10 Reasons Why It Is So Hard To Forget Our First Love

As we all know life is full of surprises and as we move on in life we meet several people, make new friends,travel, have experiences that we never had before. But there are many things that may happen for the first time but stays with us our entire life like our first day in school, winning our first prize, our first crush and most importantly our first love. Nobody can deny the fact that our first love is always the hardest thing to forget in life. No matter how much you try, first love is something that keeps coming back in your mind again and again.

Reasons Why It is so Hard to forget Our first love

Love is always special, but your first love moves you in a way that is inherently unique. It introduces you to feelings you have never had before, for better or for worse, and is accompanied by a sense of wonder, intrigue, and excitement. Even though your first love may not have lasted, it will be a part of who you are for the rest of your life. There are reasons that why do we remember that person always.

1. Power of First Love

The first time you fall in love can make you go through so many emotions at once. You realize you care about someone in a way which never seemed possible. The first time you experience love in a romantic sense, lets you look at life with a different perspective. It is unlike anything that you must have felt before, and this is the reason why it gets inscribed in our memories forever.

2. Most powerful heartbreak

As your first love was surrounded by the true feelings which was emerged from deep inside of your heart so the grief of getting it all over vanished in a sudden makes the most painful heartbreak. It becomes the hardest moment which do not let you forego the feelings which had generated in you previously.

3. Your First Love was Innocent

First love is always innocent and pure. It is not something that you try to do, it just happens. This makes us seek the same innocence and purity in every relationship we have in future. This is the reason why first love is hard to forget.

After our first love, we are highly aware of what outcome we desire from any subsequent relationship. We may put more pressure on these relationships as we attempt to find something that brings us back to those initial feelings we felt the first time. This can cause us to act differently as we actively pursue that kind of connection again.

4. Memories Will Last Forever

10 Reasons Why It Is So Hard To Forget Our First Love

It’s interesting how even years after falling in love and moving on to other people, you never truly forget the first person you fell in love with and the memories you’ve shared. You might not think about them on a daily basis, but they pop into your head every once in a while. Nobody can blame you for that because at some point in your life, those memories made you extremely happy.

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5. First Love Triggered some Other Firsts

The feeling of love was not the only first for you in case of your first love. It brought along many other first with it too. They may have encouraged you to try new things and take on new challenges, and were at least partially responsible for some of your personal growth. It may be the first sensation of understanding that how can people support each other and make each other a better person. All these are divine feelings which can purely be experienced through first love.

6. Your First Love Was Part of Your First “Us”

Your first love is often the first time you actually feel like you were part of an “us” or a “we.” You make decisions in life depending on what makes sense to you as a couple. It also probably is the first time when you prioritize another person even over yourself.

7. It Ended Due to Circumstances

It isn’t uncommon for first loves to be pulled apart more by circumstance than pure choice. For example, two students preparing to attend different universities may end a relationship instead of trying to make it work over a long distance. The same may also occur when presented with a job opportunity that would prove significant for one person’s career.

First loves are often young loves. During our youth, we do not always have the highest level of control over where our lives take us. Before reaching adulthood, we are tied to the activities of our families, which may require us to relocate based on the decisions made by our parents. Educational opportunities and early career options may also be a factor, as it may not be feasible to sacrifice one’s future in order to stay together.

8. Your First Love Represents Your Youth

As time goes by, the thoughts of your first love are not just about the person, but also about that time of your life, your youth. This gives you a feeling of reminiscence and you wish to go back to that time when life was simpler. Your first love may also remind you of the seemingly endless possibilities life has to offer. This feeling is hard to get after one gets out of that first love as it changes him/her in many ways but one.

9. First Love Never Dies

No matter how much time passes, you will always care about the person you first fell in love with to some degree. You might not feel those same butterflies in your stomach, but there will be something deep down in your heart for that person. You can’t really describe it, because it’s not love anymore but it’s not indifference either! Memories of our first love are just reminders of young love that we have once experienced. So let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember the first time we fell in love!

10. Your First Love Only Happens Once

The biggest reason your first love will always be with you is that, no matter what, it is always your only first love. The first of any event can only happen once in a lifetime, making it special in it exclusivity. No matter who you later love, or how you change over time, your first love will always be the first, for the rest of your life.


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