Trekking In India – 10 Places For Amazing Trekking Experience In India

Are you looking for best places for trekking in India ?

India offers best trekking opportunities, especially in the Himalaya, where staggering views of snow-clad peaks, traditional tribal villages, sacred Hindu sites, ancient Buddhist monasteries and blazing fields of wildflowers are just some of the features that make for extraordinary alpine experiences.

India has many mountain ranges which offer the best spot for all kind of mountain sports in India like Trekking, Walking, Hiking, and Mountaineering. Trekking and camping are the fast emerging adventure sports in India. Take trekking tours and enjoy trekking through the green forest, mountain passes, and river sides. Here are the 10 best places for trekking in India.

10 Places For Trekking In India

1. DeoTibba Trek

10 Places For Amazing Trekking Experience In India

A peak in the crook of the Manali Valley, Deotibba is the perfect place to get a taste of the Himalayas! The lingering freshness of the air, teamed with the rising mountains on the horizon, makes trekking here an unbeatable experience. Standing tall at 6001m, the popular peak is more famous for the sights it offers along the way. Flowery meadows, and terraced soil embedded with delicious fruits such as apples, are just a positioned next to the gushing
Beas River.

2. Pindari Glacier Trek, Kumaon

10 Places For Amazing Trekking Experience In India

Freezing winds breeze through the upper ends of the Kumaon Himalayas, close to the famous Nanda Devi. Trek through the edges of the Pindari River, and across various waterfalls, valleys and cliffs for an exhilarating experience before hitting zero points. Meandering through glacial terraces and quartz schist, this granite rich area is choppy and a great place to get that spurt of the adrenaline rush. If you want some adventure then this would be one of the best place for trekking in India.

3. Pin Parvati Pass Trek

10 Places For Amazing Trekking Experience In India

Connecting two important routes of the Kullu and Spiti valleys, the rugged landscape has a maximum elevation of 5300 meters above sea level. Rightly termed as a cold desert, the routes are winding and endless – only seasoned trekkers are advised to undertake this challenge. Blessed with the occasional rain and snow, the trek also covers spots such as the Taba monastery on the way.

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4. Patalsu

10 Places For Amazing Trekking Experience In India

Mist rises from the green-hued mountains, which are often visited by enthusiastic trekkers. The river Beas meanders mildly as you cross over a bridge to the Solang Nala. A great place to trek with a group, the route has lots of stops to pause and take a breather, and ingest the unbelievable beauty of nature, at its finest. At 4220 meter, it is a relatively easy and straightforward climb and a great start for amateurs.

5. Leh-Manali Pass

10 Places For Amazing Trekking Experience In India

The Leh Mali route is often crossed while going for treks at various peaks, however, it is worth mentioning, as it offers a wholesome experience consisting of everything from culture and thrills. Bathed in sunshine, the occasional traveler may be prone to altitude sickness but can recover at the nearest Dhaba. The avid cyclers haunt, the majestic mountains tinted with a green-white pallet are a treat for the soul. This road offers beauty as far as the eye can see.

6. Zanskar – the frozen river Trek

10 Places For Amazing Trekking Experience In India

Also marketed as Chadar – the frozen ice sheet of the river, Zanskar is an extremely difficult trek. Foot wedged deep into the snow, and the potential risk of slipping on the floating pieces of ice, the trek leaves you with breath-catching moments at every step. The most interesting facet of this trek is that, that the trekkers carve out their own route as the ice formation does not remain constant. This trek is a test for the spirited ones!

7. Green Lake Trek

10 Places For Amazing Trekking Experience In India

A lesser known trek, Green Lake is the base of Mt. Kanchenjunga in Northern Sikkim. Undoubtedly, this is the trek which is extremely blessed in terms of flora, natures resplendent form peaks out from the uncharted scenery. Snaking through forests and landscape patterned with rhododendrons alike, the lake at the center of the landscape offers the trekker a feeling of complete bliss.

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8. Kudremukh Trek

10 Places For Amazing Trekking Experience In India

Kudremukh is Karnataka’s 3rd highest peak and rose to fame owing to its oddly shaped landscape earning the name horse face in the process. Trekking to the peak is a complete package, as one crosses the Hanuman Gundi waterfalls and strips of varying forms of grasslands. The rolling greens are spotted by different sorts of fauna such as the deer or peacocks. Flowing through this area are three rivers – Bhadra, Nethravai and Tunga, all originating here, offering a change from the continuous color of green.

9. Araku Valley Trek

10 Places For Amazing Trekking Experience In India

The Eastern Ghats tip of Andhra Pradesh nestles the valley deep in its hills. Untouched by the commodification of natural resources or tourism, the valley’s warm temperature and easy curves permits smooth, hassle free passage. Located nearby are the Borra caves, with their brilliant collection of stalactites and stalagmites, while the Gosthani River slips through them. The varying hues of the sunset make this spot a favorite of photographers.

10. Spiti Valley Trek

10 Places For Amazing Trekking Experience In India

Spiti valley despite having a difficult terrain is home to Kibber – the highest village in Asia connected by road. Rising at a height of over 4000meters, the picturesque location is extremely remote but holds a quaint charm of its own. Its proximity to monasteries also makes it a lucrative popular trek over the years. Chandertal lake also know as “moon lake” forms one of the most popular as well as serene trekking destinations for the adrenal.

All these are the best places for trekking in India. So what are you waiting for? Pull out a pair of sturdy shoes and grab a backpack and head out now!


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