Here’Re The Latest Web Design Trends You Can Use In 2017

You will find several articles and blog posts over the internet that talk about the web design trends for 2016, however, when you read them fully you hardly get that concrete information you are actually looking for. Most of the posts talk about the trends you are already familiar with, so what’s the use of going through the same thing over and over again.

However, this particular post comes after tremendous research and hence it includes all those web design trends you might not be aware of.

The Top Web Design Trends Are Discussed Below:

Web design trends 2017


1. Non-Scrollable Sites With Full Screen Are Coming Into Limelight

One of the most important parts of designing a website is to make it non-scrollable, that means when it comes to navigating through it, you do not have to scroll it. Rather than scrolling it, you just have to click when it comes to website navigation. Apart from the one-page website, wherein you need to scroll it on and on to navigate, users are also going to full-screen non-scrollable websites.

In short, non-scrollable websites with the full screen are slowly gaining popularity among the users, because they find them more convenient to use. In order to design such websites the screen is used for limitations, that means keyboard navigation remains an important part of these websites.

One of the most common examples of such websites includes Facebook Privacy Basics, which is an amazing website that talks about the impact of piracy on their service.

2. Websites Reflecting Sticky Headlines Next To The Text

In order to familiarize yourself with the latest web design trends, it’s better to check agency websites, as you will always find something new in them. Well, nowadays it’s quite common to see headlines being scrolled to the other side of the text. If you visit such a website, you can easily see the headlines as long as the text associated with them appears on the screen.

One of the common examples of such websites includes Code & Theory, wherein you can easily see the headlines next to the text.

3. Keep The Logo In The Loader

When the logo appears in the loader, it gives a very positive impression to the users visiting your website. The fact remains that they feel as if the website in question is associated with a big brand or something like that. It has become an extremely popular trend among agency websites these days and everyone want to go with it.

When it comes to giving an example of such websites Fubiz fits the best.

4. Use Distorted Images In The Background

Another important trend in web design is already popular and is still managing to catch the attention of more and more users each day is to use distorted images in the background which covers the entire window. However, you can take this trend to a next level by adding some sort of mouse hover effects on the image used in the background.

Make Me Pulse is a classic example of such websites, wherein you can see this particular design trend being used.

5. Use Animation

Using animation in your website is a great way of catching users’ attention, however, if you fail to do it in the right way, it can turn out to be just the opposite. However, when you work with the team of experts you do not have to be worried about using this design technique in the wrong way.

Really Interactive Beta is a wonderful example of such types of websites.

So if you are really looking forward to designing a perfect website that can attract the attention of visitors in the best way possible, you must use the above-mentioned web design trends.

Considering the fact that websites have become an extremely important part of your business these days, you cannot afford to take their design not so seriously as it plays a crucial part in enhancing user experience. A poorly designed website fails to hold the interest of visitors and hence they end up exiting from it quickly.


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