Top 12 Most Haunted Places In India

Top 12 Most Haunted Places In India: India is a land of mysteries too many questions. The mysteries of the unknown have always fascinated the human mind. Ghost stories world listing famous haunted places from India, when we are creating an archive on India, we decided to keep Haunted houses and places separately. Here are 12 such haunted places in India, some famous, some unknown, that have been known by the locals as haunted spots since time immemorial.

If you pack your bags today and start visiting these haunted places, you might take almost a month to visit them all. What’s interesting is the reason that makes these places popular. If rumors are believed ‘Ghosts’ do exist, and some of these places have managed to remain haunted for years. Anyway, true or false, these are some places and legends associated with their history that will get you into believing that ghosts do exist.

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Here Are The Top 12 Most Haunted Places In India:

1. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Top 12 Most Haunted Places In India

Bhangarh fort is located in the ruined city of the same name, somewhere between Jaipur and Alwar, in Rajasthan. The place is so haunted by paranormal activities that even the Archaeological Survey of India has put up a board that restricts people from visiting the fort area before sunrise and after sunset. Legend has it that a tantric named Singhiya fell in love with a princess from the fort. He tried to use black magic to get her to fall in love with him, but it backfired and he died. Just before his death, he cursed the fort saying all who lived within it would die.

There’s another story that has been doing the rounds for a long time now, according to which, the houses in some of the villages around Bhangarh are roof-less. If a roof is built even today, it collapses in no time.

It should be noted that if you decide to visit this place after the sun has gone down, you won’t be allowed to. In fact, there is a strict warning about how dangerous this place becomes after sunset.

2. Kuldhara near Jaisalmer in Rajasthan

Top 12 Most Haunted Places In India

Known to be a deserted ghost village, Kuldhara is located near Jaisalmer and has been abandoned since the 19th century. It was established in 1291 by Paliwal Brahmins, known for their business acumen and agricultural knowledge. One night in 1825, all the people of Kuldhara and 83 nearby villages vanished all of a sudden.

Tales of this mystery include the fact that Salim Singh, the minister of the state, once visited this village and fell in love with the beautiful daughter of chieftain wanting to marry her. The minister threatened the villagers by saying that if they did not marry the girl to him, he would levy huge taxes. The chief of the village along with those of adjoining villages decided to abandon and migrate elsewhere to protect the girl’s honor. Nobody saw them leave nor did anyone figure where they went, they simply vanished. It is said that the villagers also cast a spell on the village as they left, cursing anyone who tried to inhabit the land.

3. D’Souza Chawl in Mahim – Mumbai

Top 12 Most Haunted Places In India

There are many haunted places in Mumbai, but D’suza Chawl has been in the news many times. It is said that the spirit of a deceased lady haunts the corridors of this chawl and has been spotted many times near the tube well which is not in use anymore. The well was a source of pure water for many years till a local lady fell into the well and died. Ever since this accident, the spirit of the lady started roaming in the chawl.

4. Fern Hill Hotel, Ooty

Top 12 Most Haunted Places In India

Though shut down now due to the haunting, this hotel, shot to fame during the shooting of Raaz, reports of a famous incident experienced by Saroj Khan the choreographer and her troupe. After settling for an early night due to shooting next morning, the crew was kept awake by someone rearranging the furniture in the room above. When they tried calling reception the phone was dead. Desperate for sleep, some went down to complain, only to have the receptionist escort them outside and point upwards to show that there was no floor above.

5. The Shaniwarwada Fort – Pune

Top 12 Most Haunted Places In India

Known for its sheer architectural brilliance, this fort has witnessed various spooky occurrences. It is believed that the level of supernatural activity is at its zenith on every full moon night. The mysterious story behind the strange activities suggests that a young prince was brutally murdered here which is maybe why his spirit haunts the place and when the night falls, sounds of him shrieking can be heard. There are many locals who actually camp at night on the fort grounds just to hear the little boy’s scream.
It is preferable to visit the fort during day hours since the fort is deserted at night except for maybe a caretaker. Visit this place at your own risk as this would definitely be the scariest haunted places in Pune, India.

6. GP Block in Meerut

Top 12 Most Haunted Places In India

Now, this one’s very spooky. The most bizarre occurrences have been reported in this area. The building is double-storeyed and apparently, houses a lot of evil spirits. Four men can be seen having drinks – the same sighting has been reported by a lot of people, exact in detail. There have also been instances when people have seen a girl step out of the house in a red dress.

7. Agrasen Ki Baoli, Delhi

Top 12 Most Haunted Places In India

This extraordinary stepwell is surprisingly found hidden among the buildings of Connaught place in Delhi. Made of red stone and lined with many arched niches, it has 103 steps that used to lead into water, but the bottom of the well is usually dry now. It’s the deep black waters of the well that were claimed to be haunted places… purported to draw disheartened and depressed admirers towards it with a magnetic effect, where they would give in to the hypnotic lure and drown to death in the waters.

8. Tunnel No. 33, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Top 12 Most Haunted Places In India

Hill stations already have the reputation of being atmospheric, mysterious places due to their relative isolation and silence. Tunnel No. 33 (also referred to as Tunnel 103) is one of the tunnels on the Shimla-Kalka railway route. This is where the friendly ghost of Colonel Barog loiters, in search of friendly chats with people who take the tunnel. Colonel Barog was a railway engineer during the British Raj who committed suicide due to a gross miscalculation while the engineering work for the tunnel was ongoing. He was fined but the humiliation of his error and reprimand turned out to be too much for him. They say his spirit lingers on in the tunnel, albeit he’s the chattiest ghost around for miles!

9. Dumas Beach, Surat- Gujarat

Top 12 Most Haunted Places In India

Situated along the Arabian Sea in Gujarat, this beach is known for its black sand and mystical activities.
Many unexplainable and puzzling incidents have been known to occur like strange whispers being heard, people disappearing during night etc.

In fact, it is believed that a lot of people have lost their lives exploring this mysterious beauty. If you are a brave heart, you can test the waters yourself by taking a midnight stroll along the beach, if you have company. If the testimonies are anything to go by, you will also be greeted by warnings asking you to not cross a certain line while on the beach. It is also believed that this beach was for long used as a Hindu burial ground, therefore, being the resting place of tortured souls. There have also been reports of people disappearing mysteriously and having never been found again. However, if you still feel you would want to go for it then by all means. If you love the paranormal you would definitely have the time of your life.

10. Grand Paradis Towers, Malabar Hill, Mumbai

Top 12 Most Haunted Places In India

Possibly the most haunted place in Mumbai, Grand Pradis Towers is a residential block located in one of the most affluent areas of Mumbai – Malabar hill. A flat located on the eighth floor was the site of a series of suicides even resulting in the death of three generations of one family that lived there, within a year. The building society has recorded up to 20 cases of fatal accidents and suicides since the building was built in 1976. Apparently, the incidences have stopped since the society did a puja and a havan, but the flat remains unoccupied.

11. Delhi Cantonment Area

Top 12 Most Haunted Places In India

Clean and green, Delhi Cantonment area is a great place to visit during the day. But as the night falls, you can be lucky (or unlucky) enough to experience its spooky side. Locals and passersby claim to have seen a woman in a sari asking for a lift and chasing the vehicle at inhuman speeds.

12. Jamali-Kamali Masjid

Top 12 Most Haunted Places In India

It is unfair to look at a holy place as haunted. Most people wouldn’t even believe. But some jihns do haunt this tranquil masjid. The visitors could expect to get slapped by invisible hands and chased by the mysterious wind. Most people avoid this place after sunset.

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