12 Reasons You Should Start Your Own Blog Today

Do you want to start your own blog or have you ever think why you should start a blog?

If yes!

Then this post is definitely for you.

In this blog post, I will point out some of the main reasons why you should start your own blog. I really hope that the list below will encourage you enough to take action.

So let’s start.

12 Reasons why you should start your own blog today

1.  Blogging is challenging, and challenges are good

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Anyone who thinks that blogging isn’t challenging hasn’t really done it. It is a challenge to sit down and write and to do that consistently. It is a challenge to put your ideas out there, but you shouldn’t be scared of it. You should embrace it because it makes you grow, and by growing you become more complex as an individual. It is a challenge that you can handle, and handling challenges can make you happy.

2. It helps you learn new things

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Blogging is about sharing what you see or want to see, in the world. It’s about teaching or sharing what you know and what you, too, are learning. When you start a blog, you’ll find yourself always learning new things about your areas of interest so you can keep sharing without running dry of ideas.

Think of it this way: when you set out to wash clothes, your objective is to clean the clothes, not your hands, but it’s your hands which become clean first.

3. It builds your confidence

I used to be a timid introvert. Until I started blogging.

Blogging helps you learn to voice your opinions, dare to be wrong and stop being so scared to make mistakes. With blogging, you learn to recognize and build your strength, and also admit and improve on your weaknesses. With conversations happening on your blog, you learn to hear flattery without being carried away and take criticisms without losing your cool.

4. It can make you money

how to make money from blogging

Earning decent incomes from your blog is attainable once you create value with, and grow an audience around, it. Many big blogs make millions of dollars every year.

And me? I’m not a millionaire but I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars from blogging over the years. And I’ve done that while having ample time for my family and other engagements I enjoy.

5.  Become an expert at something

A blog allows you to develop your thoughts around a particular idea or topic. This will lead to learning more about that topic and networking with others in that field. If you are consistent in our approach you will find that, over time, you will learn quite a bit about that topic. This can build a unique expertise, which can lead to new business and career opportunities. I have experienced this in my career as well.

6. Expose your ideas to a larger network

how to start a blog and make money

When you create blog and include social sharing options on your blog posts, you have the opportunity to expand your sphere of influence to a much larger network. The key here is to write consistent, high-quality content that people find interesting and want to share. Sound daunting? It’s not if you start with what interests you. You are more likely to put thought and effort into topics that are of interest to you, and the great thing is that there really are no rules. Anything that is interesting to you is interesting to someone else out there, and that person will share your content with his or her network.

7. It requires no prior knowledge

With my step-by-step guide, you can have your blog up and running in just 15 minutes. You don’t need knowledge of HTML or other technical stuff. All you do is click options you want and save it to see the results.

I’ve helped hundreds of people who had no prior knowledge of creating a blog do that already. So, anyone can now start a blog because it’s super easy.

8. It helps you stay in touch with distant friends and family

One of the most important concerns everyone should have in life is his family and friends… Family members who love and care. And true friends always ready to help and support your dreams.

But sometimes, dear people aren’t near. When the adventures and challenges of life come calling, we get too far, too busy or too distracted and forget these important people in our lives.

When you start your own blog, you can document your life adventures, ideas and struggles (and maybe even receive comments), which is a great way to stay connected with family and friends who might be thousands of kilometers away.

9. Document your life in an empowering way

A blog doesn’t have to be a journal, but it can be if you want. When you are going to create a blog, you probably think that what should I blog about? There are really no rules. You can start your own blog about a topic of interest, your random thoughts, or about your personal experiences. My blog is all of the above. When we include personal experiences, our blog becomes a documentary about our lives. It is a great way to record experiences that we can look back on to learn from and reminisce, and share with our loved ones.

10. It helps you make better choices

Many things happen in your life, relationships, and environment every day. You read, see, feel and hear many things every day. You won’t be able to blog about them all. That means you’ll develop an eye for meaningful things.

By selectively blogging on only the most important things to you and your blog readers, you’ll improve your filter, and become more skilled at making better choices in your life.

11. It gives you freedom

How to start blogging

Blogging can give you the freedom to work from anywhere, at any time of the day and on things you actually enjoy doing. It can give you the freedom to finally have ample time for your family and your hobbies.

And it can afford you the freedom to travel the world as you please while making a modest living from your blog.

12. It helps you acquire valuable new skills

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When I started blogging, I didn’t know a thing about domain names, hosting servers, HTML, social media, link building, SEO, blog design, etc. Now I do.

When you Start your own blog, you instinctively start learning about these stuff and more. Within a short time, you’ll have amassed a ton of valuable new skills that you’ll be proud of. These skills alone can make you thousands of dollars. I know it because that has been the case for me.

So why are you waiting! create a blog now and start making a decent amount of some money.

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