What is Email Marketing? – A Complete Guide for Beginners

Email Marketing Definition: The definition of email marketing is simply the promotion of products or services via email. Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of online marketing and it has aged well. In the midst of tweets, clouds, and androids, email has managed to stay relevant. And with mobile mail devices and the ubiquity of globalization, even more so. Whether you are promoting a product or service, drumming up support for a non-profit cause, or providing useful information, it can act as the vehicle that drives you and your ideal audience to one another.

What is Email Marketing Definition?

Email marketing is the strategy of using electronic messages to promote products, educate customers, and encourage sales. Through email, companies can target specific customers who are interested in niche products or programs. It also provides quick and immediate communication, allowing companies to send an email to customers and get results instantly.

Here are some reasons businesses are choosing email as their marketing tool of choice:

It’s Affordable – When compared to traditional techniques, email marketing can be considered cheap. With direct mail, you must have a budget for printing, postage and the delivery of your marketing materials. Email costs pennies to send, making it a surefire way to enjoy major cost savings.

It’s Fast – Email is incredibly fast in terms of delivery and response. An entire campaign that reaches thousands can be delivered in a matter of minutes. A compelling message can get your readers to respond quickly with the action you want them to take.

It’s Focused – Marketing via print, radio or TV can give you access to a large audience, but how many of them are really suited for your product or service? Email marketing offers targeting capabilities that make it much more focused than traditional channels. It gives you an easy way to create segments from your master list of contacts based on various criteria or interests, and engage individuals with communications they are most likely to respond to.

It’s Simple – You do not have to be a technical wiz to succeed at email marketing. The internet gives you convenient access to software, email templates, and a broad range of tools that make this venture easy enough for just about anyone. When your strategy is properly executed, your campaigns will contribute to managing themselves while freeing you up to plan the next move.

It Works – Email marketing is just plain old effective. A well-designed campaign can drive traffic, increase sales, and foster loyalty in your audience. And even though spam has tried its best to give the industry a black eye, email is still one of the most reliable tools available for creating awareness and building a brand’s reputation. Email marketing lends its power to organizations of all sizes but is an especially good fit for small businesses. This proven method gives you the ability to connect with your audience, provide the content they desire, and prosper for your efforts.

Types of Email Campaigns

According to the email marketing definition, an email campaign is the marketing activities that are designed to send messages to customers about products, services, and options via email messages.

Promotional Campaign – Promotional campaign is a set of marketing activities that are designed to send messages to customers about products, services, and options to meet specific marketing (promotional) email marketing strategy objectives.

Email marketing Campaigns

List Building Campaigns – List building campaigns are marketing activities that gather contact information into lists. List building may be performed by renting lists (which are unseen and controlled by another company) and offering incentives for people who register for the free offer (such as providing a free book).

Email marketing Campaigns

Welcome Campaign – A welcome campaign is a group of marketing activities that is designed to build a relationship with a new customer or person who joins a group. Welcome campaigns may provide an email recipient with information about additional values they can receive from being a member of the list. For example, the welcome campaign may provide access to online tools such as industry directories, industry news services, or training documents.

Email marketing Campaigns

Newsletter Campaigns – Newsletters and email marketing are a perfect match. Making a newsletter the center of your campaigns allows you to stay in touch with your audience at regular intervals, showcase your expertise to an audience hungry for knowledge, or conduct the level of marketing that converts prospects to customers. While the focus of a newsletter is generally to inform, it can be a powerful sales tool that helps boosts your profits.

Email marketing Campaigns

Holiday Campaigns – Holiday campaigns are great ways to show that your business has a human pulse and recognizes special occasions. Even better are the opportunities they provide to greet your audience with updates,
personalized thank you messages, and themed offers.

Email marketing Campaigns

Thank you emails – This is an automatic email of thanks sent to a user after they have completed an action on your website, such as a signup, or payment.

The Thank you email is a unique opportunity for you to build trust and make a positive and long-lasting impression with your subscribers. Thank you emails have 4x the open rate and 5x click rate, compared to other promotional emails.

Email marketing Campaigns

What Email Marketing Can’t Do

As with most forms of email marketing definition, email marketing is surrounded by a few misconceptions that if fully bought into can leave you with disappointing results. While there is no doubt that a nicely focused campaign can work wonders for your business, it simply cannot fix everything. Following are some things email marketing can’t do:

Guarantee Success Overnight – Several businesses have made a living from email marketing. But do not assume that it will send your sales numbers soaring through the roof. It can be a long, grueling road, one filled with many twists, turns, and frustration. Just remember that it can take the time to warm up your target audience. Stick with it and you will be able to build relationships, foster loyalty, and drive sales.

Sway the Uninterested – You could be marketing the most valuable product or service of its kind, but if your audience is not interested, your efforts are futile at best. It is highly unlikely that a deep discount on pottery will change the mind of someone who is looking for resources that help them start an online business. The point is that your content must be super-focused. Having permission doesn’t mean you have their attention.

Fix a Broken Business – When a business is struggling, its decision makers sometimes opt to ramp up the marketing efforts. This is practical thinking when you consider that the goal of marketing is often to generate the revenue needed to minimize the struggles. Unfortunately, email marketing cannot fix a business that is already down in the dumps. If your business is suffering from reputation damage or poor budget management, these issues should be addressed before choosing email as a crutch.

If you are considering a serious run with email marketing, you should take the time to figure out what is really going on in your business. Are you having trouble reaching your target market, or are your satisfaction levels declining?
Answering tough questions like these and clearing up existing issues will keep you from entering the game at a disadvantage.

Structuring Your Email Campaigns

Unfortunately, an alarming number of email marketing programs have absolutely no chance of producing desirable results. This is usually because they have no structure. The business owner or campaign manager fails to consider how aspects such as time, personnel and resources come into play. In short, they jump into the murky waters without a strategy that suits the business.

The following three steps will help to assure that your campaigns are ultra-focused:

Step 1: Define Your Objectives

Identifying your objectives is the first step in creating structure within your email campaigns. These objectives are dependent on your business and may include:
Driving traffic to your website
• Promoting products or services
• Promotional events
• Brand awareness and reputation building
• Generating leads

Step 2: Define Campaign Objectives

Email marketing is so versatile in its ability to accomplish a broad range of goals that it becomes easy to fall off track and try to conquer the world in a single campaign. Since this is nothing short of impossible, it is best to be realistic and only attempt to accomplish a small number of goals for each campaign. Maybe one campaign could be designed to increase subscriptions to your membership site, while another might be geared to build your following on social networks. It is all about staying focused and as relevant as possible.

Step 3: Allocate Your Budget

With your strategy all drawn up, the only thing left to do is to consider your costs. Email marketing may be a low-cost venture but it does require a budget. Additionally, there are aspects you often have to consider outside of a service provider or software solution. Perhaps you need a designer to customize the presentation of your emails, or a writer to produce a captivating copy. Getting a budget together will help you determine what needs to be invested, and hopefully give you the motivation to track the return on that investment.

I hope you are now aware about the email marketing definition and its campaign very well. If you have any question or suggestion about email marketing definition, please share it in comment box.

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