How To Increase Your Influence On Instagram

It’s an exciting time to get to know Instagram. The popular photo-sharing app is fun, simple and growing—Instagram has more than 300 million daily users and sky-high user engagement levels. Celebrities, athletes, business people, and normal people from all walks of life have taken to Instagram to share photos and videos with their fans and admirers.

So you’ve created an Instagram account. You’re excited about sharing some awesome photos or videos that you’ve taken that reflect your brand (whether it’s your personal brand, or managing the account for your business), and you are enthusiastic about earning some love from fellow Instagram users. After connecting your Instagram and Facebook accounts, you’ve seen your following grow—maybe you have around a hundred or so followers, but then it plateaus. It’s around this point in your Instagram game that you might think, “Man, this is impossible.”

Well, today, I have some good news. We’ll go over a few pretty simple ways to get your Instagram account some major cred in the form of likes and followers.

1. Like Photos In Your Niche

Go through and like 5-10 photos on someone’s account. It would also help to leave a genuine comment and give them a follow. This helps to get your name out there and allows other users to discover you.  I’d also suggest doing this primarily to users in your niche. How to find users in your niche? Check hashtags, or view the followers of your favorite Instagrammers. Overall, be authentic and not spammy — ain’t nobody got time fo’ spam.

2. Create A Theme For Your Photos

So if you followed #1, people will naturally start to notice your username and may check out your account…give them something to fall in love with! It really helps to create a theme for your Instagram. Write down a few words that you want people to associate with your account. Many successful Instagram accounts have a certain theme that carries throughout each of their photos. Once you’ve settled on a theme, try your hardest to stick to it! Your followers want to see consistency, and in turn, will trust your account for meeting their expectations.

3. Post awesome content

The key to getting more followers and likes on Instagram is posting really amazing content. For followers to continue coming back and double-tapping your photos, they need to be confident that you will be consistently putting up high-quality photos and interesting captions. However, giving your audience what it wants to see doesn’t mean you have to post the same kind photos over and over again… let’s be real, it can be a bit boring.

4. Get Socialize

Respond to the comments you receive and leave comments of your own on others’ work. Rather than something stale like, “cute dress,” try to leave genuine comments that encourage them to post more photos.

5. Create A Quality Hashtag

This is a great way to build community and gain new content for your account. First of all, create a unique hashtag (make sure it’s not already being used!) and ask others to use it. It works best if the hashtag has a specific purpose. For example, A Beautiful Mess encourages followers to use #ABMLifeIsColorful on all of their colorful, happy photos. Once people start using your hashtag (and YOU use it, too!), then you can repost images from your followers (giving them proper credit, of course!). Not only does this build community by showing your followers that you appreciate their photos, but it also gives you content for your own account.

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6. Share user generated content

The easiest way to think about user generated content is this: brands taking the best-of-the-best user content from around the web and featuring it on their own social media or other platforms while giving credit to the original creator (user). And that seems to be working well for them — after all, everybody likes to be in the spotlight. By giving people the spotlight, they are getting them excited about their brands. Really a win-win strategy.

7. Ask Your Other Followers To Follow You On Instagram

If you have a blog, Twitter, or Facebook, then you might assume your people are already following you on every platform. Hint: they probably aren’t! Share a quick tweet encouraging them to follow you on Instagram…it will reel in more followers than you think.

8. Engage with followers

Your followers want to know that there is a real, live person behind the amazing photos on their feed. What better way to show them that you aren’t just an Instagram obot than by reaching out and engaging. It’s a great way to let them know that you appreciate their comments and their likes.

How about checking out some of their accounts as well, and sharing the love by liking any photo that catches your eye? This doesn’t mean going and like-spamming your followers’ accounts, but building a relationship by acknowledging their talent and presence on Instagram in return for their appreciation of your photos.

9. Figure Out What Your Audience Likes

Do a little research, yo. Go back through your photos and see which ones got the most likes and comments — and of course, the least. What clicks with your audience and why? How can you incorporate more photos like that into your feed?

10. Pay attention to trends.

In social media, where things keep evolving, trends come and go frequently. It is important you keep up with the trends to stay ahead. The hashtag is a trend that is still prevalent on Instagram. Sponsored posts are more likely to be noticed by a large number of Instagram users.

Keeping up with changes to the platform and new trends will definitely help you grow your presence on the social network.

171. Make use of Instagram analytics tools.

There are free tools available that help you measure your social network influence. Make use of these tools to keep track of your Instagram presence and understand where you need to improve.

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