Best Guide For How Social Media Will Boost Your Marketing

In this article, we will reveal how using social media will boost your marketing with crowd sourced social media marketing, and you will learn about other powerful marketing strategies. This section will take a deeper dive into the power of social media (and a couple of other important marketing basics). It will show how you can use its unique ability, using the power of the crowd, to share your content and brand for free.

Social media marketing is the most efficient way to spread your content and ideas to a global audience. The secret sauce is to allow you to create a “social media synergy” that totals a sum far greater than the individual parts. Social media marketing has at its core the foundation of valuable, shareable content in all the various forms of rich media whether text, video or images.

• Facebook is powered by content that friends, fans, and family share.

• Twitter teases you to click on links that are engaging blog posts or news that is topical and timely.

• People watch YouTube videos because they are entertaining, educational or just plain funny.

• LinkedIn works well for personal branding because you are providing answers to your peers in the Q&A section and providing updates that address problems, inform and educate.

Social Media Marketing Tips and Tactics

Professionally Responsible

You know the saying “actions speak louder than words”. That doesn’t apply on social media. Words speak just as loud. Avoid any type of argument that is socially or politically driven, and if it happens to be a customer criticizing your service, reason with that customer and offer an incentive to retain him/her. Heated debates are common on social media, so don’t create one or be a part of one. Also, be responsible with what you post. Show your profession and you can add some comic relief, but just don’t go overboard with anything that may be offensive.


Engagement is the key to how you grow your social media status. Commenting, liking, and sharing other people’s posts make you involved and get you noticed. Also, don’t always think business only when it comes to engagement. You may share your opinions on generic content; just remember to be responsible.

Grow Your Network

Depending if you are local, national, or even international, grow your network by adding people to your contacts. If it is Facebook, make “friends” with others. On Twitter, make sure you “follow” people. The same applies to other media channels in their way of adding people to your network. The most important aspect, however, is that when people send a friend request, or like your page, then you must accept (unless you see that they have no reason to be part of your network) and like their page back.

On Twitter, if a person follows you, follow him/her back. Be careful and don’t get carried away, though when trying to increase your network. Try to make the growth consistent and long-term, and definitely do not look for any shortcuts in acquiring growth.

Create a Plan of Action

Having set up all of your social media channels (cover and profile images need to be of good quality and measured correctly), the next main step is to create a plan of action. How frequent your activity will be depends on your line of work, but follow the schedule planner above will allow you to be consistent. Join communities/groups where your business’s exposure could be sought after; for example, joining a local Facebook group page where users ask for recommendations on products and or services that you might be selling.


As you post new content and build your network, keep in mind that your social media pages need to be refreshed. It is fine to keep your logo as the profile image, but your cover images could use a change. Maintain your social media pages refreshed every couple of months and never leave anything too outdated, such as videos.

1. Facebook

How Social Media Will Boost Your Marketing

The blogger should think of Facebook as an extension of their blog. It is another distribution point to place your content that makes it easy for people to share. Facebook provides bloggers with an audience of over 1.1 billion people and this is equivalent to one in every seven people on the planet or nearly one in two of every internet user.

So publishing and engaging with your audience via Facebook is vital in your social media marketing plans. So here are 8 tips to market your blog on Facebook:

1. Update your Facebook “Page” with your blog posts straight after publishing

2. Provide rich visual content and links on your Facebook page that will make them want to share and like your updates

3. Include Twitter in your menu (this is available as a standard setting on your Facebook fan page)

4. Run polls using the standard Facebook “Question” feature (above the “Write something” box) to engage and involve your audience Link to your Facebook page in your email newsletter

5. Run a competition on Facebook

6. Use a custom tab that provides access for fans to unique content that is gained by providing their email address and a Facebook like; this could be a video, a content or an eBook. This will assist you in building your email list.

7. Respond to all comments on your Facebook page in a timely fashion.

2. Twitter

How Social Media Will Boost Your Marketing

Twitter is a social media network that is often underestimated. It can be used to not only connect and engage with people but as a focused channel for distributing your content.

