Top Amazing Facts about Mobile Game Apps

Top Amazing Facts about Mobile Game Apps: The need for mobile game apps development has become popular and exploded. We thanks to the addictive nature of the games and widespread acceptance of playing games on the mobile. Millions of Mobile Game Apps have been and are being develop for different smartphones and among them, Android has a lion’s share. No wonder Android is highly popular among other device makers and users alike. All credit goes to Google for bringing such a smart and flexible technology. A whooping majority of Android video games are free and from the remaining ones. So free levels are available which with highly customized and compelling features, hook the users’ attention.

In case you haven’t heard, the revenues of mobile games are to overtake console games already in 2016. The gaming industry is facing a decisive shift of interest towards mobile games. These are expected to grow 51% in North America, 47% in Western Europe, and, above all, 86% in China this year. A real social phenomenon, mobile games have swiftly penetrated the contemporary pop culture and it seems that they’re here to stay.

Top Amazing Facts about Mobile Game Apps

Amazing Facts 1#: Mobile gaming revenue would shoot up dramatically in a couple of years. A market research firm reported recently that game sale on tablet and mobile phones. It touched $900 million approximately in 2010 and this figure is double of what it was in 2005. These research firms expect the sales to hit $1.5 billion by 2014-15.


Amazing Facts 2# Big companies as Chillingo, BigFish or Rovio are actually able to drive any app into TOP10 in US App Store without spending a single penny on advertising – just by cross-promotion techniques in their existing applications.


Amazing Facts 3# The top1 game in Korean App Store makes $300-500k/day.


Amazing Facts 4# Gaming company Supercell from Finland is actually doing $4m/day with their two freemium titles Clash of Clans and Hay Day.


Amazing Facts 5# The multiplayer games are becoming highly successful indicating the fact that people like to play games with their friends. Some of these games are topping the charts, irrespective of whether they are free or not. With social being the in-thing now, multiplayer games would rock the rating charts.

More Amazing Facts about Mobile Games

It is the free-to-play games that provide a larger portion of the revenue to the App stores. The games offered for free make up 65% of the revenue. Although the game can be played for free, the revenue is earned by way of the goods purchased virtually inside the game app or by way of ads. The top titles in the App store that are considered gross contributors are free-to-play games.


The mobile apps being developed for the 2G/3G/4G network connection have to be tested qualitatively. And this process involves using them on highways, on trains and even through tunnels.


Although HTML5 technology is considered the latest technology for developing games. It is not appropriate for developing high-end games because of performance issues.


Certified psychologists are being employed by professional gaming developers to help them with the tutorials and game start issues. It is observed that most gamers are more engaged during the first session of play and this increases their chances of turning into paid gamers.


Virtual joysticks are evil and user needs to interact with objects directly.


If your app has over 50MB, you can use Wi-Fi targeting options in some advertising networks.


People are actually more accurate when they use swipe gestures instead of simple tapping. That’s because they are able to subconsciously control a trajectory of their finger.


There are dozens of Android markets in China.


A game’s sanctity or genuineness is adjudged from its position in the App store. Therefore if an app consists a high-rank position for a few days, it is considered to be genuine and not a scam.


The free-to-play games are no doubt more popular than the paid ones as only 3% of the gamers pay money for mobile games. However, the consumers that do spend money on freemium games. And it contributes around $14 per transaction on an average in purchasing goods-in-app.


In an effort to optimize their monetization process, many developers use the process of checkout on known and credible websites like eBay and Amazon.


The Android Mobile Game Apps developers carry our pre-installation deals with various carriers as a strategy to distribute games on the Android devices.


Rovio, the developer of the very popular game, Angry Birds is moving on from becoming just a Mobile Game Apps development company to an entertainment company. As it is earning high revenues through the sale of gadgets, licensed and all kinds of angry bird toys.


One of the best ways to get a large number of consumers to try a newly launch game is an invitation sent via SMS. The strategy to send SMSs works equally well for a game or a mobile app.


Many people don’t read the text in popup windows just because they think it’s an advertisement.


Traffic bigger than 1MB/minute is problem in Latin America.


Tablets in Latin America are usually very crappy devices since people are willing to spend more money on smartphones.


Almost each western game published in China is too late because local mobile app developers already copied every successful western title.


After some app holds its App Store high rank position for 4-5 days, you can say it’s not a scam.


Pre-install deals with carriers are strong distribution strategy on Android devices.


Many developers use checkout process on Amazon or eBay as benchmark in optimizing their monetization.

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