10 Simple Ways To Increase Happiness In Your Life

Simple Ways To Increase Happiness In Your Life: Life isn’t always perfect and we all get down sometimes. However, there are many things you can do to improve your cheerfulness no matter what comes your way. It’s hard to keep the world from weighing down on you. With relationships, bills and a whole slew of other frustrations in the world, it’s easy to understand why you feel glum. It can even feel as though life is just one giant string of depressing moments broken up by tiny moments of happiness.

However, the truth is that many times, our frustrations are caused by not taking the proper time for yourself. What this means is that a huge number of the annoyances that we face every day can be solved quite simply. From instance happiness boosts to techniques for long-term contentment, here are 10 top ways to increase happiness in your life.

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Ways To Increase Happiness In Your Life

1. Hug Someone You Care About

Best ways to increase happiness

A shoulder rub or a pat on the hand will stimulate your touch receptors, automatically releasing the feel-good brain chemical oxytocin and at the same time decreasing the stress hormones in your body. Hugging will give you these physical benefits plus the added emotional support that comes from connecting with someone you care about. For best results, try sharing a squeeze for around six seconds, the amount of time some research suggests is necessary to really harness the power of a hug.

2. A Walk in Nature

Best ways to increase happiness

Think back on all the times you’ve wandered into the woods as a kid. Whether you’re hiking through a forest or walking down a nature trail, nature just soothes the soul. One thing many scientists agree on is how your environment affects your mood. Being around the sun, the singing birds and the gentle wave of the trees is exactly what you need sometimes.

Just changing that view allows your mind to wander into the pleasantness of the moment rather then all the things going on in your life. Life is about being in the moment, the people that live in the now are generally quite happy with their lives!

3. Do a Good Deed for Someone Else

Best ways to increase happiness

Help others to help yourself. That’s the message behind heaps of research showing that people who regularly volunteer tend to report higher levels of happiness. But even smaller acts of selflessness can have a positive effect on how you feel. Get started by performing little acts of kindness—random or not—when you feel your good mood start to slip, whether it’s buying the office assistant a coffee or holding open a door for a neighbor. To get the biggest happiness boost, aim to cluster several acts of kindness in one day.

4. Have Sufficient Quality Sleep

Best ways to increase happiness

Who doesn’t like a good nap, whether it be twenty minutes or two hours? There really is nothing quite like waking up refreshed and wonderful! In fact, studies show that there is a direct link between your mood and how much sleep you’re getting.

So using that sort of knowledge, it makes sense as to why the perfect nap increases your happiness. In the case that you’re in a down mood, you now have the perfect excuse to sleep it off.

5. Spend time with friends and family

Best ways to increase happiness

Social time is highly valuable when it comes to increase happiness, even for introverts. Several studies have found that time spent with friends and family makes a big difference to how happy we feel, generally.

We are happy when we have family, we are happy when we have friends and almost all the other things we think make us happy are actually just ways of getting more family and friends.

6. A Good Laugh

Best ways to increase happiness

Laughing until you cry. The very image makes people smile with joy as they relate their experiences of doing just that. The fact of the matter is that when you laugh, it stimulates a part of the brain that controls happiness. A solid laugh with a group of friends always feels so good while it’s happening.

Afterwards, that great feeling just sits in your chest for a time, and if you think about it, one joke tends to lead into another. If just a solid laugh fixes your down mood, think about what a wave of laughter can do?

7. Shower

Best ways to increase happiness

How many times have you sighed deeply when you take a shower? That water running down your back just seems to take all your cares away. The rushing water has also shown to yield some surprising effects on your overall mood and health.

8. Get a Pet

Best ways to increase happiness

Any pet owner knows that animals can bring so much joy into any life and that getting a pet not only takes you outdoors more and makes you exercise (if you get a dog), it can also be a great conversation starter with strangers, thus connecting you to others.

Even if it’s impossible for you to have a pet, just going out and feeding the birds or even watching fish in an aquarium can increase happiness and reduce anxiety.

9. Deep Breathing

Best ways to increase happiness

Breathing deeply is a quick, immediate solution to calming yourself down. If you get very upset and are stressing out, immediately stop what you are doing and take a second. Shallow breathing has been shown to be a part of the stresses of modern life.

Breathing deep when the situation calls for it is one of the best abilities to develop. Our lungs are as deep as they are for a reason, take advantage of the calm that comes from breathing deeply!

10. Fresh Air Near the Sea

Best ways to increase happiness

Picture yourself on the edge of the sea. Whether it’s on the shore or cliff is irrelevant. Feeling the cold wind hit your face, feeling the refreshing effects. Just the very thought of being next to the sea inspires images of relation and calmness. The sea air is the subject of actual research being conducted to find out the exact medical benefits of seawater and the air.

With these solutions to cure your mood, it’s surprising to see so many people so frustrated. The issue is the fact that they are so easy! If you think abut it, taking five minutes to do any of these things is all it takes. By that same nature, you have all the time in the world to cool off. Which is exactly why people don’t do it. You need to commit a huge amount of willpower just to use these solutions, but it’s totally worth it. Take those five minutes, calm yourself, and increase happiness!


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