Top 10 Apps To Improve Your Entertainment Experience | Must Have Android Apps

There’s a reason why we love apps. They offer us flexibility and excitement even when we are on the go. And there should be no limitations — even in a digital age. If it supreme entertainment you want on the go, there are apps for that. Here are 10 must have android apps to help you make the most of your entertainment experience.

List of 10 Must Have Android Apps:

1. SwiftKey Keyboard

Swiftkey Keyboard is one of the must have android apps for replacing your smartphone’s default keyboard, due to its ability to learn your writing style for more accurate auto-corrections. Emoji, a range of themes and translation on the fly are also impressive.

2. Showbox

You can download Showbox and have access to over 24 genres of content including comedies, thrillers, action movies, horror, sci-fi, and documentaries. A well-stocked library gives you access to non-stop streaming and downloads of movies and TV series that you have always wanted to see. You can also check out reviews and ratings before you commit to a new movie or series.

3. Vessel

YouTube is a spawning ground for a new generation of video stars, but Vessel is pitching itself as the app for their superfans. Get early access to videos from popular YouTubers, and discover shows that you’ll love.

4. Goodreads

Goodreads is a well-established community of bookworms recommending books. You can write your own reviews, check those of friends and – most useful – scan barcodes in shops to check reviews before buying.

5. Pokemon Go

This game could be best for game lover people. Since its release, people around the world have been obsessively using their phones to level up and compete as Pokemon trainers. This app is all about the Pokemon world and exposing you to the real-life action (or, as close as it gets) of catching Pokémon. Now you can explore real-world locations to find Pokémon and catch them. Fans of all ages who grew up with Pokemon can finally live out the fantasy of being a Pokemon trainer.

6. HBO

If you can gain access to HBO, then you are about to be immersed in a world of some incredible HBO shows, documentaries, and movies. Subscribe for as low as $15 a month. Trust me — it is worth every cent.

7. Netflix

Netflix is great for those who want to enjoy classic movies on the go.With the free app for Android, users can instantly stream their favorite TV shows and movies. Simply log in with your Netflix membership and resume where you left off, browse movies and manage your instant queue.

8. Spotify

If you are a music fan, then Spotify is one of the must have android apps you should have. For as low as 10 dollars a month, you can subscribe to Spotify’s service and enjoy music on the go. You can create your own playlist and enjoy curated stations on the app. You can also sample any of the more than ten million songs available.

9. Clash of Clans

If you are a game lover then this game is perfectly fit for you. Here you will find an explanation about how playing games can be beneficial for your health. Clash of Clans has been endorsed by many stars. It is similar to the classic strategy game Age of Empires. If you are the type of person who likes war games, then you are bound to be drawn into Clash of Clans. The game is designed around building and defending.

10. Temple Run 2

If you are looking for a new game to invest some time in, Temple Run 2 provides a superb gaming experience. It challenges and excites as the sequel to the original has you running and jumping through obstacle courses. As you go along, you focus on collecting accomplishments and powerups.

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