Health Tips For Women – Diet Mistakes And 10 More Common Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Health tips for women: They are different things that can motivate you to eat healthy and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Maybe because it’s an occasion, or maybe someone just said that you have gained weight or your high school friend just popped up after years and you see her being as fit as she was in high school!

And this when you decide to start your health food journey without thinking it properly to make sure you are successful.

It happens to everyone at some point. Although there is nothing wrong about trying to eat healthy and stay fit. But there are few diet mistakes you are making and they are the actually reasons why you are not losing weight.

Diet Mistakes And 10 More Common Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Following a proper diet is very crucial if you want to achieve a healthier and better-looking body. But sometimes mistakes happen and instead of getting abs, you end up gaining flab. It’s called “yo-yo dieting” and this kind of result gives you a defeated feeling that it will be hard to motivate yourself again to do better. So, before you get stuck in this deadly cycle of dieting, read about the top 10 diet mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Skipping breakfast.

diet mistakes

This is a very common mistake among dieters and sometimes can be difficult to avoid. People usually skip breakfast when you’re running late for work or just don’t have the time to fix your own breakfast. The result is you end up so hungry later during the day that it’ll be hard for you to resist junk food, fast food and getting double servings during lunch. What you can do to avoid skipping breakfast is to stock up on easy to eat breakfast meals such as oatmeal or whole grain cereals. If it can’t be avoided, bring a cup of yogurt or a piece of fruit like an apple or a banana.

2. Going on a celebrity diet.

Top Health Tips for Women

Almost everyone wanted to have a body of a celebrity and most think that in order to achieve it is to follow the celebrity’s way of dieting. That involves restricting one food group such as carbohydrates. The problem with following celebrity diets is that your body is not identical to that of a celebrity and sustaining that kind of diet can be dangerous for you. Instead, you can go on a low-fat diet but still contains all the food groups in smaller servings.

3. I can burn it off.

reasons for not losing weight

I’m sure there are people out there believe that they can eat whatever they want then just burn off those calories through exercise. The truth is exercise alone is not enough. If you are eating too much than what you can burn then it is a losing battle. Be aware of what you eat and never depend on exercise alone. Make sure that you are taking in less calories than what you can burn.

4. Drinking Too Little Water

Best Health tips for women

This is one of the simplest diet mistakes to fix. Water is essential for burning calories. If you let yourself get dehydrated, your metabolism drags, and that means slower weight loss. So try adding a glass of water to every meal and snack.

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5. Eating a lot of low-fat foods.

Tips for Women health

This kind of diet is doomed to fail. Most people who are eating low-fat or fat-free foods are more likely to have a larger serving. The larger the serving, even if it’s nonfat, means more calories. And those extra calories turn to fat. What you can do is to be aware of the amount of calories and eat your greens. Make sure that you include a healthy serving of vegetables in your diet as they are low in calories yet extra filling. (Read: How Eating Unhealthy Foods Help You To Lose Weight )

6. Eating too fast

how to lose weight fast

Sometimes our hectic schedules lead us to adopt a habit of speed eating. While rushing may save you time, it can also cause you to overeat because our brains only register the signal of fullness after 20 minutes. As much as possible, eat slowly and really savor your food so you feel fuller faster. Chewing your food more will also help your body absorb the nutrients in your food better.

7. Jumping on a “Lose Weight Quickly” scheme.

10 Health Tips for Women

Those advertisements promising that you’ll lose weight just by sitting on your couch doing nothing is really tempting. Yet you’re wondering why is not working. Accept the truth that getting the healthy body that you want requires hard work. And that means getting up from that couch, starting a proper diet and exercising regularly.

8. Avoiding dairy products

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Many people find that dairy products are bad for you when you are on a diet. Ditching them completely isn’t a good idea however and dairy provides much-needed calcium and will boost your metabolism as well. If you are lactose intolerant you may want to avoid all dairy and supplement your calcium through vegetable like broccoli or taking isotonic-capable supplements.

9. Crash Dieting

diet mistakes for weight loss

When we want to look great for special occasions, we look for quick and easy solutions like crash dieting in hopes of dropping a few dress sizes. Crash dieting is an extreme form of dieting which usually means a very strict calorie limit. Crash diets do help you lose weight, but they are not ideal for healthy weight loss because they deprive the body of the calories and nutrients it needs to function properly. A habit of crash dieting can also cause you to gain more weight in the long run.

Instead of crash dieting, try to make small and gradual changes to your diet to give yourself time to adjust to change.

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10. Unrealistic expectations

Effective Health Tips for Women

It can be easy to expect to reach your goal in a month but this isn’t going to happen. You didn’t gain it all in one month. It took years as you progressively gained 5-10lbs. So realistically give yourself some time. Make sure that you set realistic goals in order to stay positive. A great way to do this is to set frequent short-term goals and then turn them into reality. Real change takes a while but you’ll start to feel better almost immediately if you stick with a healthy diet plan.

Top Health Tips for Women To Stay Fit

It is a long ladder to being healthy and then staying healthy. The first step is to eat healthy, as what you eat, is what you become. Give you’re the body the time it deserves and realize that if you do not take care of it properly as you should, it will fail to take care of you in the long term.

Keeping yourself physically fit by making some time for your fitness is as important as eating right. Trying to live a longer healthier life is not an easy task. Here are some of our health tips for women:

health tips for women 1: Dietary intake

It is essential that the woman maintains a proper diet. A proper diet will include all the required food types in equal quantities so that she gets the required energy to do her work. Cutting out on this or being slack will lead to some serious health conditions which sometimes have proven to be dangerous.

health tips for women 2: Intake of water

Drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses of water per day is considered to be healthy for all. For women, drinking the required level of water, will keep them hydrated and also helps them to maintain the complexion of their skin. Apart from this, drinking water also removes the toxic waste from the body and makes the woman look young and healthy.

health tips for women 3: No Skipping Breakfast

People who eat breakfast are thinner than people who avoid it. Having the first meal of the day early keeps your metabolism more active through the rest of your day. Intake of fiber in the morning causes you to be less hungry late in the afternoon when you’re tempted for a heavy snack.

health tips for women 4: Avoid stress

Stress seems to be something that is harder to avoid. In order to manage this, the person can get into some exercises like yoga and meditation. This helps them to channelize their energy and thought and helps them to stay relaxed.

health tips for women 5: Night sleep

It is not only important to sleep early and get 7 hours of sleep for your beauty but, for your health too. Getting a sufficient amount of sleeping hours helps you prolong your life, lowers stress, sharpens your memory and lastly, saves you from those late night cravings!

health tips for women 6: Exercise

Set a routine to do some sort of physical exercise on a daily basis to keep you strong and fit. Do not aim to being thin and lean, but strive towards a healthy lifestyle. For starters, walk in the park, or stretch in the morning and before you sleep or take the stairs. You can also try to fit in fun ways such as Zumba, aerobics or even belly dancing.


Let’s not forget that not everything that is easy, fast and convenient is good for us. It’s also wise to think that what works well for others may not be safe for you. Being healthy is about knowing your body and what is good for you. A healthy body requires knowledge, hard work, and a lot of patience.

“What some call health, if purchased by perpetual anxiety about diet, isn’t much better than tedious disease.” ~Alexander Pope


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