoid at the gym

Matthews also cautions against using greasy lotions before a gym session. Thick hand and body creams can make your skin slippery and thwart your best attempts to hold a plank or grip a barbell. Not to mention the unsightly residue it can leave behind on benches and handles. A heavy facial moisturizer can also wreak havoc on your workout if sweat causes it to slide into—and sting—your eyes.

What to wear to the gym? What are your best tips?

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