1. Acquire Twitter followers within your niche using tools such as Tweetadder, Tweepi ( makes it easy to follow followers of influential bloggers on Twitter) or (Twellow provides a tool that enables you to find powerful Twitter follower lists in your niche.)

2. Engage with your Twitter followers. This can be done by using tools such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck that allow you to create lists of people and categorize tweets via hashtags. Read more about hashtags at How to Herd cats on Twitter.

3. Automate the tweeting of other bloggers’ content that you trust and add value to your followers with other people’s articles and content. Twitterfeed can do this via RSS.

4. Tweet regularly and consistently the posts of other influential bloggers in your topic category.

5. Automate the retweeting of your great content so it is not forgotten and buried in the archives. 

6. When tweeting your posts include hashtags eg #, that deliver the Tweet to groups/lists eg #socialmedia

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3. YouTube

Guide for How Social Media Will Boost Your Marketing

YouTube is the first place to go if you are going to create online video content for your blog that you want people to view and share. Set up a YouTube account in your brand name as a matter of priority. Blog posts in text format can be recorded in a video format and embedded in your blog. Here are some other tips to consider:

1. Interview influential people in your topic category on video and post them to YouTube

2. Include your website/blog link in your profile

3. Automate sharing after posting (available under ”Account settings” then “Activity Sharing”, then choose the social accounts and as a minimum select Facebook and Twitter.

4. Write a headline that is “keyword” rich for your industry and niche

5. Write a tempting and teasing headline that makes the potential viewer want to “hit” the play button

6. Place a link to your blog at the beginning of each description for each video and make sure you write an inviting description that includes keywords Include keyword tags for each video.

4. Google+

How Social Media can Boost Your Marketing

This Google-owned social network was created to continue to keep Google relevant on a social web. It should not be ignored as it now has several hundred million users. It is used by many professionals and has a larger proportion of males.

Here are some tips on how to use it as a blogger to increase brand awareness, engagement, and content distribution:

1. Post your posts to Google+ straight after publishing and interact with people who share and comment

2. Use large high definition images to accompany your text

3. Long form content is appreciated on Google+ so don’t hesitate to publish your entire article on Google+

4. Share other people’s content as often as time and resources allow

5. Engage with other people in your industry by using some of the Google+ features such as Google Hangouts which have proven to be very popular

6. Include a Google+ sharing button with your other social sharing buttons.

Google uses Google+ to capture social signals. Social signals are measured by counting the number of +1’s that people use to vote on the popularity of content. It tells their computers what people like and enhances their search engines’ relevance.

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5. Pinterest and Instagram

Social Media Will Boost Your Marketing

Pinterest and Instagram have captured the imagination of users through the power of images. The web has become more visual. Pinterest with its easy to use image pinning is vital for fashion, food bloggers, photo bloggers and any blogger that participates in an image-rich industry.

Don’t be put off if you are not in any of those categories. It is a top 5 traffic driver amongst my social networks. It is a mainly female-centric social network and that should be kept in mind in terms of who your audience is when spending time and energy.

Instagram is now part of Facebook’s ecosystem of brands. As a mobile photo app that applies filters and can be used to share images to Facebook and Twitter with a few clicks, it can help in humanizing your brand. Imagination is required to help make it work for a blogger. Photos at conferences with other bloggers can provide social proof.

6. Email marketing

How Social Media Will Boost Your Marketing image

If there is one thing you should do from day one is to start building an email list. This is called “list building”. Where do you start? Set up an account with one of the popular email platforms such as Aweber or MailChimp so that you can start building a list. They have all the metrics and tools to make your email marketing fly. Don’t ignore this – it is vital.

If this is all too overwhelming for you then don’t give up! We’re here to help you! We can manage your social media marketing campaign and keep your mind at ease while you manage your business. So contact us and let’s start a conversation to plan your business’s future.

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