How To Find Your Relationship Is Making You A Better Person

when you’re in a relationship with someone you really care about, it makes you better. It’s not about impressing someone or showing off anymore. When you get down to it, your significant other can make you a better person.

Though it isn’t always easy, ultimately your significant other will make you a better version of yourself. Whether you’ve been together for a few months or more years than you can count on one hand, your partner should bring out the best in you. Here are just a few ways being with a great relationship can actually make you a better person.

10 Signs to find your relationship is making you a better person

1. They inspire you to be better.

Healthy relationships are also built on mutual motivation and inspiration. Your partner should inspire you to be your best self, to face difficult challenges, and to change the world. Those in unhealthy relationships are content with mediocrity.

2. They challenge you

Being in a relationship will push you and force you to grow. Maybe your partner is a loud eater or maybe they fold the laundry differently than you wish. Learning acceptance and patience, or even trying a new way of doing things will push you outside of your comfort zone, but ultimately that’s a good thing.

3. They make you dream bigger

When you connect with this person, their investment in you means that you will be motivated to constantly strive to go beyond what you think you are capable of. Being with this person makes you feel like you can do anything, escape to anywhere, conquer whatever you set out to do. It’s an unexplainable high every time.

4. They bring out the best (and worst) in you

Your partner should not only draw out your best qualities but your worst as well. Let me explain: if you’re truly comfortable with someone, they’ll see the good, bad and ugly. Having someone who you can ugly cry in front of and share your bad days with is just as important as having someone you can laugh and be awesome with.

5. They accept for who you are

People in good relationships accept each other, flaws and all. This doesn’t mean you should encourage your significant other to accept mediocrity. It does, however, mean you should accept who your partner chooses to be. Remember, there are cracks in everything, but that’s how the light gets in.

6. They help you achieve your goals because they understand their importance to you

This person isn’t going to hold you back from anything. If you want to sign up for a new class or check out the latest live music, they won’t stop you for selfish reasons. They understand that your personal happiness is just as paramount as their own.

7. They expand your horizons

Bringing another person into your life inevitably means you’re inviting new opinions, backgrounds and choices in too. While it’s certainly important to share the same core values, your partner will have different ideas and view points than you- and that’s a good thing.

8. They bring excitement in your life

There’s no such thing as a boring activity in your relationship — even if you’re spending the night in, staying up watching a psychological thriller, or playing tease card games. This person is inherently intriguing, which makes it easy to get lost in your days together.

9. They make you realize how amazing you truly are

All this time you think this person is flawless because they are a role model in your life, but in reality, it’s what you also bring to the table that makes this other person shine. They help you remember that you make a great team; it’s not a one-sided relationship.

10. They make you feel fulfilled

You won’t feel like you’re missing out on something or that anything greater can come along. Everything you need is right in front of you, which is really the beauty of falling in love with someone who inspires you. They make you realize that you have all the capabilities of finding self-satisfaction.


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